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Chapter 1229: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (6)

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As a pill master, that woman would certainly have the power to awaken 1 Grand Lord Hong Lian!

This was not the outcome that Feng Xiaoxiao desires!

"Father, Grand Lord Hong Lian had to leave soon after arriving in Wind City as he had some matters to attend to. However, he has promised me that he would return on our wedding day. I want to take care of everything myself. All he needs to do is to return as the groom!"

Feng Xiaoxiao smiled gracefully as she explained.

Even if her father manages to notice anything peculiar about Grand Lord Hong Lian on the day of the wedding, it would be too late!

Besides, that would also be the day for the Valley Lord to die! Even with Gu Ruoyun's powers, she would be powerless to defend her side. Why would she awaken Grand Lord Hong Lian from his spell then?


The Valley Lord has faith in Feng Xiaoxiao and he nodded. "Xiaoxiao, if what you say is true, I will help to organize this wedding for you. I just hope that nothing will disturb this wedding and the groom will show up. If the groom fails to appear, Wind Valley will be made into a laughing stock in the First City."

Fails to appear?

Feng Xiaoxiao chuckled.  How could that be possible? Grand Lord Hong Lian is now under my spell so why should he disappear?

"Father, don't worry, this kind of thing would never happen." Feng Xiaoxiao smiled and her eyes filled with a gentle light. "Besides, I know Grand Lord Hong Lian's name. I want you to send the wedding invitations out after this and ask everyone in the First City to send their blessings."


The Valley Lord was unsure if he was being overly concerned but he could not shake the feeling that something was not right.

Would a lovesick man like Grand Lord Hong Lian fall for another so easily? However, if that was not the case, why was Feng Xiaoxiao so certain that Grand Lord Hong Lian would make an appearance at the wedding? Nevertheless, his daughter has always been a reliable person from a young age so he feels quite at ease.

She would never say this unless she has a complete guarantee!

"Xiaoxiao, I'll believe you this time." The Valley Lord returned to his senses and said, "However, if Grand Lord Hong Lian does not appear at the wedding, you would be stripped of your position as the Young Valley Lord. Do you object?"

Feng Xiaoxiao mentally sneered but showed no emotion on her face.

This fellow has finally shown his true colors!

She knows that her father intends to strip the position of Young Valley Lord from her and give it to his son.

Unfortunately, he would never have that chance...

"Father, I have no objections." Feng Xiaoxiao raised her head and turned to face the Valley Lord's grim features.

She definitely has no objections.

Very soon, she would not be the Young Valley Lord any longer but the Valley Lord who reigns above all!

"Since you've agreed to my terms, I'll send out your wedding invitations now. Should any consequences arise, you will carry the responsibility yourself!"

The Valley Lord's expression sank as he spoke in a dominating voice.

"I understand." Feng Xiaoxiao lowered her head as a cold light flashed in her eyes. "I'll take my leave now."

She then slowly turned around and walked out of the study...

Everyone in the First City was well aware of the grudge between Grand Lord Hong Lian and the Lin family. It has even brought shame upon the Lin family. However, the fairy-like Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao, was now going to marry him!

This headline-worthy news was now spreading through the First City.

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She surely knows how to turn her deathday big 🎉🎉


mass release please


yieee. I can already feel the approaching death of XiaoXiao. I'm excited!!!!!!!!! Pleasse pleasse do have a mass release. 😭


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Chapter 1230: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (7)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"What did you just say?"

At the Lin family residence, the old man slammed his hand on his desk and rose to his feet as he bellowed angrily, "That b*stard Grand Lord Hong Lian is going to marry the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao! If they do get married, it would be difficult for us to attack him!"

"Master, everyone in the First City knows about this..."

The footboy carefully looked at the old man and trembled with fear as he spoke.

The old man threw his body heavily down on a chair as the expression on his elderly face changed erratically. After a long pause, he sighed, "You can leave. I need to think of a good countermeasure."

"Yes, Master."

The footboy quickly left, afraid that his Master would soon release his anger on his head.

At a teahouse not too far away, a woman in white was sitting in a corner of the room as she slowly sipped her tea. A cold, distant air surrounded her features which were very similar to Gu Ruoyun's, putting off anyone around her who had any intentions of hitting on her.

"Have you heard?"

A voice sounded from inside the teahouse, "They say that Grand Lord Hong Lian is going to marry the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley."

"When you say Grand Lord Hong Lian, do you mean he's the same one who is always going against the Lin family? The same Grand Lord Hong Lian who had grown into power while being hunted by the Lin family? Tsk, tsk. That Grand Lord is indeed very talented to be able to grow into such heights in the secular world! I also heard that when he was a high-level Martial Supreme, he had managed to escape after being surrounded by Martial Saints from the Lin family. He even managed to kill two Martial Saints!"

The Lin family?

The woman in white put the teacup down when she heard that name. Her willowy brows twitched as she silently listened in on the gossip.

"However, regardless of how powerful Grand Lord Hong Lian is, he's no match for the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley. For a man from the secular world like him to be able to marry Feng Xiaoxiao, he's climbing up the social ladder. Oh, have you heard Grand Lord Hong Lian's real name? Apparently, his name is Gu Tian!"


That news crashed into the woman in white like thunderstrike on a clear day, causing her body to tremble as she sat in the corner. The cold air surrounding her turned dense and soon filled the entire teahouse.

She then picked up her sword and rushed out the door without a backward glance at the teahouse.

The icy temperature in the teahouse dispersed once she had left.

The news of Grand Lord Hong Lian's marriage to Feng Xiaoxiao has reached Gu Ruoyun's ears as well. When she heard the conversation, she raised her brows and a cold smile appeared on her face. "It looks like Feng Xiaoxiao is insisting on becoming my stepmother."

Yunyao looked at Gu Ruoyun and asked, "Master, I don't think that Feng Xiaoxiao is the kind of person who would speak without thinking. Could something have happened to Grand Lord Hong Lian?"

Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before a cold glint flashed in her eyes. "Father isn't the type of person who can be easily manipulated! Besides, based on the situation, Feng Xiaoxiao isn't aware that I'm his daughter so she can't be using me to threaten him! I can't figure out what could have caused Father to agree to marry her."

"Master." Yunyao fell silent for a moment before she asked, "Would you like to me to pay Grand Lord Hong Lian a visit and ask him what happened? At least you can feel more at ease."

Gu Ruoyun's gaze darkened. "Alright, go and investigate the situation. I'm worried about him."


Woooo Feng Xiaoxiao, bad things are gonna happen to you~

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The Legal wife is about to arrive. Weew. Thanks feng for reuniting the family so soon. Great job 😏




Arrival of death at her doorstep.... Oh wait.... She invited the death 😂


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Chapter 1231: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (8)

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Even though Gu Ruoyun believes thatGrand Lord Hong Lian would not fall into a trap so easily, she could not stop worrying about him. That was why she had asked Yunyao to investigate the situation!

"Yes, Master."

In Wind Valley, a sea of red was draped all around the mountain range. Only the North Park has remained as peaceful and silent as before.

They were in a side room. Feng Yuqing raised the cup in his hand and took a sip before speaking with an indifferent air, "Lady Gu, you should be aware of the recent developments in Wind Valley. Feng Xiaoxiao is going to marry Grand Lord Hong Lian. What are your thoughts on the matter?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled. "Grand Lord Hong Lian won't ever marry her."

Upon hearing this, a hint of astonishment flashed in Feng Yuqing's eyes. "Lady Gu, how are you so certain that Grand Lord Hong Lian won't marry her?"

Gu Ruoyun knows because Grand Lord Hong Lian was her father, Gu Tian!

Father is deeply devoted to Mother so why should he marry another woman?

That's not possible at all.

"If Feng Xiaoxiao insists on having the wedding, it would become a complete joke." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, smiled calmly and said, "You should make some preparations too. I have a feeling that something big will happen on her wedding day."

Feng Yuqing fell silent for a moment before he asked, "Lady Gu, when I had asked for your help to defeat Feng Xiaoxiao back then, you had refused. Why are you agreeing to it now?"

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun chuckled, "Because Feng Xiaoxiao had sent someone to assassinate me!"

Feng Xiaoxiao had sent someone to assassinate her!

Feng Yuqing suddenly came to a realization when he heard this. Gu Ruoyun was helping him not for the sake of half of Wind Valley but because Feng Xiaoxiao had the audacity to try and kill her.

I won't attack unless I am attacked!

If anyone attacks her, she would never resign herself to it!

Only by rising to resistance would the world understand that no one should ever dare to lay a hand on her.

Feng Yuqing sighed and said, "I am glad that I had sought you out that day! I'm also glad that I'm not the one who has started a feud with you!"

This woman has always retaliated against a grudge and would repay kindness with kindness. She would leave you alone as long as you don't cross her. However, if you offend her, she would get rid of you in whatever way possible!

"You need not worry about Grand Lord Hong Lian. Just beware of the members of the Charm Sect. Knowing their relationship with Feng Xiaoxiao, they would definitely set out to help her. Right now, the only ones who can truly help Feng Xiaoxiao are the members of the Charm Sect."

The Charm Sect?

Feng Yuqing paused for a moment before he nodded and continued. "I understand, Lady Gu, that if you help me to reclaim the title of Young Valley Lord, I would honor my promise and give half of Wind Valley to you."

"I have no interest in Wind Valley." Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "However, I am very interested in the fire beast clan. If I help you to defeat Feng Xiaoxiao, give everyone in the fire beast clan to me."

Feng Yuqing nodded without hesitation. "Once we've foiled Feng Xiaoxiao's plans, I'll have a word with my father and ask him to gift the fire spiritual beasts to you."

"Good." Gu Ruoyun smiled, rose to her feet and said, "You should make some preparations for the upcoming event during these next few days. The next few days shall determine our success in causing Feng Xiaoxiao's complete defeat!"

She then turned around and walked out of the door. as her green robes fluttered gently in the breeze.

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Another wedding is about to become a disaster


I can’t wit for I can’t wit for Xiaoxiao’s downfall and the family reunion. Think of the potential bonding moment...reunited after so many years, killing Xiaoxiao 😊 So sweet 😈😈😈. Get the popcorn ready 🍿


I think the only wedding that will ever go well in this novel, is GRY/YX


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Chapter 1232: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (9)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was the day of the wedding and the sound of the drums filled the air while everyone bustled with excitement.

Numerous cultivators from various organizations have gathered to send their best wishes hence Wind Valley was now filled with people.

At this moment outside the Wind City's gate, a woman in white slowly descended from the sky like a celestial being from a portrait. Her peerlessly beautiful face was surrounded by a cold aura while her cold eyes stared into the sky. The woman's voice was as cold as ice as she said, "Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao..."

She then slowly curled the corners of her lips while an endless chill emanated from her eyes. However, when she thought of the man that she had yearned for day and night, her anger soon turned into excitement.

"Brother Tian, I don't care what Wind Valley has done to you, I want them to disappear from this world! No one is allowed to hurt my man!" The woman in white's voice became even colder, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet. After a long pause, she dispersed the cold air surrounding her and spoke in an airy voice, "Besides, Brother Tian, I trust you and I know you will never betray our love. Wind Valley must have done something to you, I won't let them get away with it!"

With that said, the woman in white's body flashed and sped towards the sky and disappeared into the air above Wind Valley.

"Congratulations, congratulations!"

A group of people amongst the crowd in Wind Valley joined their fists and bowed as they congratulated the Valley Lord.

The Valley Lord faced the crowd with a half-smile. Secretly, his heart was filled with anxiety. He knows that Feng Xiaoxiao was much too stubborn. What if Grand Lord Hong Lian does not show up for the wedding? All of Wind Valley would be made into a laughing stock then.

"Xiaoxiao, is he really coming?"

In the end, he could not take it anymore. He then turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao who was dressed in bright crimson bridal robes and asked with a frown on his face.

Feng Xiaoxiao's head was covered by a crimson red cloth. Hence, it was impossible to see the look on her face. However, her voice was filled with absolute confidence as she spoke leisurely, "Father, don't worry, he'll be here. We just need to wait for now."

The Valley Lord wanted to say something but shut his mouth in the end. He then sighed gently in his heart for it was now too late for regrets.

If he had known that this would happen, he would never have agreed to Feng Xiaoxiao's illogical request.

Now, it was almost time for the auspicious moment and the groom was nowhere to be seen.

"Hahaha." Someone burst into laughter. "Didn't Wind Valley mention something about a wedding? Why do we only see the bride and not the groom?"

The Valley Lord glanced at the middle-aged man who had stepped out from behind the crowd. His gaze darkened and his grim features carried a sense of fury as he glared icily at him.

"Grand Lord Hong Lian is a man who honors his promise. He will be here! There's no need for you to trouble yourself with worry, Sky Sect's Sect Master."

The expression on the middle-aged man who had been addressed as the Sky Sect's Sect Master turned icy. He then laughed coldly and replied disdainfully, "I have the feeling that Grand Lord Hong Lian isn't coming! Who amongst us isn't aware that the Grand Lord already has a wife whom he loves deeply. Why should he even come here?"

Underneath the red cloth, Feng Xiaoxiao clenched her fists in a tight grip. The murderous intent in her heart slowly spread out into the atmosphere.

Once Wind Valley falls into my hands, my first order of business will be to destroy the Sky Sect! I am not going to cower like my father who doesn't seem to have the courage to do anything. Even if we become irreconcilable adversaries, I would devour the entire Sky Sect!

This was the price the Sky Sect's Master would have to pay for having the audacity to laugh at me!

The Valley Lord's expression turned into an ugly shade. He then scoffed, turned around and did not spare the Sky Sect's Master a second glance.

"The Sky Sect Master's power is around the same level as Wind Valley's." Feng Yuqing lowered his eyes as he whispered into Gu Ruoyun's ear. "Besides, both our organizations have never gotten along for over hundreds of years. The animosity between my father and the Sky Sect's Master had been inherited from their predecessors. However, we were obligated to invite these organizations to Feng Xiaoxiao's wedding. I could imagine what would happen when the Sky Sect's Master and Father meet one another."

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Yesssss! Mommy Gu! Go get your mannnnn!


NOW is a good time for a mass chapter.. So we can see fxx get what's coming for her in one sitting!


Hahaha....I can't for their confrontation....Xiaoxiao your days are coming to an end


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Chapter 1233: Feng Xiaoxiao's Birthday (10)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Ruoyun raised her brows and she turned to face the sky before saying, "He's here!"

Feng Yuqing was surprised. He then followed Gu Ruoyun's eyes and looked in the same direction. A grim figure in red robes was descending before his eyes like a ball of fire shooting across the sky before he landed in front of everyone.

"Hong Lian, you're finally here."

Feng Xiaoxiao removed her red veil and stared at the man's handsome face lovingly. She started to make her way towards him but when she looked into the man's cold and emotionless eyes, she shuddered and paused in her footsteps.

This can't be right!

At that moment, Feng Xiaoxiao could clearly sense that something was not right. Grand Lord Hong Lian has been bewitched by her so why were his eyes so sober and calm? He does not look spellbound at all!

What on earth is going on?

Has the spell lost its efficacy?

Feng Xiaoxiao was in shock. Before her brain could grapple the situation, the man's grim voice rang out in the courtyard, "Didn't Wind Valley send me an invitation to attend the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley's birthday celebration? Why is there a wedding here? I should congratulate you."


His statement was like a stroke of lightning from the sky and stunned everyone in the area.

What was Grand Lord Hong Lian talking about? Was he not the groom? Yet he seems to be unaware that there was a wedding in Wind Valley today?

The Valley Lord looked at Feng Xiaoxiao as his eyes filled with questions and skepticism, urging her for an explanation.

"Hong Lian, are you alright?" Feng Xiaoxiao smiled gracefully as she walked towards Grand Lord Hong Lian. Her pretty eyes were shining with a clear and crystalline light while her voice was like the wind, "Have you forgotten? We had discussed this, that we would get married today."

So what if he has temporarily freed himself from the spell? I can still control him!

There was a confident smile on Feng Xiaoxiao's face and her eyes flashed with an alluring light. Her voice sounded like she could lure one's soul into its shackles and cling to them.

However, Grand Lord Hong Lian's expression remained unchanged even when faced with her alluring eyes. There was a sense of disdain in his grim eyes as his lips curled into a cold and hard angle. He then whispered in a voice so low that only the two of them could hear, "Did you really think that you could bewitch me?"

He had pretended to be under her spell at that time because he wanted to watch and see what this woman plans to do!

He never thought that she would actually want to marry him!

In that case, he might as well beat her at her own game and let her do as she pleased! Otherwise, he would not have been able to deliver such a crushing blow under these circumstances and completely humiliate her! This was price Feng Xiaoxiao has to pay for causing trouble for his beloved daughter.

Grand Lord Hong Lian's words were like a stroke of lightning on a clear day and made Feng Xiaoxiao stumble several steps back. She widened her beautiful eyes in shock and stared at Grand Lord Hong Lian with an ashen face.

This fellow was faking it when he was under my glamor spell?

What on earth have I done to cause him to use this method against me?

"It looks like the dignified Eldest Lady of Wind Valley would drag some random man into marriage with her." Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily and his grim voice carried a hint of disdain. "I'm very sorry but I'm here to attend a birthday celebration, not to take a wife! Besides, I already have a wife. Even though she is not by my side at the moment, my heart will forever belong to her alone! I'm afraid your efforts in making me marry you are wasted!"



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