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Chapter 1146: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (1)

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This damned pervert is actually an old cow who enjoys eating young grass. What a waste of his trust in her, she actually has bad intentions!

Even though Rong Yue looks quite young, in reality, she was old enough to be his mother. Besides, he was only just fourteen years old. If this old witch was not a pervert, what is she then? This would simply be too disgusting for him to consider.

"By the way, Senior Sister Rong Yue," Xue Ling, who had been about to leave, suddenly remembered something and turned towards Rong Yue as she said, "I'm very interested in that red-robed man with the silver hair. However, he does not seem to be affected by our glamor skills. I don't know but, in the end, if you could..."

Each time Xue Ling thought about Qianbei Ye's good looks, she could not help but feel her affections flail about.

However, due to Wu Mei'er's fate, she does not dare to act blindly without thinking.

"That man is not easy to control." Rong Yue wrinkled her brows. "Based on your power, I'm afraid that it wouldn't be easy to seduce him! However, I can sense that this man's talents are pretty good. If you could sleep with him and use his force to strengthen your health, your powers would increase greatly."

"Senior Sister, what should I do?"

Rong Yue fell silent for a moment before a cold light flashed across his eyes. "It won't be easy to control that man. However, don't forget that all men have one trait."

"That is, they are all promiscuous and lecherous! After the many years since my entrance into the Charm Sect, I've seduced many men without the use of glamor skills. Some were even men with wives! In the secular world, some married men flaunt their devotion but in fact, I only needed to crook my finger and they would be hooked! Hence, this man should not be any different. If glamor skills are of no use, give it everything that you've got. As long as you have enough sex appeal, fooling around with him would be an easy feat."

Xue Ling's eyes lit up. She still has quite a bit of confidence in her body and looks. Wu Mei'er had failed last time because her looks had not been outstanding enough. A woman with looks like Wu Mei'er would never have been able to fool around with a man without the use of glamor skills.

"I understand, Senior Sister." Xue Ling giggled. "By the way, how should we deal with that woman Gu Ruoyun when the time comes?"

"Kill her."

Rong Yue's voice was very calm as if she was speaking of something which was insignificant.

"Worthless people have no right to live on this earth!"

Xue Ling's heart shook violently as she turned to look at Rong Yue's calm and indifferent expression. It was hard to imagine that anyone could say such vicious things in such a steady and serene manner.

Worthless people have no right to live on this earth!

What if Senior Sister Rong Yue becomes the Sect Master of the Charm Sect? I'm afraid that the useless people in the Charm Sect would be expelled from this earth.

"Yun'er, what are you giggling about?"

At this moment, Gu Ruoyun was giggling softly in her tent. This caused Qianbei Ye to glance at her as he raised his brows and asked.

"It's nothing." Gu Ruoyun shook her head and put away the mental energy she had released. "It's just something that I've overheard."

She never thought that Ye Nuo and Rong Ye would have that kind of connection!

Furthermore, even now, the members of the Charm Sect still have the audacity to plot against Qianbei Ye!

Gu Ruoyun's mouth darkened each time she remembered what she had heard when she had eavesdropped on their conversation. A murderous intent also appeared on the corner of her smile.

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Chapter 1147: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (2)

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"Ye Nuo's father was acquainted with that woman named Rong Yue. Furthermore, there seems to be a dispute between the two. Therefore, when Rong Yue had bumped into Ye Nuo, she transferred all of her sentiments for his father onto Ye Nuo's head. Hence, she isn't willing to let Ye Nuo leave."

Gu Ruoyun's hunch had been correct; Rong Yue did not have good intentions when she had taken Ye Nuo in.

However, Gu Ruoyun never imagined that Rong Yue would turn out to be a pervert and harbor such intentions towards an immature young man.

"Furthermore..." Gu Ruoyun turned towards Qianbei Ye. There was a hidden agenda in her smile as she continued, "The other Charm Sect disciple named Xue Ling says that she wants to seduce you so that you would sleep with her and contribute to her vitality. What do you think of that?"


An eerily cold aura swirled out from the man's body and circled around the entire tent.

"She can try!" The corners of the man's lips carried a bloodhirsty smile. After a while, perhaps afraid that his vicious currents would harm Gu Ruoyun, he retracted his power. Qianbei Ye then raised his hand and pulled the woman by his side into his embrace, holding her tightly. "Yun'er, in this lifetime, you alone is enough for me! If any other woman dares to stand in my way, I'll make sure that she never returns!"

Gu Ruoyun smiled. How could she not feel assured with Qianbei Ye around?

She believes that this man would never ever betray her!

Qianbei Ye lowered his head and gently kissed Gu Ruoyun's lips. His eyes were filled with deep emotion as he asked, "Yun'er, let's have a child once we get out of this forest, alright?"

As Gu Ruoyun stared into the man's sweet and gentle eyes, she could not reject him. She then gently nodded, "Alright. Everything will be as you like..."

Hearing this, Qianbei Ye's kiss became more forceful as his fingers gripped tightly onto Gu Ruoyun's waist. His silvery hair had tumbled down and under the glow of the moonlight, he looked so beautiful that it was unreal...

The following day.

At first light.

Just as the couple had awoken from their sleep, a hand reached out towards the tent's opening.

However, before Xue Ling could enter the tent, a wave of gloomy and cold wind greeted her piercingly and sent her body fiercely out of the way. She instantly stumbled several steps back and landed sitting on the ground. It was so painful that she raised her willowy brows.

"Get out!"

Someone bellowed angrily from the tent, causing her heart to tremble.

She bit her lip, but in the end, chose to enter the tent once again.

Senior Sister Rong Yue told me that when faced with a man, I must act in a weak and delicate manner. Only then would I be able to draw the man's pity! In the past, I would not have needed to do very much. Even if I had failed, I only need to use my glamor skills and the man would be dead set on me.

However, I have to do it this way now!

"I'm here to apologize to you."

Xue Ling's eyes were filled with tears as she forced herself to hold back the pain in her body. She spoke in a delicate and touching manner, "At the time, it really had been Wu Mei'er's fault. I should not have caused trouble for you because of her. Senior Sister Rong Yue chastised me yesterday. May I ask if you can forgive me?"

If Gu Ruoyun had not eavesdropped on the conversation between Rong Yue and Xue Ling last night, she might have believed in Xue Ling's little story.


She had heard every single bit of the scheme between the two. Most importantly, this woman had dared to draw grand schemes on Qianbei Ye!

"Are you really admitting to your mistake or do you have some sort of hidden agenda?" Gu Ruoyun gently curled her lips as she stared at Xue Ling with a rigid smile.

Xue Ling's heart began to race and she stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock. Could it be that she has read my mind?

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Chapter 1148: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (3)

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That's impossible!

No one else had been around during my discussion with Senior Sister Rong Yue last night. How could this woman possibly know what we had discussed? Maybe she's trying to rile me up on purpose! That's right, she must be doing this on purpose.

Xue Ling took a deep breath and replied with mild irritation, "Lady Gu, what on earth are you talking about? I sincerely understand that I've done something wrong so I've come to confess my mistake. However, you would spew such venomous slander by accusing me of having some hidden agenda. What agenda would I possibly have?"

Her words carried a tone filled with indignance as if Gu Ruoyun had falsely accused her.

"Really?" Gu Ruoyun pinned Qianbei Ye's arm down and stopped him from reacting. Her face filled with a smile as she said, "That's just great. You can go and inform Rong Yue that we won't be disturbing the Charm Sect any longer as we plan on leaving today."


Xue Ling was instantly shocked. She now truly understands Senior Sister Rong Yue's objective. If these people were to walk away, Ye Nuo would definitely follow them!

She could not let this happen!

"Lady Gu, it's not up to you to decide whether you should leave or not." Xue Ling sneered. She then turned towards Qianbei Ye and her voice softened, "Sir Qianbei, I know that you have great power. However, there are many spiritual beasts in this forest. Some spiritual beasts have reached the late-stage Martial Saint rank. There are even one or two who have surpassed that rank so you are no match for those spiritual beasts. However, if you journey with the Charm Sect, we can ensure your safety."

Qianbei Ye's gaze has darkened even more. He looked at Xue Ling as if he was looking at a dead person.

However, Xue Ling did not seem to notice the murderous intent in his heart and continued to flash what she thought was a beautiful smile.

"It seems that Wu Mei'er's fate has not made you more vigilant."

The man's eyes landed on Xue Ling and an eerily cold murderous intent appeared on his peerlessly beautiful face. He slowly rose from the bed while his long, silvery hair looked absolutely mesmerizing in the morning breeze.

Xue Ling could not turn away. Her eyes were fixed upon Qianbei Ye and she was nearly drooling. A sluggish look had appeared in her eyes.

If only such a beautiful man belonged to me, it would be so great!

Even if I could only have one night with him, my life would be complete.


All she could do was to look at the beautiful, silver-haired man as he gently raised his hand...


A sharp sword appeared out of nowhere and pierced through Xue Ling's chest in an instant. Fresh blood spurted from the wound, dyeing her robes a bloody red.

She widened her eyes in shock and stared at Qianbei Ye with disbelief as if she could not understand why this man would kill her without saying another word. Without any feelings of chivalry...

"I've said this once before, if the Charm Sect's members wish to provoke us, I don't mind making the entire Charm Sect disappear."

Xue Ling did not reply and only stared hatefully at Qianbei Ye.

"Xue Ling!"

Just then, a voice cried out from outside the tent.

The Charm Sect's disciple entered the tent which was now torn open and saw everything immediately. She screamed in shock and the entire Charm Sect quickly rushed over towards the tent.

"Bodyguard Gu, what happened?"

Ye Nuo's little body was trembling with fright as he stared at Gu Ruoyun with a puzzled look on his face. "Why had that fellow killed her?"

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Chapter 1149: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (4)

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Ye Nuo knows Qianbei Ye's character very well. Unless that person had provoked him completely, he would never react so murderously! This woman must have done something which would cause him to reach the end of his patience.


Rong Yue, who had just rushed over, smiled icily when she saw everything. Her icy cold gaze no longer held her previous gentleness as she fixed her cold and distant gaze upon Qianbei Ye who was in the tent. "The Charm Sect had taken you in out of the kindness of our hearts and this is how you treat the disciples of the Charm Sect?"

Rong Yue did not need to overanalyze things to understand that Xue Ling's plan had failed and had caused this mess.

Hence, she cursed Xue Ling fiercely in her mind. She couldn't even seduce a man and she had the cheek to call herself a disciple of the Charm Sect?

"Senior Sister."


Xue Ling's body landed heavily onto the ground. Her voice was very weak and her eyes were filled with hatred. "I had treated them horribly so... So I had followed your suggestion and apologized to them. Who would have thought... Who would have thought that this man had ended up taking a fancy to my good looks so he wanted to make me his concubine? I refused... He was then shamed into anger and tried to kill me."

Even if she was going to die, she was never going to let those two go in peace!

Rong Yue laughed icily and a murderous intent came whirling out from her body. She then exclaimed frostily, "I never thought that you would turn out to be worse than animals. It's a good thing that I didn't lead you back to the Charm Sect. I had thought of escorting you all safely out of here on account of Ye Nuo but your actions in harming the Charm Sect's disciples clearly shows that you place no importance upon the Charm Sect! I seriously don't know how Ye Nuo had ended up befriending people like you!"

She knows that Xue Ling was lying but how could she let such a good opportunity to pry Ye Nuo away from those two slip by?

As long as Ye Nuo knows that these two were less than animals, he would certainly sever his relationship with them. By then, he would belong to her alone!

"Bodyguard Gu, what's the meaning of this?" Ye Nuo turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked again.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "What do you think happened?"

Ye Nuo fell momentarily silent before he raised his small, delicately handsome face and replied, "I don't believe her. This woman must have tried to seduce Qianbei Ye so he had killed her! Am I right, bodyguard Gu?"

"Congratulations, you've got the right answer." Gu Ruoyun chuckled gently as she turned her gaze towards Ye Nuo.

"Ye Nuo."

Rong Yue furrowed her willowy brows and she attempted to pull Ye Nuo to her side but to no avail. Just as her hand was about to land on Ye Nuo, he darted away from her.

Her expression froze. Her palm was suspended in mid-air and the atmosphere was very awkward.

"Ye Nuo, don't you trust me anymore?" Rong Yue softened her tone and tried to speak as gently as she could. "How has the Charm Sect treated you over the past few days? Are you saying that you're going to choose these two at a time like this?"

Ye Nuo wrinkled his graceful brows, "The Charm Sect has indeed treated me well but I'd trust bodyguard Gu even more."

"Ye Nuo!" Rong Yue was mildly irritated now. She never expected Ye Nuo to make such a decision!

What's so good about this woman that Ye Nuo would put so must trust in her? Even after they've killed a member of the Charm Sect, he would still choose to trust these two!

"Let me tell you this, you are not allowed to leave with them no matter what!"

Rong Yue has completely discarded all pretenses now. She then reached out again and grabbed Ye Nuo's arm in an attempt to pull him to her side.

"Let me go!"

Ye Nuo's expression sank. He tried to fling Rong Yue away but could not seem to swat her arm out of the way. In his panic, tears began to roll down his face. "Bodyguard Gu, help me!"

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Chapter 1150: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (5)

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Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes and a cold smile flashed across her face. "Looks like the members of the Charm Sect enjoy snatching men with no regard for their consent! Is this the standard of formality in the Charm Sect?"

"Gu Ruoyun, you've already killed a member of the Charm Sect, what more do you want?" Rong Yue gritted her teeth as she glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun.

"Let him go."

Gu Ruoyun's voice was like a breeze on a clear day yet it contained an authority which was difficult to say no to.

"Haha. Gu Ruoyun, I had treated you nicely earlier on but I never thought that I would run into a thankless wretch! It's not too difficult for you to leave this place; I'll allow you to leave as long as you can defeat me!"

Rong Yue laughed disdainfully. She has just broken through to the exceptional early stage of the Martial Saint rank. These people would simply be no match for her.

"Bodyguard Gu."

Ye Nuo turned worriedly towards Gu Ruoyun. He felt very annoyed. If he had known about this, he would never have agreed to journey with the members of the Charm Sect. However, he never expected the once gentle Rong Yue to become so horrifying in an instant.

However, what Ye Nuo does not know was that even if he had not agreed to it yesterday, the members of the Charm Sect would never have let them get away anyways.

"Defeat you?"

A gloomy and cold laugh was suddenly sounded.

The corners of Qianbei Ye's lips carried an eerily cold smile as his bloodthirsty glare landed on Rong Yue. He gently raised the corners of his lips and said, "Forget about defeating you, under the circumstances of provoking me, there's no way I would let the entire Charm Sect continue to exist."

Rong Yue's expression changed. She never thought that this man would be so smug and egotistical. He had placed absolutely no importance upon the Charm Sect.


The red-robed and silver-haired man's figure moved when he saw that Rong Yue was about to speak again. A red light then flashed across immediately and landed in front of Rong Yue before a suffocating aura suddenly oppressed the area. She felt as if a hand had fiercely pinched her heart.

Rong Yue looked completely stunned as she stared at Qianbei Ye's peerless face. Her gentle and pretty features then drained of color as her hand, which was holding onto Ye Nuo, loosened its grip.

Seizing the chance, Ye Nuo quickly dashed off and hid behind Gu Ruoyun, terrified that the psychotic Rong Yue would try to grab him again.

That woman was much too scary. Why on earth had he trusted her in the first place and followed her back to the Charm Sect...

"You're looking for death!"


Just as Rong Yue was about to feel suffocated, Qianbei Ye flung her body out of the way. His red robes were like a pretty and flirtatious blood flower that blossomed in front of her.


How can this be?

I'm already at the exceeding early stage of the Martial Saint rank yet I don't even have the strength to retaliate against this man.

Just how powerful is he?

Rong Yue bit her lips, too afraid to think of the conclusion. There were only very few people who could have such power!

"Senior Sister Rong Yue."

The disciples of the Charm Sect were completely shocked as they rushed to Rong Yue's side. They then glared at Qianbei Ye fiercely.

"We're leaving!"

Rong Yue propped herself on her feet while her pale face was now dusted with frost. She no longer cared about anything else at a time like this. She would only have the chance for vengeance if she left this place.


Just as Rong Yue had managed to stand up, a powerful force crashed towards her and caused her to crumple onto the ground. She felt as if all her bones were about to be crushed into pieces and she found it hard to breathe.

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Chapter 1151: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (6)

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"What are you trying to do?"

Rong Yue had to take a deep breath in order to spit out those words.

"Did I give you permission to leave?" Qianbei Ye laughed icily as the murderous intent from his body circled into the air, causing the entire tent to collapse. "The Charm Sect has provoked me time and time again. Since that's the case, there's no need for you to leave."

"They say that anyone can make mistakes so forgive them when possible. Aren't you going too far by treating the Charm Sect in this manner?" Rong Yue held her breath with great difficulty as she glared coldly at Qianbei Ye.


Qianbei Ye's blood-red eyes swept across Rong Yue. Instantly, Rong Yue, who was now paralyzed on the ground, felt as if a large rock had fallen from the sky and was crushing her body. Not only did she feel suffocated, a cracking noise could be heard from all the bones in her body.

"Gu Ruoyun, Qianbei Ye!"

Rong Yue gritted her teeth angrily and screamed furiously, "If I leave this place alive, I will ensure that you die a horrible death!"

"I'm afraid that you will never have the opportunity now."


Smash, smash. smash!

Waves of energy continued to crash down onto Rong Yue until her face twisted with agony. Her vicious glare was like a poisonous dagger as she aimed it towards Gu Ruoyun who was standing behind Qianbei Ye.

"Bodyguard Gu, I'm scared. Protect me."

Ye Nuo shrank back several steps as he stared at Rong Yue fearfully. He never thought that the usually gentle Rong Yue could display such a vicious expression.

"Didn't you plan to have Ye Nuo and you also taught Xue Ling how to seduce Xiao Ye?" Gu Ruoyun smiled. A clear and cold light shone from her eyes as she continued, "Oh, that's right. You even said that worthless people have no right to live on this earth so you had wanted to kill me?"

Rong Yue instantly widened her eyes. Her gaze filled with shock.

How had she overheard my conversation with Xue Ling?

How could this be?

How could she have heard us?

Rong Yue shivered at the thought of this.  No wonder Qianbei Ye would murder Xue Ling so cruelly. It was because this woman had eavesdropped on our conversation! Which also means that Ye Nuo has found out about my scheme...

Qianbei Ye's gaze has turned even gloomier. Last night, Gu Ruoyun had only told him about how Xue Ling had planned to seduce him. She did not mention that the Charm Sect had planned to kill her!


As Rong Yue sensed the rising amount of murderous intent from Qianbei Ye's body, she finally felt afraid. She quickly opened her mouth to cry for help but it was too late. Before she could make a sound, the man's hand had landed fiercely onto her forehead, smashing her head into pieces with one hit. Blood and brain matter instantly spurted out, spilling all over the ground. 

"Senior Sister Rong Yue!"

The Charm Sect disciples shrieked at the sight of the Rong Yue's horrific death. They were about to rush towards her but hesitated when they saw Qianbei Ye's gaze on them.


There was only one thing left on their mind.

As long as they could escape, they could return to the Charm Sect and ask the Sect Master to avenge Senior Sister Rong Yue!

The crowd looked at each other at the thought before they turned around and tried to escape.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk."

Suddenly, a childish-sounding laugh sounded before an adorable and petite little lolita appeared above them from out of nowhere.

"Did you all think that you could escape from my cage?"


Instantly, a flaming cage rose from the ground, trapping the Charm Sect disciples before they could escape. The flames on top of the cage began to slowly expand from above, placing all of them in the middle of a sea of flames.

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Chapter 1152: A Conspiracy Is Exposed (7)

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"Argh, argh, argh!"

Mournful shrieks sounded continuously from within the cage. It caused a tremor throughout the entire forest; even the spiritual animals who heard it could not help but feel absolutely horrified. Nevertheless, the voices soon disappeared. All that was left was the wind's whistle.

"Merely a bunch of humans who had overestimated their abilities." The Vermillion Bird curled her lips as she landed from the sky and walked towards Gu Ruoyun's side. "Master, I've dealt with these people for you. You need not worry about being troubled by the members of the Charm Sect anymore."

Gu Ruoyun did not reply to her and turned away. "Let's go," She said in an indifferent tone.


Qianbei Ye lifted his lips into a smile and was just about to move. However, he suddenly came to an abrupt stop. His blood-red eyes were turned towards the sky not too far away as a gloomy light flashed across his gaze.

"Yun'er, I have some business to take care of and will need to leave you for a while."

Gu Ruoyun was shocked. She turned inquisitively towards Qianbei Ye and asked, "What's going on?"

Qianbei Ye did not reply her. Instead, he pulled her into his arms before he bent down and kissed her on the lips. He then placed his red lips by her ears and murmured, "I have some things to take care of and will be back very soon. You make your way out of this place first, I'll catch up with you later. Now that Zixie is by your side, I can stop worrying and rest assured 1 ."

After he said these words, Qianbei Ye released his grip on her before he turned around to leave.

A hand suddenly reached out from behind him and pulled his hand tightly.

The man froze when he sensed the warmth in the woman's hand. However, he kept his back turned towards her, afraid that if he were to look at her one more time, he would not bear to leave her.

"Xiao Ye, be careful."

Gu Ruoyun kept her eyes on the man's figure. "I will wait for you along the way to Wind Valley."


A wave rose from within Qianbei Ye's heart as a smile formed on his peerless face. "When the time comes, we'll meet again in WInd Valley. Also..."

He paused before he continued to speak, "Yun'er, remember what you promised me last night. You can't go back on your word. We'll map out a plan when we meet again, alright?"

Gu Ruoyun still had some more things to say but Qianbei Ye had left with a flash of red robes which pierced through the sky and disappeared from view.

She suppressed the reluctance in her heart before she turned towards the Vermillion Bird and said, "Vermillion Bird, I think you'd better return to the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Ye Nuo, let's go."

Ye Nuo nodded. His eyes flicked a bit and a crafty smile appeared on his face.

This fellow has finally left bodyguard Gu. At last, no one can stop me from getting close to her! I must get bodyguard Gu to marry me before he comes back!

On a mountain range where a cool and gentle breeze danced.

Qianbei Ye was standing tall upon the mountain peak. His silvery hair and red robes fluttered gently in the breeze as if he had just stepped out from a painting. In contrast, the dark and gloomy aura which emanated from the man could make others shiver.

"Qianbei Ye, I'd like to see how you're going to get away this time!"

Countless figures descended from the sky and landed behind him.

Amongst the group was a woman dressed in green robes who was also their leader. She has delicate features, good looks and seems headstrong. Her large, bright eyes glared fiercely at Qianbei Ye as she spat angrily, "You murdered my husband-to-be and had then left just like that? We've made painstaking efforts to find you and this time, we won't let you get away!"

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