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Chapter 1153: Wounded (1)

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Qianbei Ye smiled icily, "It looks like you've mobilized a few ninth transformation early-stage cultivators to capture me. You've really gone through a lot of trouble."

This was why he had to leave Gu Ruoyun!

While he has the ability to cope with a few ninth transformation early-stage cultivators, if Gu Ruoyun was by his side, it would be hard for him to stay focused. If she were to be harmed due to his negligence her, he would never forgive himself.

Besides, he would never let his enemies find out about his relationship with Gu Ruoyun. Otherwise, the future of her path towards growth would become much more difficult. 

"Hmph." The green-robed woman scoffed icily before she replied irritably, "If I didn't ask the elders to act, how could I have caught you? Qianbei Ye, tell the truth, did you kill my husband-to-be because you've taken a liking to me?"

Qianbei Ye's gaze became even gloomier. His peerless features now carried a sense of disdain. "You're overthinking this. He had crossed me so I killed him. It has nothing to do with you."

Yun'er will forever be the only one in his heart. Anyone else would not be worth his attention.

"I don't care!" The green-robed woman angrily stomped her foot and declared sulkily, "You killed my fiancé so you must repay me with another! Hence, you must marry me. Otherwise, I won't let you leave this place!"

"Do you really think that you have the power to hold me down?" Qianbei Ye chuckled. "If I want to leave, no one can stop me."


When they heard his words, the elders who were standing behind the woman moved to stand bolt upright in front of her.

"Kid, it's your fortune to have received our Lady's attention. Stop acting as if you don't know what's good for you! If you hadn't murdered our future Lord, the Lady would not have ended up as a widow at such a young age. No one dares to take her as a wife now! Hence, you must bear this responsibility. If you don't marry our Lady, we won't let you remain in the First City alive."

The elder has a grave and stern face. His eyes stared coldly at Qianbei Ye 1 as he declared rudely. 

The Murong family was one of the Three Great Protectors of the First City and has an incomparably high position. They also have the right to make decisions in the First City! However, this kid does not seem to know what was good for him. Not only had he murdered their Lady's husband-to-be, he had dishonored the Murong family's great name. How could they stand for this?

Everyone knows about the Three Great Protectors in the First City. The Three Great Protectors were guardians of the Governor's Palace in the First City. Not only was every Protector required to watch over their own families, they had to carry the mantle of being an elder in the Governor's Palace. The Three Great Protectors were the ones who announce First City's rules.

As for the Governor of First City, he was a mysterious existence. To this day, no one has seen what the Governor looks like. It was likely that only the Three Great Protectors have met the legendary Lord Governor...

Based on that, one could imagine the height of the Murong family's position!

A gale blew and the man's red robes fluttered in the wind.

A bloody light flashed in Qianbei Ye's eyes. "Then we shall have to see if you have the ability," he replied gloomily.


Suddenly, a great wind rose from within Qianbei Ye's body. His silvery hair tangled in the wind, creating a sight so beautiful that one could not look away. 

The green-robed woman scoffed twice and ordered haughtily, "First Elder, get this kid for me. If he refuses to marry me, it's totally fine. You can tie him up, drug him and drag him into the bedroom! This is the price he has to pay for murdering my husband-to-be and offending me!"

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Pedophiles, rapists... Dear god... Are all the women in First City completely insane???

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Chapter 1154: Wounded (2)

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The person who had been referred to as the First Elder by the green-robed woman released all the power from his body immediately when he heard her order. He then charged towards Qianbei Ye who was standing amidst the wild winds. The First Elder's swift gaze was as sharp as a knife and clearly showed his desire to defeat Qianbei Ye there and then.

Qianbei Ye laughed icily as he stared at the elder charging towards him with no sign of dread. His beautiful features were as gloomy as it always was. A wave of murderous intent then exploded from his being, turning the green leaves in his surroundings yellow before they withered and fell to the ground.


Two waves of energy clashed against each other in the sky, creating fluctuations in the surrounding air as if an explosion had just occurred.

"Huh?" The First Elder never thought that Qianbei Ye would be able to defend himself from his attack and a sense of astonishment appeared in his eyes. However, he soon returned to his senses and gathered more power in the palm of his hand before slamming it at Qianbei Ye's chest again.


Their two palms clashed. The First Elder stumbled back and the look in his eyes slowly turned serious.

This kid's power was clearly not at the level of the ninth transformation yet he was still able to retaliate against his attack. No wonder the Lady had suddenly developed an interest in him. If they do not utilize a genius like this, it would be best to get rid of him!

"Let's attack together, capture this damned kid!"

In order to end the fight as quickly as possible, the First Elder discarded his own prestige and summoned his friends to charge towards Qianbei Ye.

A continuous battle in mid-air created waves of energy. They moved too quickly for the people on the ground to see their movements clearly.

"Is that all a ninth transformation cultivator can do?"

Qianbei Ye burst into a gloomy laugh as his red eyes danced with an enchanting light. A cold smile was hanging on his lips.


An endless amount of energy exploded from his body, causing the entire sky to turn dark grey as the energy converged in front of him. It then tore through the sky with a crash as it charged towards the group of elders. 

"Not good!" The First Elder's elderly facial expression changed. "This kid had increased his powers with some unknown object, run!"

Unfortunately, it was too late for them.

Just as he spoke, a powerful red light had shot towards them. Before they could even react, it crashed fiercely onto their chests like a powerful punch and sent them crashing down from the sky.


The First Elder spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned extremely pale. Just as he propped himself up from the ground, the man in blood-red robes vanished from the sky.

"First Elder, he's getting away. After him!"

The green-robed woman's face filled with anxiety as she roared angrily.

The First Elder laughed bitterly when he heard this. That kid's last attack had heavily injured them, it would be difficult to go after him at a time like this.

"Let's search the area!" The First Elder fixed his gaze and declared darkly, "Since he had used some external object to raise his power, he must have suffered some heavy repercussions as well. We will capture him when he stops to recuperate."

A blood-drenched figure leaned against an ancient tree and sat down in the forest. The bright sunlight illuminated the sky, clearly highlighting the particularly pale look on that man's face.

"Looks like forcibly raising one's power still carries quite a substantial price."

Qianbei Ye laughed bitterly. "However, there wasn't any other way aside from raising my power. After all, Yun'er isn't too far away. I can't let those people notice her existence or it would bring her great danger. At the moment, she still needs time to grow."

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