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Chapter 1141: An Acquaintance (3)

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The young man scoffed icily. He then spoke disdainfully, "So you're in cahoots with this damned kid. Since that's the case, none of you will have the chance to leave! You dared to steal a medicinal herb that I like, what audacity. Don't you know that I plan to give this herb to Great Master Wu Yin? However, I guess people like you would never be able to gain the favor of a cultivator who can refine pills like Great Master Wu Yin!"

The First City was very different from the secular world. The lifespan of the First City's cultivators was particularly long and their powers were also strong. Hence, First City was not like the secular world where pill masters were virtually non-existent. The secular world has always considered pill masters as mythical figures because the First City was a sealed-off world on its own. Outsiders were completely unable to understand the situation within it.

Hence, when the First City's members discovered that the secular world considers pill masters as myths, they laughed at the secular world's stupidity and ignorance.

Of course, pill masters were just as precious in the First City. If someone was successfully able to refine a pill, they would receive many invitations from various forces! Furthermore, no organization would dare cross a pill master.

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently as her clear and cold gaze landed upon the young man. She then curled her lips indifferently as she said, "I have no interest in Great Master Wu Yin nor do I wish to gain his favor. All I can see is you trying to harm my old friend."

"You are indeed a bumpkin from god-knows-where to not have heard of someone like Great Master Wu Yin." The young man laughed icily before waving his hand and ordering, "Forget about that kid for now, deal with these two first! I want them to understand the consequences of offending me."

"Yes, Eldest Sir."

Hearing this, the group released the young man and charged towards Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye in unison.

At that moment, Gu Ruoyun has already sized up every single one of their powers! Aside from the young man who was their leader and had broken through to the rank of an early-stage Martial Saint, the rest were merely high-level Martial Supremes! Xiao Ye simply does not need to step in for these people, she could take care of them herself.

Gu Ruoyun's body began to move when she thought of this...

She was like a gentle gust of wind as she traveled back and forth in front of everyone.

The crowd was shocked. Just as those people were about to seize Gu Ruoyun, all they could see was a longsword piercing directly into their chests. Blood then splattered from their bodies and they never even saw how Gu Ruoyun had done it before they all collapsed into a pool of blood.

"An early-stage Martial Saint?"

The young man looked at Gu Ruoyun and smirked, "So what if you're an early-stage Martial Saint? I'm a Martial Saint too and you're no match for me!"


The young man swiftly drew his sword from its sheath at his waist and appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun in a flash.

A cold light shone from within his longsword which was accompanied by a merciless light in his gaze which made one shudder with fear.


Just as the sword in his hand was about to pierce through Gu Ruoyun's chest, a powerful force exploded from the woman's body. It raised a sandstorm and pushed the young man several steps back.

The young man straightened up his body and stared gloomily at Gu Ruoyun.

He then saw something which nearly caused him to burst into laughter...

The woman in green robes who was standing tall amidst the gentle wind had produced a sword from thin air. There was nothing funny about that but the sword was actually a broken sword which had been left with only a hilt...

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Chapter 1142: An Acquaintance (4)

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Does she plan to use this broken sword to fight against me?

Gu Ruoyun looked at the spiritual weapon in her hand and sighed. Ever since she had fought with the Lin family's cultivators which resulted in the spiritual weapon being snapped into two, she had not been able to make it whole. It looks like it was time for her to find an ironworker to make the broken sword whole.

After all, the Divine Weapon, Nine Emperors would attract far too much attention. She would never use the Nine Emperors unless it was her last resort.

"Hahaha!" The young man burst into laughter. He laughed until tears nearly rolled down his face. "You can't possibly intend to use that to fight against me! Do you think that a broken sword can defeat me? You have no hope of victory. As it turns out, you will lose without a doubt!"

Gu Ruoyun glanced at the young man and replied indifferently, "This is enough to defeat you."


The young man, who had been laughing at Gu Ruoyun, heard this and was instantly enraged. He then glared at her fiercely, "Little girl, there's a price to pay for being reckless. Now, I'll make you understand the consequences of underestimating me!"


The young man's figure flashed once again when he finished speaking. He then reappeared right above Gu Ruoyun's head.

The pretty young man saw this and was instantly anxious. He cried out worriedly, "Watch out, bodyguard Gu!"

Even though the peerless man by the woman's side had noticed the longsword which was aimed at her, he did not seem to show any sense of urgency at all. His peerless features continued to display an air of indifference as his blood-red lips curled into a shallow smile.


A clear ringing noise sounded throughout the entire mountain forest.

Gu Ruoyun had blocked the longsword's strike with great ease. Her delicate and pretty features were lit up with a smile as she asked, "Is that all you've got?"


The broken sword was then driven fiercely through the longsword and landed on the young man's chest. With a loud bursting noise, the entire sword's hilt was driven into young man's chest. She then slowly pulled it out as the young man watched with eyes full of hatred.

"I have more than enough enemies. In order to prevent more people from causing trouble for me in the future, I have no choice but to cut you off at the root."

Gu Ruoun shrugged her shoulders as she glanced at the fresh blood spurting out from the young man's chest. She then walked around him and approached the handsome young man in front of her. She wrinkled her brows as she asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I..." The handsome youth bit his lip and replied proudly, "I've completed the Ye family's tests so I've left the Ye family to search for you! I heard that you've made your way to the East Peak Mainland so I had come here as well. However, I did not know where to find you until I met someone..."

"That person said that she had come from the First City and that she could bring me here to look for you. I had followed her but I never expected to actually find you here. Bodyguard Gu, I've missed you to death."

Once Ye Nuo finished speaking, he held his arms wide and charged towards Gu Ruoyun.

However, before he could arrive in front of her, a large hand picked him up and threw him aside.

Ye Nuo's buttocks landed on the ground with a loud thud. He rubbed his throbbing behind as his large, proud eyes filled with grief. He then glared at Qianbei Ye who had thrown him aside before turning his attention back towards Gu Ruoyun. He cried out pitifully, "Bodyguard Gu..."

"Your powers don't seem to be at the Martial Saint rank." Gu Ruoyun ignored Ye Nuo's pitiful little expression straightaway. "However, you are only one step away from becoming a Martial Supreme as well. You say that someone had brought you into the First City; I wonder who that is?"

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Chapter 1143: An Acquaintance (5)

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"Ye Nuo, I've finally found you! What are you doing here?"

Just as Gu Ruoyun had asked her question, a gentle voice sounded from the underbrush behind them.

A woman dressed in light yellow muslin robes then appeared from the bushes. She has soft and pretty features while her body was slender and delicate with a small and petite waist. She has a fragile frame which could melt one's heart.

However, if one were to assume that she was a weakling based on her appearance, one would be sorely mistaken!

Gu Ruoyun could sense that this woman was very powerful! She was much more powerful than the powerful Lin family cultivators whom she had encountered!

The yellow-robed woman noticed the bodies lying in a pool of blood on the ground and was mildly shocked. However, she did not say much. Instead, her gaze landed on Ye Nuo.

"Mm." Ye Nuo looked at the yellow-robed woman behind him and replied, "I've found the person that I've been searching for so I'll be leaving with her now."


The yellow-robed woman's eyes turned to look at Gu Ruoyun. A light then flashed in the corner of her eyes. When she turned towards Qianbei Ye, a clear sense of shock appeared in her gaze.

It was obvious that she had never seen such a peerless and heart-moving man all her life. However, it was unfortunate that the vicious currents surrounding this man were far too heavy. Not many people would be able to control him...

"A member from the Charm Sect?"

Gu Ruoyun's clear and cold eyes darkened at the sight of the mark on the yellow-robed woman.

She did not expect to run into another member of the Charm Sect after entering the First City. However, these people were not at the same rank as the ones she had bumped into at the interdimensional door.

She could not understand why Ye Nuo had mixed around with members of the Charm Sect!

"Is this lady the woman you've been searching for, Ye Nuo?" The yellow-robed woman covered her lips and giggled before she replied with a charming smile, "I haven't introduced myself. My name is Rong Yue and I'm from the Charm Sect. I had bumped into Ye Nuo by accident while I was away from the First City. I heard that he was looking for someone and decided to help him. Now, it looks like my work is done."

Even though the yellow-robed woman was smiling at Gu Ruoyun, she does not know why but she felt very uncomfortable. Perhaps it has something to do with the Charm Sect's cultivation method.

"Bodyguard Gu."

Ye Nuo approached Gu Ruoyun excitedly and intended to tug on her sleeves. However, when Ye Nuo's eyes met Qianbei Ye's bloodthirsty gaze, he meekly put his hand away.

"I've been through a lot to find you so you can't just throw me aside."

Gu Ruoyun did not respond to Ye Nuo's words. Instead, she fixed her gaze upon the yellow-robed woman who was called Rong Yue. A light flashed in her eyes as she spoke, "Thank you very much for taking care of Ye Nuo for me. Ye Nuo, let's go."


When Rong Yue noticed that Gu Ruoyun was about to turn around and leave, she quickly called out to stop her. "Miss, may I ask if you know the way down? Besides, there are countless fearsome spiritual beasts in this mountain forest. Perhaps you could journey onwards with the Charm Sect, what do you think?"

"Bodyguard Gu," Ye Nuo blinked as he said. "Rong Yue is right. There are many late-stage Martial Saint spiritual beasts in this forest. Why don't we continue with them and separate once we've reached the bottom of the mountain."

Gu Ruoyun glanced at Ye Nuo before she turned to face Rong Yue. After a long pause, she slowly nodded. "That's fine too."

"Miss, I haven't asked for your names."

Upon receiving Gu Ruoyun's reply, Rong Yue had chuckled softly and asked in a friendly manner.

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Chapter 1144: An Acquaintance (6)

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"My name is Gu Ruoyun. This is my partner, Qianbei Ye." Gu Ruoyun pointed at Qianbei Ye as she introduced the both of them. Her voice was as clear and cold as it has always been with. It had no sign of emotion at all.

"Lady Gu, Sir Qianbei. Both of you can follow me. The other members of the Charm Sect are not too far ahead. Don't you worry, with us around, the spiritual beasts of this forest won't harm you."

Rong Yue smiled. After she had finished her speech, she then turned around and headed towards the underbrush.

"Yun'er." Qianbei Ye turned to look at Rong Yue's departing figure and asked, "Why did you choose to journey with them?"

He does not know why but this woman from the Charm Sect gave him a very uncomfortable feeling. It made him want to avoid looking at them again.

Gu Ruoyun smiled, "I want to know why the members of the Charm Sect had helped Ye Nuo. I don't believe that the Charm Sect is the type of organization which would take pleasure in helping others! Therefore, what's wrong with us tagging along with them for a while?"

She merely wanted to understand what the Charm Sect was planning. If she does not get to the bottom of this, she feared that the people by Ye Nuo's side would be in a lot of trouble in the future. Hence, this was why she had made this decision.

Outside the thicket of bushes, Rong Yue paused and turned towards Ye Nuo and the others as they walked towards her. A nearly undetectable light flashed in her eyes.

"Senior Sister Rong Yue."

A few other Charm Sect disciples reacted when they saw Rong Yue's approaching figure and surrounded her. When they noticed Gu Ruoyun and her party behind her, they were shocked.

"It's you!"

One of them clearly recognized Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye, causing her face to immediately turn angry. She exclaimed furiously, "Senior Sister Rong Yue, it's them! These are the two people who had hurt Wu Mei'er!"

As she was speaking, the Charm Sect disciple's eyes had remained fixed on Qianbei Ye the entire time. Her extreme rage could not conceal the mesmerized look in her eyes.

It goes without saying that this man was indeed very beautiful. If she could have him, there was nothing that she would regret in this life.

Gu Ruoyun raised her brows. It goes without saying that it was an inevitable clash between opposing factions. Some of the Charm Sect disciples here were the ones they had met outside the dimensional door.

"Xue Ling, don't be impudent!" A light flashed across Rong Yue's eyes as she chastised her angrily. "These two are the Charm Sect's guests! They are also the people whom Little Brother Ye Nuo have been searching for. You are not allowed to treat them this way!"

Even though Rong Yue has a willowy and slender body, her tone of voice was steady yet powerful and it carried no signs of anger. From this, one could see that her position in the Charm Sect was an important one.

The disciple named Xue Ling swallowed her words and glared at Gu Ruoyun angrily. Her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

"Bodyguard Gu, what conflict did you have with the members of the Charm Sect?" Ye Nuo inched closer to Gu Ruoyun's side before he asked curiously.

Gu Ruoyun raised her brow. "Earlier on, one of the Charm Sect's disciple had tried to seduce Xiao Ye outside the dimensional door so Xiao Ye had snapped all of her veins."

He decided to cripple her just because the other party had tried to seduce him?

Ye Nuo gasped loudly.  This fellow sure is cruel! It looks like I'd have to go through him first if I want to marry Bodyguard Gu. 

Ye Nuo's eyes flickered at the thought of this and no one could tell what he was thinking.

"It's getting late now. Let's set up camp here, we shall continue on our journey tomorrow." Rong Yue smiled gently. Her smile was like a gentle brush wind. "Ye Nuo, you shall stay with me tonight."

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Chapter 1145: An Acquaintance (7)

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"I don't want to."

Ye Nuo rejected Rong Yue without hesitation. He then inched closer towards Gu Ruoyun and declared cockily, "I want to sleep with bodyguard Gu."

However, just as he had spoken, a dark and gloomy wind sliced across him, pushing him several meters away.

Qianbei Ye pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms as he stared coldly and darkly at Ye Nuo. "Scram!" He bellowed as a warning.

Poor Ye Nuo had been scared witless by Qianbei Ye. He no longer dared to have any thoughts of impropriety and could only stare in grief at Gu Ruoyun. His pitiful look made one feel absolutely heartbroken.

Gu Ruoyun turned away as if she had not seen anything.


A light flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes when her gaze landed upon Rong Yue.

Unless I'm mistaken, this woman had a particularly ugly look on her face when Ye Nuo had rejected her.

It seems that the Charm Sect has ulterior motives in helping Ye Nuo...

It was night time. The dim light of the night was like water, quiet and titilating.

In the tent, Xue Ling looked at Rong Yue who was now dressed in light yellow robes and asked in confusion, "Senior Sister Rong Yue, why had you allowed those two to follow the Charm Sect's group? Are we supposed to protect them after they had treated the Charm Sect's disciples in that manner?"

"Protect them?"

Rong Yue chuckled softly, her smile was no longer as gentle as it was during the daytime. In fact, it now has a disdainful look.

"You are mistaken, I had asked them to join the Charm Sect's group because I don't want Ye Nuo to leave. Even after we leave the forest, I'll find a way to make them follow the Charm Sect! I will never allow Ye Nuo to leave!"

Xue Ling was shocked. "Senior Sister Rong Yue, I still don't get it. Why are you protecting Ye Nuo so much?" She asked in confusion. "Since you wouldn't even let the Charm Sect disciples do anything to him?"

Rong Yue's eyes darkened. She seemed to slip into her memories as she slowly replied, "I've heard the news that Ye Nuo is from the Banished Lands! Furthermore, he is the spitting image of that person so he must be a direct offspring of the Ye family in the Banished Lands!"

"The Ye family?"

Xue Ling still could not understand what Rong Yue was talking about and could only stare at her in astonishment.

"I know his father." Rong Yue laughed bitterly before she continued, "Unfortunately, his father had always looked down on me. He probably never thought that I would run into some good fortune, break through to the Martial Saint rank and enter the First City. I've even received an important position in the Charm Sect! In the past, I've had no chance with his father so I must have his son 1 !"

Rong Yue's mentality had become twisted. In the past, she had not been able to obtain the man that she loved so she must now have his son.

Furthermore, Ye Nuo looks way too much like a younger version of his father, he was almost an exact copy of him.

How could she not love him?

"Senior Sister Rong Yue, since you want that kid, why don't you..."

The meaning behind Xue Ling's words was very obvious, she was implying for Rong Yue to lick Ye Nuo clean and alleviate the years of longing she has had for his father.

Rong Yue shook her head. "He's still too young, how can I bear to have him at a time like this? I want to provide for him until he's old enough then make him my husband. Xue Ling, you watch over those people for me. Don't give them any opportunities to escape."

"Yes, Senior Sister Rong Yue."

Xue Ling joined her fists and replied respectfully.

If Ye Nuo was to find out about Rong Yue's true intentions, he would definitely sprout curses.

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