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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 110: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 2


When Kang MiRae started reciting the incantation for her spell, the other clan masters who were chatting amongst themselves while leading their clans flinched at her sudden actions and proceeded to rush into battle formations.

Some large clans split up into smaller platoons, other small clans merged into one, and some clans scattered while gathering into their differentiated roles in battle. Their actions looked like this wasn’t the first time they did this; an aura of inclement battle immediately arose.

[People from Earth are amazing.] (Erta)

Spoke Erta suddenly.

[It’s not only because they had a 10 year adaptation period. Humans always fight each other due to their differences but here, they’re combining their power.] (Erta)
“That’s because they were embarrassed during the battle in Japan where they acted separately.”

Yu IlHan replied in a cynical fashion as he looked towards the dungeon gate. It really looked like it was going to explode open at any moment.
According to Kang MiRae’s words, it seemed that the majority were 2nd or 3rd class, but who knows; Yu IlHan decided to consider the possibility of 4th class beings popping out.

He just wished that there weren’t over a thousand 4th class beings. Currently, Yu IlHan wasn’t receiving the Angel’s Support buff that he receives in Abandoned Worlds, and the options of the Eight-tailed dragon spear would not be activated against non-dragonkin.

[No, that’s because the humans realized their own lack of power, and started thinking about how to fill that gap with the help of other people. This is only possible because they became more humble.] (Erta)

[And you are the one who made them humble.] (Erta)
“I’m also very humble. I’m no knight though.”

After saying that, he ordered the elves to prepare for battle and activated Superhuman Strength and jumped several kilometers into the air.

When the elves concealment deactivated due to that, the people around them panicked for a little, but when the elves gestured that they weren’t enemies, they backed off while being on guard. In the current situation, all allied forces were precious.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan used the extra function on the leap skill and stayed in the air for a little longer while he took out a huge spear and grabbed it with both of his hands. The length was over 5 meters and the thickness was as thick as Yu IlHan’s body. It was an overwhelming-sized spear. What was more surprising was that this spear was for throwing.

[Isn’t that just sharpened 3rd class dragonkin bones?] (Erta)
“This, is the bone of the dragonkin that used lightning.”

Yu IlHan laughed  as mana started exploding from the gate. Along with that, a mass of monsters rushed out from the gate! The people who were prepared all shot with long-ranged magic, and knights with shields rushed forward and held up their shields.


And Yu IlHan threw his spear. There was no need for him to transfer the weight. Just by using his Superhuman strength-empowered muscles, and the Absolute accuracy, along with the several kilometers of height, it was sufficient for him to just throw the gigantic spear made from a level 180 dragonkin that wielded the power of lightning.

Boom! The gigantic spear that fell down on the ground light a streak of lightning instantly decimated tens of monsters that rushed out from the gate. It happened as the lightning-attribute magic power was emitted to the surroundings at the point of landing.

[Kihik! Kugaaaaah!]

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