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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 111: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 3


Everyone was prepared for a long battle, but the battle in question was much longer than whatever they had expected.

[I received a report from Feyta.] (Erta)

While Yu IlHan was rolling around in laziness, Erta, who robbed Feyta of everything, started explaining.

[The connection method is similar to that with Dareu’s. The Lightning God Clan realized that the environment was changing as they were leaving, and witnessed tens of thousands of 2nd class, and hundreds of 3rd class divided into two sides and fighting each other.] (Erta)

[None from what they saw. That’s natural. Dareu was the exception, God does not abandon any world.] (Erta)

If Destruction Demon Army and the Garden of Sunset did not interfere with Dareu, it wouldn’t have been abandoned, or so Erta said. After that, she talked about how God’s hand will be extended to Dareu once again, but why did it sound like locking the stable after the horse was stolen…

“So, Lightning God just escaped after looking at the battle?”

“Even if you advertise like that, there’s no shop that sells concealment skills at $39.99”

Yu IlHan Sighed. He did think that there shouldn’t have been a proper scouting, but never did he imagine that what they found out was just the tip of the iceberg.

Lightning God seemed to be thinking that an Abandoned World was just a little bigger dungeon, but Yu IlHan knew the truth very well after the incident in Dareu; how horrifying of a scale an army could develop into within a world ruled by monsters.

“They should have just remained in their own damned world, why did it just happen to get connected with Earth…”
[Heaven had judged that this would not be the end of it. There are even predictions that this is just the prelude to a big change……] (Erta)

Sighed Yu IlHan again when Erta added hurriedly in consolation.

[If there’s anything fortunate, it’s that unlike Dareu, that world was doomed after the 2nd Great Cataclysm. So, it is likely that there’s no 4th class monster in that world.] (Erta)
“But a 4th class monster appeared on Earth even though Earth had gone through the 1st Great Cataclysm.”

Erta was tongue tied. Although it was a scheme of a traitor, it was still the truth. Yu IlHan continued speaking while fiddling around with the bone atlatl in his hands.

“It’s different from Dareu. I don’t have much confidence in going against 4th class beings that aren’t dragonkin.”

Eight-tailed dragon spear did definitely become an epic rank. However, that high rank could not be used properly if he wasn’t going against dragonkin.

“Four…… No, five. It will be different according to the enemy, but that will be my limit. If any of them are over 230 in level, then I can’t do anything either.”

“I only wish that that world isn’t like Dareu.”

His abilities would increase by 10% if fighting alongside Yumir due to the effect of Dragon-man resonance, but he couldn’t bring a level 1 kid in a dangerous place like this.

Thought Yu IlHan as he turned his head around, when he saw Liera with a blooming smile on her face and Yumir in her arms. Despite there being plenty

of people stronger than him right now, he was concealed.
What’s more amazing was that no one was able to see through this newborn’s concealment.


Yumir realized it was him even though he had a helmet on as he jumped from Liera’s arms into his. Clang, a metallic sound resounded out, but Yumir was still smiling as if not in pain.
When Yu IlHan glared at Liera silently, she excused herself in panic.

[He said he wanted to see his dad! He looked like he might leave on his own!]
“Even so, how can you bring a kid to a place where it wouldn’t be strange even if a 4th class……”

[Yumir’s skill, Concealment, grows rapidly.]
[Yumir’s skill, Concealment, has become level 20. The resonance with the rider increases and can use a stronger level of concealment.]

Yu IlHan stopped speaking and sighed after reading the information on his retina. It seemed like Yumir’s concealment was being lead to further heights as he became able to use a higher level of concealment while near him.

This is completely OP! Or so Yu IlHan wanted to shout, but thinking back, his concealment was level max the moment he saw the status for the first time. He had no qualifications to say someone else was OP.

“Yes, just master it quickly. Let’s earn a higher skill too, right?”

Yumir, who answered while not knowing anything with a smile, fiddled around to find a comfortable position. Of course, concealment skill level was still increasing.
There were countless people and even more countless monsters around. Concealing in their midst, there was no way concealment wouldn’t rise in level.

[The power of bloodline is amazing……] (Erta)
“Don’t say bloodline.”

Even while retorting, Yu IlHan was inwardly nodding his head. At this speed, he wondered if the skill will rise to level 50 by the end of battle.

“Yes, let’s just think of it as skill grinding. Well, he’ll be safe with me too.”
[That’s quite a positive attitude, I like it.] (Erta)

Even while grumbling, Yu IlHan repositioned Yumir in his arms. However, just as Yumir was staring at the countless 2nd class monsters pouring out from the gate, he asked Yu IlHan.

“Dad, can I hunt them?”


This was a suggestion he never thought about. Since Yumir’s level was still 1, he was planning to level him up slowly with goblins or slimes in a weaker dungeon.

Yes, wasn’t he too naïve? Dragons hunting goblins lol. He had a higher ranked skill from birth!
Wait, no, he’s still level 1.

Since he couldn’t come up with an answer by himself, Yu IlHan seeked the answer from Erta.

“How many hits would it require to kill a 2nd class monster with middle-tier magic?”


Skill grinding location changed into levelling location.

“Mir, if you can’t kill them instantly with your magic, then they will all die while crashing into the fence, so you have to kill them instantly. Or, you have to wound them fatally at least in order to get the MVP position.

“Don’t reserve your mana. It’ll recover when you level up anyway.”

“Good, let’s prepare then.”

Yu IlHan lightly grabbed Yumir’s left hand and lifted him up. Yumir extended his index finger of his left hand that was grabbed by Yu IlHan, before gathering mana and changing it to wind magic. 1

As expected of a dragon? Compared to humans, the ripple of mana, and the speed of magic completion was overwhelmingly superior. A fragment of 4th class dragon’s magic he had tasted so much in Dareu was here.

“If you level up, you need to conceal yourself quickly like dad.”

When the wind on Yumir’s fingertips got thick enough to take form, a 2nd class monster just came out from the gate.

Now! When Yu IlHan lightly inserted strength into his hand grabbing Yumir, he immediately shot the wind bullet. A hole appeared on the monster’s head, and it collapsed like that.

It happened in a blink of an eye, and that monster wasn’t the only one rushing out of the gate, so not to mention people, even monsters didn’t notice it. The problem was what happened next.

[Yumir’s level became 17.]
[Yumir evolves into an Infant Dragon.]

Blinding light was emitted from Yumir’s now-unconcealed body. It wasn’t something like a level up, but an evolution!

The amount of light was overwhelming to the point that even monsters looked towards his direction, but the amount of light was too overwhelming so no one could see what was happening inside.

And when the light disappeared, there was nothing there. The people were very surprised, but they weren’t in a situation where they could calmly analyze things. Some just thought that Susanoo did something and some thought that people use the wrong magic.

The answer was that Yu IlHan used the large amount of light to conceal themselves again.


Feeling that he was getting stronger, Yumir rejoiced while clapping. Thanks to the evolution, Yumir, who had a 2 year-old-looking body now had a body around 4 to 5 year-old, and the clothes he was wearing was instantly ripped to shreds as well.

[So acquiring class makes their body grows as well. Dragons are quite the creatures of wonder.] (Erta)

“You recovered all your mana, right?”
“Yeah, it’s overflowing!”

Yumir’s mana was indeed overflowing. The mana he couldn’t hold within himself was covering his skin and he prevented it from escaping. This was a dragon’s mana rule! It was an amazing ability.

Mana recovered when level 1 becomes level 2, when 2 becomes 3, when 3 becomes 4……. Like that, he had preserved all the mana that had replenished itself until level 17.
Even while going through evolution!

[Amazing technique. When I could do that, I had long since escaped the level where I could level up continuously like that…….] (Erta)

[There’s no function like that. That’s a cheat.] (Erta)

Obviously, Yu IlHan also couldn’t do something monstrous like that. No matter how he became able to wield mana, this was something entirely different.

“This is a lot of mana, can I use all of it?”

“Then I want to kill that next!”

The target Yumir pointed to was a wolf monster that just charged out of the gate. Yu IlHan saw through its level instantl.
That, was a 3rd class. One that had a level over 110.

In this place, excluding Yu IlHan, only the clan masters of the Front Line Alliance would be able to kill it on a 1 vs 1 fight. And they would need the higher ranked weapons that Yu IlHan had sold.

“Even so, you’re still 1st class…….”
[Who’s talking about who here?] (Erta)

Spoke Yu IlHan in worry, but he could only close his mouth at Erta’s remark. Thinking back, he did indeed kill a 3rd class monster when he was still 1st class! Was it just that? There was a time the had to instakill 3rd class monsters for his 2nd class advancement quest,

“…..That’s true.”
“I can kill it!”

He didn’t think much of it when it was himself in the scene, but how could he think so differently when it came to Yumir… Yu IlHan finally realized that he was a freak. Compared to what he did until now, his realization came too late.
Liera spoke while looking at the two with loving eyes.

[How can the father and son be so similar.] (Liera)
“Don’t say what my mom used to say many times!”

Both the father and son couldn’t be happy when hearing that line! Yu IlHan fueled that rage into his hand and lightly grabbed Yumir’s hand again.

“Yes, Mir. Let’s kill it.”

Yumir gathered the mana that was boiling inside his body, and the mana that was circling around it onto his index fingertip again.

[Yumir’s skill, Concealment, has become level 30. The skill’s power becomes stronger due to the increase in the resonance between the rider.]
[Yumir’s skill, Mana rule, has become level 17.]

Keeping concealment while gathering mana into one place let the skill proficiency rise like mad. Even after considering that, the growth of the skill was too fast. As expected of the talent of the son of the pancosmic loner. Shit.

Sweating hard, Yumir condensed the mana. Perhaps because it wasn’t just the mana he possessed, the bullet that took a longer time to form than last time had become a magic bullet that was worth waiting for to form.

“Good, Mir. Let’s just leave that guy from last time, and go with another one.”

“A stronger one.”

The guy that Yumir pointed to last time had already charged against the lightning fence and was being weakened due to various attacks. Yu IlHan instead pointed towards a black wolf that looked like it would be easily over level 120.


Yumir flicked his finger and shot the bullet.
The bullet pierced through its head as if it were natural, and entered the gate as it seemed like it still had remaining power.


The father and son tilted their heads simultaneously. Anyway, since the wolf died instantly, Yumir’s concealment wore off once again along with an explosive level up, and Yu IlHan had to leap upwards in order to conceal themselves again.

[Yumir’s has become level 31.]
[Yumir’s skill, Mana rule, has become level 20. He can now steal insignificant amount of mana from another person’s magic.]

Yumir laughed in rejoiced and clapped. Tens of mana crystals formed and floated around him.

“I got loads of mana again!”

As Yumir’s magic stat increased considerably at each level up, the overlapped mana was headache-inducing. Yu IlHan thought in expectation that he might be able to get his son to go through the 2nd class advancement today.

However, his expectations had to die down. The moment Yu IlHan and Yumir landed on the ground, a black-haired man with frightening aura rushed out from the gate.

“A man? He isn’t human.”

Looking at the man that clearly looked like a 4th class, the humans finally thought that what should come had come as they gritted their teeth, Yu IlHan raised his hand to activate what he had prepared, and Yumir seemed to think that that guy was impossible for him and activated concealment to its limits while trying to dig into Yu IlHan’s embrace but was blocked by the armor.

At that moment.

“Please forgive us for not recognizing your almighty existence as a dragon, and please help us!”

Spitting out words that only Yu IlHan could understand, the man immediately kneeled and bashed his head on the ground.

The situation was going in a direction that nobody had expected.

Author’s notes

Mir is a genius! He does take after his dad, hahahaha! Even though dad and son being similar definitely isn’t an insult, mothers always pick out the worst parts of the two… They probably have a lot of good points in common too! Probably! Insane senses that recognized a dragon even though it was a mere wind bullet! It’s not really a bait. He just has good senses!

Translator’s notes

1. OP Gear

3. Both.

MC is currently 3, Mir is currently 2… will become 3.

Adding on,

5. Be a dragon

Translator’s yet another addition:
6. All of the above.




Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu




  If you haven’t realized, MC is doing the aiming 
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