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Chapter 109: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 1


“Calm down first.”

Yu IlHan wanted to calm down himself first, but said that anyway.

[Oh, sorry for raising my voice.]

Kang MiRae also became calm after realizing that she was shouting. Yu IlHan confirmed again.

“So the connection was there before, right?”

[However, when we entered today to clean it again, it was irreversibly worsened. Feyta, the guardian angel of Na YuNa judged that at least 5 weeks had passed after the connections.]

If the connection happened just after they cleaned it, then the Lightning God clan would of course be annoyed and feel a sense of loss.

However, Yu IlHan himself was relieved after hearing that, since at least, this didn’t mean that it wasn’t due to Yu IlHan coming back to Earth.

Objectively thinking about it, even though there were no relationship at all between the two events, he was about to get into a serious depression because of it. Yu IlHan was no god that carried disasters, and it would be nonsensical for the Earth to become noisy just because of his return.

Since his delusions were over, it was now time for countermeasures. Yu IlHan glanced at the elves that were dismantling dragonkin before asking Kang MiRae.

“Are you at the scene?”

“Front Line Alliance?”

Kang MiRae’s monstrous connections were nothing new, but he did mind about a new word that was mixed in her words. Kang MiRae lowered her voiced and explained.

[You can think of it as a connection between the 26 clans that traded higher standard weapons with you. Since the growth of these clans can only be faster than the others…]

[…….We’ll wait for you.]

He finished his call and lifted his head. The elves, who just finished dismantling a dragonkin and was classifying them into parts, looked at him to ask what was going on.

“The situation has changed.”

Said Yu IlHan to the elves.

“I’ll give you your equipments first. And I’m sorry since you just started, but I think you will have to go into battle first.”
“We waited for those words!”

The shield warrior Jirl, rejoiced while putting away the dismantling knife. Seeing that the others have similar expressions, Yu IlHan laughed and confirmed with Erta who was making a strange expression on top of his head.

“Any info from Heaven?”

“Calm down. You can give us quests and rewards.”

Erta was worried that Yu IlHan alone may as well rob the entire storage of Heaven, but it wasn’t that she could stop what was happening now even if she did worry.
While she was sighing, YU IlHan continued.

“I think I should tell Liera to look after the house and Mir. I can’t bring a level 1 kid to a place where who-knows-what can come out.”

“Am I some kind of lion?”

Soon, he was informed of the exact location through the messenger. Along with that, he looked at the photo of the scene, and there was a dungeon gate that looked like it would explode at any moment. However what was more overwhelming was the Lightning God Clan that deployed their forces after having cleaned out everything around the gate.

“Human activity can be amazing.”

“If it’s here, what’s the prices of those buildings? And there are, let’s see, one, two, three……”
[I think it’s about time that you stop thinking like a peasant!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan confirmed the place and distributed the equipment for the elves to equip, and gave an extra mask to Paté and Phiria as they did not wear helmets.

“Don’t take it off. You will cause a mess.”
“Yes, sir!”

Two elves who obediently wore their masks without asking why, and another two elves whose faces couldn’t be seen due to their helmets. Good, perfect.

“If we arrive at the scene, first wait quietly and you just have to do what I do. If I fight, you fight, and if I move, you follow me. No problems here, right?”
“Yes, sir!”

One human, an angel on his helmet and the four elves immediately left the workshop and started moving.

The night of the city was very noisy, and that was very ironic. Currently, there was a potential disaster in Korea, and in fact, not far from this place, but these people were laughing and chatting without a care in the world.

“Oh my god. We’re wearing such a sturdy and heavy armor, but our speed increased instead of decreasing!”
“Jirl, shut up.”

The elves were delighted at the performance of the equipments Yu IlHan gave them, but in fact, there were slight differences.
This was simple, as because their weapons were all legend ranked, but their armor were split into unique and legend ranks. They were amazing as expected of Yu IlHan’s creation, but they couldn’t help but feel unsettled slightly. However, since Jirl boasted about his armor so blatantly, no wonder did it feel so bad.

At that moment.

“Uh? Your Majesty!”

Yu IlHan, who was listening to the conversation between his subordinates, thought that he should develop more skills in processing leather and cloth and made a bitter smile, when a flash appeared in a direction they were going.

“Did you see that? Is something happening again? Is it the news?”

The people who were walking on the night roads also whispered to each other after looking at the pillar of light. Some of them looked like their drunkenness disappeared as they urgently called somewhere.

The pillar of light only appeared for a moment, but Yu IlHan was sure. That, was the lightning that only Kang MiRae could make on Earth.
The pillar of light that purposely lowered destructive power and increased the luminescence, a signal saying ‘It’s here!’. Her magic control skills were really no joking matter.

Although not at the level of Yu IlHan who massacred all dragonkin in Dareu, it seemed that she grew in her own way during these three months. Of course, it was probably also due to the legend ranked staff he gave her.

“Amazing ability there. Your Majesty, are there many people at that level on Earth?”
“It’s a problem because there aren’t. Let’s hurry.”

They exited the city and rushed straight to where the pillar of light was emitted from. Soon, Yu IlHan could feel several presences of people. Kang MiRae did say she called a lot of people, but it seemed her influence was not something to scoff at.


The elves were proficient in gathering information through their sight, hearing, or smell as they lived in hiding for so long. Naturally, their levels of sensing presences were almost at the level of Yu IlHan’s.

“So there aren’t that many skillful people.”

“We are arriving soon.”

They immediately became silent and gathered towards Yu IlHan. It was to receive the effects of his concealment.

They arrived at the place where the civilians were prohibited from entering. Although this would be meaningless once monsters started pouring out……. Yu IlHan laughed bitterly and crossed that line with the elves.

There were many monsters that created dungeons with their own power, but most dungeons occurred from the Traps of Destruction that the angels made. As the angels weren’t idiots, they scattered those Traps of Destruction in places without much human presence, but this time, the dungeon at the center of this incident coincidentally and unluckily happen to be near a city.

Of course, it must have been very well known that a dungeon was nearby, but whether it was because of money, age, or other unavoidable circumstances, there were a lot of people who couldn’t leave their homes and move to another place.
However, through this incident, they would have no choice but to leave their homes, since while some military personnel were evacuating civilians, some were also clearing out those houses for good.

“Can we not approach at all?”

A familiar voice. It turned out to be Michael Smithson, the clan master of Metal Knights. A slightly tired female voice answered that question. It was the clan master of the Magic Dragon clan, Takagaki Asuha.

“We saw a lot of gates that looked like this before, in the Kantou region. I mean, on the day the Dungeon Wave occurred. You get what I mean, right?”

There were no idiots in that place that did not understand that a Dungeon Break was about to happen.

“The gate may open at any moment, and entering now is no different from suicide. Although we had to escape due to the possibility of losing our lives when we were scouting, there were at least 30 thousand 2nd classes and over 200 3rd classes from what we’ve seen. What we should be aware of is that this is only a small portion. It’s plenty difficult to fight against such numbers, we can’t fight in an environment that will leave them with an advantage.”

A cool-headed and fluent English. It was definitely Kang MiRae’s voice. At that point, Yu IlHan and the four elves could enter the vast clearing that the clans had cleared out, but no one in that place could notice Yu IlHan’s arrival due to his concealment.

“Honestly, it’s good for us to fight more safely…… Isn’t this your counter, miss Kang? You’re quite cold-hearted.”
“We’re evacuating the civilians even now. Moreover, even if there are civilian casualties, if we lost a member of the Lightning God Clan in this place, then we’d be courting a bigger disaster in the future. I have to be cool-headed as the leader.”

Of course, I have no intentions of allowing any civilian casualties, she added.

The firm will contained in a cold voice. No matter how stubborn and self-righteous Michael Smithson was, he couldn’t help but have a positive attitude towards her. Yu IlHan could see Kang HaJin stopping him from talking with Kang MiRae any further. Na YuNa was all smiles as always on the side.

“Shit, I really want Susanoo to appear now.”

The Front Line Alliance here were all members that saw Susanoo’s heroism from the side. It was natural that there were voices that looked for Susanoo.”

“I’m not sure. Honestly, there were quite a lot of incidents before, although none of them were as big as this. However, we couldn’t find his figure anywhere, and that means….. Either he’s stuck doing something in the other world he went to, or he died, no?”

“It’s fortunate that you took it as funny. Of course it’s a joke. He isn’t someone to die just because someone killed him.”

“Susanoo, huh.”

Paté, who could now understand human speech thanks to the artifact, whispered to Yu IlHan in a slightly excited voice.

“From their words, it seems like the one called Susanoo is the strongest on Earth. Although he won’t be stronger than you, Your Majesty, but it seems he’s quite good!”

“As expected of Your Majesty! You’re respected even among humans!”

The elves, who underwent strict training during the past few days, all opened their eyes in flattery. It was sad that none of that worked on Yu IlHan, though.

At that moment, new people arrived on the already packed clearing.

“129 people of Bump Clan is here. The gate hasn’t opened yet, right?”
“58 people of Caycicle Clan has also arrived. We couldn’t stay still since it’s Korea where Vanguard is situated in.”

They were all at least of 2nd class. The higher levelled ones even looked to be around level 80. The Magia Clan’s clan master did say a lot of things happened on Earth, but from how their levels were so high, it seemed she was right.

“We’ll widen the clearing! For the clans that just arrived, please go to where we direct you!….. YuNa.”
“Uhh yeah. I’ll call my younger uncle now. I just have to clear out that apartment complex and widen the clearing right?”

Just with Kang MiRae and Na YuNa’s decisions, hundreds of billions of won (≈hundreds of millions of dollars) were instantly gone. Yu IlHan watched the scene where huge buildings were being destroyed by the ability users and could come to a conclusion that it was a wise decision to sell them weapons.

“Careful not to clash with other people.”
“Yes, sir!”

Ordering the elves, Yu IlHan took out his phone and messaged Kang MiRae.

[I have arrived.]

Kang MiRae, who was having a conversation with others seemed to have felt the vibration as she took out her phone to check it. A smile appeared on her lips after checking Yu IlHan’s message.



Ignoring Na YuNa, Kang MiRae tapped on her phone. Yu IlHan’s phone rang.

[You should’ve seen when you came here, but the dungeon will open soon. According to Feyta’s words, the dungeon will not assimilate with Earth instantly and that monsters will come out from the dungeon endlessly. Is there anything else you’re wondering about or anything we can help you with?]

There is. Yu IlHan smiled lightly and tapped on his phone once more.

[I’ll leave the directing to you, and prepare the strongest lightning magic you have. And you can shoot once you feel it’s necessary.]

Although his request may have sounded a little weird, Kang MiRae acknowledged right away before leaving the control of the situation to Kang HaJin and started to prepare her magic. Seeing that the quick witted Na YuNa buffed her from the side, Yu IlHan smiled.

“Teehee. Such simple women.”
[Can’t you fix that habit of speaking like a villain, sheesh?] (Erta)

There were some weapons he had made while considering battle on Earth while he had some spare time in Dareu. Special weapons made using dragonkin corpses in which all sorts of magic dwelled! And with Kang MiRae’s support, one of them would see the light today.
Thinking about what that may cause, Yu IlHan couldn’t help but laughing.

Yu IlHan didn’t think that he himself was the god of disaster, but if he checked his face on a mirror, then he wouldn’t be able to deny that.

At this moment, he was indeed a god of disaster.
A god of disaster that ushered disaster not towards humans, but towards monsters!

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