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Were we going to die in the maze?

The ice crystals in the mouth of the cold monster condensed into a ten-foot ice sword, which shimmered in the coldness. Leng Yuexiao seemed to see the fierce face of the cold monster and the ice sword of it moved towards Leng Yuexiao to spur she in a flash.

Leng Yuexiao smashed the strings with full force, and the golden musical notes immediately condensed into a protective shield. She did not stop, but continued to endure the pain from the fingertips, and a large number of musical notes flew out to form the second shield in front of she.

It was already all she could do at this moment.

To her surprise, suddenly, a trembling shadow appeared in front of her.

Song Ning!

As Song Ning just showed up, he was stared by the cold monster. Turning its head towards Song Ning, it spitted out decades of ice cones rushing to him.

Leng Yuexiao clenched her teeth and endured the fierce pain on her fingers, plucking the strings again.

Buzz... buzz...

Two string sounds came, which were formed as Leng Yuexiao broke through her limit. The dozens of ice cones were shot down and at the same time, the ice sword slammed into the shield in front of her.


The second shield was broken in a blink and so was the ice sword.


Without the sharp point, it smashed into the first golden shield in front of Leng Yuexiao. The shield began to tremble and only in a moment, it was about to crash.

Leng Yuexiao continued to recede. The cold light reflected on her face, making her face paler.


The ice sword was fully crashed into crystal pieces, at the same time, the golden shield disappeared. Leng Yuexiao fell down on the ground, running out her energy. In the finally, she could only hear a weak voice from Song Ning, "sister Leng!"

Leng Yuexiao fell to the ground, and without the support of spiritual energy, her body was frozen.

The cold monster seemed to be very satisfied with the two front hooves slamming on the ground a few times, then turning to look at Song Ning. When seeing Song Ning, it couldn't help but laughed.

Because Song Ning had no breath at this moment. In the eyes of the cold monster, he was not as good as Leng Yuexiao. Having just arrived here, he was frozen to death without being attacked.

At the moment, in Song Ning's body....

A golden liquid flowed through his bones, filling Song Ning's entire body in a flash. And the heart that had stopped beating suddenly slammed.

There were seven levels of the Magic Taoist Scripture.

First, rebuilding those without spiritual energy.

Second, absorbing icy coldness to froze one's bones.

Third, reviving to open the tianmen.

The last four levels were maintained to be introduced later. And for the first three, if they were completed by someone, he would be regarded as the real beginning of the cultivation of the Magic Taoist Scripture. Even the half of it was a rare martial skill in the world.

Song Ning had been reinvented by the Magic Taoist Scripture before. He just took the icy coldness and had already frozen the bones to death. So, the third level of the Magic Taoist Scripture was reached to enable him to return to life.

Open the tianmen!

The so-called Tianmen was the superior souls of the warriors. When the superior soul was opened, one would be re-created to understand what was difficult for normal people to cultivate the Magic Taoist Scripture.

Song Ning slowly opened his eyes and did not felt cold no longer. He felt that there was scriptures in his body, which flashed to disappeared. Although he did not remember a sentence, he felt that the scriptures had been engraved in his heart.

suddenly, he remembered that he was deep in the River Bottom Maze, then he looked at Leng Yuexiao.


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