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Song Ning felt that the spiritual energy in his body had become more and more difficult to mobilize, and even to light up the road become extremely difficult as well.

The spiritual energy went out, only lighting up a zone of one square foot.

Song Ning walked sideways in a narrow passage with less than two feet width, and his body was already covered with a layer of frost.

He breathed heavily. It seemed that this coldness could freeze the organs in his body. A feeling of death arose spontaneously. But at this moment, even the death could not activate Song Ning's mood, because his thoughts seemed to be frozen, too.

His eyes were closed.

Opened again.

The sight became blurred, and it turned out that his eyes could not be completely opened.

Song Ning did not know, at this moment, he was almost at the end of the maze.

Out of the River Bottom Maze, everyone was in silence. Just as about two hours had passed, on the left stone tablet, the black spot representing Song Ning was actually next to the end point. But as for the stone tablet on the right, Leng Yuexiao was just reaching the maze's end.

"Brother Song was only a bit slower than sister Leng, he is really powerful!"

"I don't know what reward was given. It's said that having passed the maze, one can be rewarded with great treasure."

All score disciples was excited. In their views, the challenge of this time had ended.

The Red Maple Taoist beside them was not happy at the moment. She knew that the maze was not so easy when seeing Leng Yuexiao being stuck in the two-thirds obstacle. Just now as she saw Song Ning's progress surpassed Leng Yuexiao, she was really shocked. But fortunately, Leng Yuexiao had chased back.

"The guardian monster at the end is a bit stronger than Xiaoxiao. However, as long as Song Ning does not make a bad attack for her, she could defeat it." Red Maple Taoist thought. However, the strength of the guardian monster she inferred was in the situation in which only one person entered.

Suddenly, the earth trembled.

The guardian monster appeared.

In the maze, Song Ning, whose eyelids were almost incapable of opening, suddenly felt such a shock, and his energy suddenly recovered a lot. At this moment, he could not see the end of the maze, but he could hear sound of fight from the end.

The fight was very intense, and at the same time, the temperature inside the maze dropped again.

At the terminal of the maze, Leng Yuexiao's golden robe smashed in front of the guardian monster, and she was like a doll of it.


The guardian monster blew a gust of snowy wind rolling into Leng Yuexiao.

Leng Yuexiao stepped back and showed a heavy mood between her browns:"This place is extremely cold and the guardian monster is a cold monster as well. With the temperature dropping sharply, I will absolutely be defeated if a long battle as I can't stand any more coldness."

At the moment of the retreat of Leng Yuexiao, a guqin appeared in her hand. She squatted on the ground and plucked its strings seemly causally.

The sounds of the string flew out under the blessing of spiritual energy. The golden spiritual energy, like musical notes, flied in groups to the guardian monster. It sometimes turned into a sword, sometimes became a shield, constantly attacking, and constantly defending.

Qinqin skill was the strongest martial skill of Leng Yuexiao. But with her current cultivation, she could only use it for half an hour within a month, so she did not use it before.


The guqin skill was once again transformed into a shield in front of Leng Yuexiao. But the golden shield was nearly collapsed, and she was slammed back on the ground.

The temperature was getting lower and lower, and the strength of the guardian monster was getting stronger and stronger. However, the spiritual energy that Leng Yuexiao could mobilize was less and less.

"It's just an cold monster in the early days of the spirit gathered period. But in this environment, its strength was far superior to mine..." Leng Yuexiao sighed. She didn't want to give up, but if she didn't give up at the moment, she would definitely die, and if she was dead, Song Ning could not live as well.

Leng Yuexiao could not help sighing. Facing the rapid attack of the cold monster again, she took a deep breath, ready to crush the switch that was already prepared in the hand. After the River Bottom Maze was opened, only this switch could close it from the inside.

However, just after she pressed the switch, she found that the switch failed. And the cold monster's energy was about to be completed, leading the surrounding temperature dropping again. The cold monster seemed to freeze everything into ice.

Leng Yuexiao was scared, which was the first time she had felt the death in her life...

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