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Leng Yuexiao was in a coma at the moment. As he felt the breath of her, he relieved.

Seeing that Song Ning returned to life, the cold monster spitted out a frosty breath.

If this breath fell on Song Ning, he would be frozen into a hail. But at this moment, the bronze mirror in the storage ring of Song Ning suddenly lighted up.

The bronze mirror flew out of the storage ring, and illuminated copper light which was unremarkable. But as soon as it touched the cold monster, it began to become smaller, and then directly inhaled by the bronze mirror.

Wasn't this bronze mirror left by adopted father? Why did it suddenly appear, and how could it have such ability?

Just in a blink, the bronze mirror returned to Song Ning's hand, and Song Ning sat in the same place, still in shock.


A beam of unknown light shined in the maze, and it suddenly turned bright.

In the center of the maze, a treasure box appeared, surrounded by a burst of spiritual energy. No one knew what treasures were in it.

Song Ning got up and came to the front of the treasure box. It floated in the air, waiting for Song Ning to receive it. However, Song Ning suddenly stopped reaching out his hand.

He turned to look at Leng Yuexiao lying in the corner, looking at her quiet face, her slender figure, and her red-stained palms.

Song Ning did not know how he died and resurrected. To be precise, Song Ning did not know that he had died.

He remembered that Leng Yuexiao injured her fingers for saving him. He remembered the purpose of Leng Yuexiao's challenge was the final treasure.

Song Ning walked to the side of Leng Yuexiao, and pushed her gently.

The temperature of the maze briefly returned to normal, and the frost on Leng Yuexiao's body surface disappeared. Her eyelashes trembled, and the eyes opened.

It was Song Ning. Leng Yuexiao was relieved when she saw that Song Ning was not dead. Both of them were still alive, just…

Leng Yuexiao suddenly bounced off the ground and watched in the direction of the cold monster.     

 "Song Ning, that cold monster…"

"I don't know what's going on, either. The cold monster was gone. Sister Leng, are you okay?" Song said.      

Leng Yuexiao was doubtful, but at the moment there was no cold minster. Then she looked at the center, a treasure box still floated there, so the doubts in her heart were scattered. 

"Why don't you take the treasure box?" asked Leng Yuexiao.

"This is your challenge, the treasure box is also your purpose, and just now you saved me, I will not take the treasure box." Song said.

Leng Yuexiao felt warm in her heart: "Take the treasure box first. Let's go out and say."

"Well." Song Ning said.

Leng Yuexiao quickly got up and took the treasure box. Just at the moment when the treasure box was taken, the two people felt a vortex suction, and the next moment they appeared outside the maze.

When the two of them appeared, all the disciples were cheering. They didn't care who actually got the treasure. They cared about the ranking that appeared on the stone tablet.

The Nineth!

Since the opening of the Tianhe City, they hads been ranked the ninth.
Compared with these disciples, the Red Mapple Taoist was more excited. She thought that this treasure must be obtained by Leng Yuexiao, so the higher Leng Yuexiao was ranked, the more she was happy. At the same time, she was relieved to see that Song Ning was not dead. If Song Ning died, wasn't the Magic Taoist Scripture gone?

However, although Song Ning did not die, the punishment was necessary. If he did not come, it would not be so difficult for Leng Yuexiao to pass. However, having not opened her mouth to blame him, she heard that Leng Yuexiao expressing thanks to Song Ning with smile: "Song Ning, thank you." 

For a while, the cheers were more heated...

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