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The voice of Leng Yuexiao was resounded in the River Bottom Maze. When Song Ning was distracted by the the voice, the Fire Monster suddenly spitted a beam of blame, making the whole path be fired, and Song Ning was surrounded by the fire as he had no time to escape.

The high temperature scorched his body hair all of a sudden. But at the moment when his skin was about to be burned, he felt a sense of coolness.

This protective coolness was come from Song Ning's inner body through his pores.

It was formed after the poisonous insect was swallowed by his meridians. Provoked by the fire, the coolness was emitted to resist it.

When the coolness and the flames confronted, Song Ning leaned forward and waved his fist to the Fire Eudemon.

The Fire Eudemon was created according to the challenger's cultivation. Because Song Ning just showed a cultivation of the first level of qi gathered period, the strength of the Eudemon was only equal to the second level of qi gathered period of human warriors. It had no other threat to Song Ning, except for the fire, and which had already been punched dismissing.

The fire was out, and Song Ning's clothes became wet. The sense of burning disappeared and the coolness left only.

"Sister Leng." Song Ning did not stop moving forward and shouted.

Now, at another place in the maze, Leng Yuexiao was battling with her Fire Eudemon. The voice just now was shouted out when the Eudemon attacked she.

Leng Yuexiao seemed to hear Song Ning's voice. Then she stepped backwards rapidly and said loudly:"Wait for while, Song Ning. I will go to help you after I defeat this Eudemon."

Song Ning can recognize Leng Yuexiao's location as well as the bad condition from her voice. So, he did not reply to her but walked towards her in a fast speed.

Leng Yuexiao was at the other side of the maze, so if Song Ning intended to meet her, he would must arrive the terminal first.

The terminal of their challenge was the midpoint of the maze. Seen from above, the maze was just like a bagua array with eight entrances and paths, which was capable for eight people to enter at the same time.

It was a bagua mirror, falling down at this place from Jiutian long long ago. It happened to fall in the river and directly drained the river into a maze.

It would spend too many resources to open it once so that it had not been fully opened so far. Therefore, people thought that only one person could enter the maze, at most two. But in fact there could be as many as eight people at the same time.

There were two obstacles in the maze. The first was the Fire Eudemon, which was fair to everyone, because the strength of the eudemon was determined by the warrior's cultivation.

Song Ning had already passed the first obstacle easily.

The second obstacle was at the terminal. When one wanted to go to the eye of the maze- bagua mirror at the terminal, there would be a guardian monster. The guardian monster had a fixed strength that would not change. And that was exactly the time to test one's real strength.

Song Ning quickly walked to the direction of Leng Yuexiao, but the more he went forward, the more difficult it was to walk. The coldness was tingling like a needle, as if it were directly tied to the bone.

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