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At the two end points of the maze, the two people simultaneously lit up the darkness. To their surprise there was nobody else beside them.


The last trace of light disappeared, and the white face was once again drowned by the darkness.


"Is it just that the power that separated me from sister Leng?" Song Ning whispered, the magic of the maze already made him interested with a desire for craving from his heart, urging him to go to the end.


At this time, Leng Yuexiao understood that this must be caused by the simultaneous challenge of the two people as well. She knew that the danger rate of the maze was not high, so Song Ning should be fine at this moment.


"Just hurry up, Song Ning should be fine." Leng Yuexiao no longer thought about it. She formed a faint spiritual protection and quickly walked deep into the maze.


On the other side of the maze, Song Ning also lifted his foot and walked forward.


Song Ning constantly popped his spiritual energy. At first, the spiritual energy could illuminate a zone of ten square feet. With the advancement, the range in which the spiritual energy could illuminate in the darkness was getting smaller and smaller. After a while, it could only illuminate the front three or four feet.


The spiritual energy was swallowed by the darkness again, and Song Ning stood in front of a three-way joint.


Cold in bone.


Song Ning's whole body was trembling. his hands and feet were already stiff. He breathed heavily. He couldn't see anything at the moment, or he would feel shocked that the white gas he had just exhaled immediately condensed into tiny drops of water, and then formed into ice crystals to the ground.


"It's so cold." Song Ning wanted to warm his hands, but he had no consciousness on his hands.


At this moment, outside the River Bottom Maze.


The disciples kept their eyes on the two stone tablets. The tablet on the left represented Song Ning, and the tablet on the right represented Leng Yuexiao.


Through the movement of the dots on the two stone tablets, they could see the progress of the two people in the maze. On the tablets of Song Ning, although the progress of the dot was slow, it was moving. But on the tablet of Leng Yuexiao, the dot moved fast, but now it had stooped for a long time.


"Sister Leng has stopped in two-thirds of the way for a long time, she must have encountered any obstacles."


"Brother Song is about to reach the two-thirds, and let's see how long will brother Song stop here."


While speaking, the disciples looked at the time at the top of the stone tablets. More than an hour had passed.


The Red Maple Taoist was confused. Normally, after an hour,Leng Yuexiao could pass the obstacle at two-thirds, but now she still stayed there.


"Is it because two people entering? Although the difficulty increases, the final reward will increase. Xiaoxiao, since the establish of Tianhe City school, there has been only one person who completes the maze within an hour. Also a few can complete it within two hours. If you can do it..." The Red Maple Taoist had a sense of expectation in his eyes, but followed with a bit of worry, fearing that Leng Yuexiao would hurt.


"Look, brother Song has also reached at two-thirds." Suddenly, a female disciple cried.


Everyone's eyes fell on the stone tablet on the left.


At the same time, in the maze, Song Ning stopped and looked at the Eudemons that suddenly appeared in front of him.


The one-foot road was occupied completely by the Eudemons. It was like a burning kylin. It had a heavy nose. Every time it took a breath, it would bring a heat wave.


"It's warm!" Song Ning's eyes lit up. Although the Eudemons looked very horrible, Song Ning couldn't feel the any fear of it. He moved his frozen legs and rushed toward the Eudemons, intending to get warm.


However, Song Ning just ran two steps forward, there was a scream from the ahead. The voice was from Leng Yuexiao!

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