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Song Ning saw Zhu Lee and the other people when he came out and they all saw him as well. After a short surprise and silence, Zhu Lee and the other people became speechless and it seemed like they had lost something.


Except for herself, only the master, Red Maple Taoist had ever entered Leng Yuexiao's room, even the elders had not. But now Song Ning came out from it.


Their story developed too fast.


And at this moment, what was Leng Yuexiao doing in her house?


Was she still sleeping because she was so tired last night?


Impossible! Normally, it should be Song Ning that felt tired last night...


"You are early." Song Ning greeted to Zhu Lee and the other people.


"Good morning, good morning, brother Song." they replied with smile immediately. They wanted to know if Song Ning felt awesome last night, but they dared not to ask. As they all knew, even if Song Ning did not mind it, the inside icy Leng Yuexiao must mind their talking about her.


"The house must be finished building within today." Song Ning pointed to those wood not far away and said.


"Do not worry, brother Song. It will be completed today." Zhu Lee and the other people's admiration to Song Ning had reached the extreme.


In Tianhe City, it was not a big deal to become a chief disciple. But to date with Leng Yuexiao was such a difficult thing. And Song Ning not only dated with Leng Yuexiao but also slept over in her house. Even an idiot understood what did this mean.


Leng Yuexiao was a Jiutian fairy in their mind. How couldn't they admire such a man who got the fairy!


They worked hard on Song Ning's house. Watching this, Song Ning did not say any other words.


One day passed.


Song Ning's house was finished building. He thanked Zhu Lee and other disciples, then began to cultivate in his room.


Most of the disciples in Tianhe City took cultivation as their major work, especially Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao. For half a month, they had been cultivated in room.


During the term, there was a story spreading in the whole Tianhe City, that is, Song Ning slept over in Leng Yuexiao's house.


No wind, no wave. No matter it was true or fake, the story had roused a big storm. But the master Red Maple Taoist did not care about it very much.


He knew Lengo Yuexiao too much. She had a cold heart and there were few men who could win her love, not to say her body. So, Red Maple Taoist did not believe these rumors.


There existed someone who did not believe, then there was someone who believed, among which, Fang Yu was the most annoyed one.


When hearing this news, Fang Yu immediately a few disciples who often discussed this thing, making them heavy injured.


After half a month.


In Fang Yu's room, he took out a little bottle with runes on it.


As soon as the bottle was opened, a dark insect that emit icy gas crawled out from it. The insect looked like a beetle. However, it was a poisonous insect Fang Yu raised.


As it just came out from the bottle, it started trembling the tentacles. After a while, it looked towards the two-ring area.


"Sure, this poisonous insect will find Song Ning itself, and the next thing will not need to be worried about. Song Ning, you took my things. I want you to die, want you to be sucked to death by my poisonous insect!" Fang Yu gnashed his teeth with big hatred.


The poisonous insect crawled out along the bottle edge and disappeared in short time.


Fang Yu trembled angrily and took out the paper and the Chinese brush to write a letter. Then he put it on an envelop filled with runes. As he used his spiritual energy, the envelop was fired.


The content of the letter was as follows: It is very likely that Leng Yuexiao is not a virgin now. The stove can not be obtained. Please make other plans, father.


This letter was called "Thousand-mile Letter", within the place of thousand square miles, it could be used for sending messages. Though it was not expensive, not everyone afforded it.


When the letter was fired, the poisonous insect sneaked into the window of Song Ning's room, and a pair of eyes that would not wink stared at Song Ning, just like staring at the prey...


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