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The poisonous insect liked ice as well as icy poison. It flied to Song Ning because his body emit slight icy gas. Though it was not the icy poison, as for the poisonous insect just waken up, it was nice food.


At this moment, Song Ning just finished cultivation and was extremely weak. The poisonous insect rushed to Song Ning all of a sudden. So there was no time for him to avoid and in a blink, the insect directly drilled into his body from his mouth.




Song Ning felt uncomfortable in his stomach. He wanted to vomit but he could not. He felt like something was biting him in his body.


At the same time, in the three-ring area, Fang Yu took the storage ring in his hand:"It is almost the time. Infected with my icy poison, no one could get rid of the poisonous insect during the qi gathered period."


After 15 minutes, Fang Yu walked into the two-ring area, and stepped into Song Ning's room.


In the room, Song Ning was rolling on the ground. Though there was not icy poison, the insect still smashed in his body, causing serious pain of Song Ning.


As Song Ning was in the pain, his room's door was opened.


Fang Yu stood at the door. Looking at Song Ning, he was more sure that the icy poison in Song Ning's body had almost been finished developing and the poisonous insect was eating in happiness.


"Brother Song, you looked in great pain." Fang Yu said with cold smile.


Song Ning was in grimace. But at this moment, the insect in his body bite on his meridian. His meridian was re-built, thus a little poisonous insect could not damage it.


As the insect just bite Song Ning's meridian, the meridian began to shake, directly killing the insect. It disappeared from this world, not leaving any residues.


As Song Ning did not answer his question, Fang Yu could not help laughing:"Leng Yuexiao is my girl. How dare you keep so close to her? Do you know how long our Fang family has planned this stove? Squat, beg me, and I will let you go."


While speaking, Fang Yu leaned down, trying to give several claps on Song Ning's face.




As the claps had not touched Song Ning, outside the room, the voice of Leng Yuexiao was heard:"Fang Yu, who allows you to enter the two-ring area?"


Hearing Leng Yuexiao's voice, Fang Yu immediately sent a stop order to the insect. Though he did not know the situation of the insect, he assured that the insect would accept his order.


After the order, Fang Yu stood up and said:"Sister Leng, I come to visit brother Song.'


At this moment, Song Ning stood up, too. He glimpsed at Fang Yu, assuring that the poisonous insect was raised by him according to what he had said just now. But Leng Yuexiao did not hear those words, so he could not explain to her clearly.


"Sister Leng." Song Ning greeted.


Leng Yuexiao looked at Song Ning and then glimpsed at Fang Yu:"Do you have the right to enter the two-ring area?"


Fang Yu smiled and slightly bowed with a sense of ruthless in his eyes:"Goodbye, sister Leng, brother Song."


While speaking, Fang Yu turned around and left. When he got out of the two-ring area, he smiled in sly.


Though he could not know the situation of the poisonous insect, according to the situation when he stopped the insect, Song Ning recovered immediately, he made sure that the insect was in Song Ning's body so that he could control him.


"Leng Yuexiao, a few days later, I will use Song Ning to cheat you going out, then you will be under my control, too." Fang Yu returned room with sly smile all the way. He seemed to see the shy face of Leng Yuexiao under his body.


In Song Ning's room.


Leng Yuexiao said:"I've been cultivated for this half month. I faced with trouble, being annoyed, so come to you to have a rest."


"I did not expect that you would face troubles." Song Ning said.


"Don't be joking." Leng Yuexiao was always not long for praises, as she was regarded as the god's favoured one. But the praise was from Song Ning. Her face became red with no reasons.


"If you do not dislike, how about coming in and have a sit?" Song Ning said.


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