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Qiu Yue looked at Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao while Leng Yuexiao looked at Qiu Yue. Then they looked at Song Ning at the same time.


"Leng, sister Leng , brother Song ." QIu Yue made greetings immediately.


"You wait for Song Ning here?" Leng Yuexiao turned to Song Ning. The smile on her face disappeared.


Qiu Yue looked at Song Ning as well. She knew her position well and knew that no one in the school could be so close to Leng Yuexiao. There must be something between them.


"I come to see if brother Song find a place to sleep over. Sorry to bother you two." Qiu Yue bowed and went back.


"Qiu Yue, I invite you to visit me tomorrow when my room was completed building." Seeing Qiu Yue went back, Song Ning spoke.


Qiu Yue stopped in surprise and nodded:"Ok, brother Song."


Leng Yuexiao thought Song Ning would be embarrassed. But hearing Song Ning invite Qiu Yue, she smiled at herself. She had thought wrong.


The house of Leng Yuexiao was very large. Her bedroom was at the second floor and the first floor was used for cultivation.


"Song Ning, you can sleep at the first floor. You can leave freely tomorrow. No need to tell me." Leng Yuexiao said.


"Thanks a lot." Song Ning bowed.


Leng Yuexiao went upstairs and left Song Ning at the first floor alone. He looked around and found at the left was a library, in the center was a pill room, at the right was a putuan and in front of him was a screen, behind which was a round pool with water vapor up from it, looked like in the sky.


Arriving at other people's home, Song Ning dared not to walk casually. He came to the putuan and sat under it to cultivate.


The next day, in the morning.


Zhu Lee, Zhou Chang and other people walked into the two-ring area with yawn.


"Brother Lee, do you think brother Song and sister Leng had a good night chatting yesterday?" Zhou Chang asked.


"Of course, have you ever listened sister Leng playing the Guqin? And has she ever played in front of other men? I think sister Leng was falling in love with brother Song."


Hearing the words, the people around showed envy on their faces. They would be excited for several days and became noted if Leng Yuexiao chated with them separately, not to mention Leng Yuexiao played the Guqin for Song Ning in front of him.


"How lucky is brother Song. Just arriving at Tianhe City, he has been picked by sister Leng " A disciple said.


"But brother Song is a poor guy as well." Zhu Lee shook his head.


"Why?" Zhou Chang asked.


Zhu Lee said:"Sister Leng is a cold beauty. Nobody can touch is even much hard to kiss her. Can brother Song stand?"


Hearing these words, Zhou Chang and other people had understood and felt pity for Song Ning.


When they was speaking, Song Ning suddenly came out from Leng Yuexiao's room.

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