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"Brother Song, brother Lee, please wait for a minute. I shall go to bring the menu for you." The girl bowed slightly then turned and went downstairs.


After a while, the girl came back and put the menu in front of Song Ning.


"Brother Song, please order." Zhu Lee said in polite.


"I am not familiar with there. You do." Song Ning said.


"You do please, brother Song" Zhu Lee said again.


Song Ning put the menu in front of Zhu Lee and said:"You do it."


Zhu Lee noticed Song Ning's little anger and opened the menu beginning to order. Not for a while, 5oo spiritual stones was reached. But Zhu Lee continued to ask Song Ning if he liked this or that. It seemed Zhu Lee had not cared about the expense.


It was understandable. Not to mention Song Ning, the chief disciple, just Fang Yu, a secret disciple was not kind to them. Now, they got a good chance to fawn Song Ning, how could they let it go.


The dished was ready very soon. Song Ning did not begin to eat, nor did Zhu Lee and other people. After all dishes were well done, Song Ning started eat.


With several chew, he felt these dishes were distinguished from what he had eaten before.


"Brother Song, the Mountain Viewing Hotel is the only hotel in the Tianhe City. Please make to with it."


"It was delicious. I've never had such good dishes before." Song Ning said.


Zhu Lee was kind of relieved and introduced:"The Mountain Viewing Hotel was establish by an elder of Tianhe City. The staffs are all disciples of Tianhe City. And these dishes are made of the spiritual animals and plants, so they taste good."


"That's it." Song Ning sighed and said. He had never eaten these dishes before, which recalled him of his adopted father, brothers and sisters. It would be great if they could eat.


While Song NIng was thinking, Zhu Lee and other people lifted the wine cups and said:"Brother Song, let me toast you."


Song Ning felt down now. There happened to be wine. He had never drunk before, but now he wanted to be drunk.


"Drink." Song Ning took the cup and drank the wine out.


"Brother Song, such a good drinker. Let's drink another cup." Zhu Lee and other people drank another after Song Ning.


Cup after cup, bite after bite, Song Ning felt much sadder.


The Mountain Viewing Hotel was specially popular and even at the third floor one could hear the noise from the two floors below.


Being around by the noise, Song Ning recalled the memories of the past.


Suddenly at this moment, the whole hotel was in silence.


Under the moon light, a golden light slowly came, in which was a woman whose face was like flowers. She was glamorous, like a Jiutian fairy who had never been to the human's world.


She landed in front of the Mountain Viewing Hotel. And everyone in it looked at her in silence.


Leng Yuexiao? This sister Leng was difficult to see once or twice a year, but would appear on this occasion tonight? Moreover, it was said that since she entered the Tianhe City, no matter who invited, she never came to the Mountain Viewing Hotel. But tonight, she came here with herself.


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