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Hearing these words, Leng Yuexiao looked down at Song Ning and other people. She did not adapt to this two-ring area in which existed unfamiliar people. Interrupted by Song Ning with her thinking, she was not so happy. But when she saw the sincere face of Song Ning, her anger in heart slightly dismissed.


"Perhaps on another day." said Leng Yuexiao.


Song Ning bowed to Leng Yuexiao:"Well, then we shall go now."


Zhu Lee and other people admired Song Ning's free and easy attitude.


Long time ago, in the school, no one dared to invite Leng Yuexiao except for Fang Yu and Leng Yuexiao did not reply a word to him each time. However today, she said "Perhaps on another day" to Song Ning.


This simple sentence "Perhaps on another day" enabled to make all male disciples crazy. But Song Ning did not show any pleasant. This calmness made him unique among the school.


The Mountain Viewing Hotel was located at the border of the three-ring area and the four-ring area. It was the only hotel in Tianhe City.


Under the moonlight, the Mountain Viewing Hotel reflected several beams of white light. Having been seen carefully and closely, it was found a building with only normal materials. It could reflected the light, just because there were mirrors on its debris.


There were three floors of the Mountain Viewing Hotel, in pyramid, with fewest people in the top floor.


As soon as they arrived there, the welcome girls at the gate went to them immediately and said:"Wow, long time no see."


Zhu Lee smiled:"On my treat today."


The girl's waist was extremely soft and when twisting, she possessed a sense of enchanting. She looked at Song Ning in front of Zhu Lee and was surprised to see the golden Taoist robe on him. She guessed this man was the chief disciple who had just been promoted-Song Ning.


"Is he brother Song?" Asked the girl.


"Yes, he is Song Ning brother. It's lucky for you ti see him today. Don't forget toast him later." Zhu Lee said with smile.


The girl replied satisfactorily:"Nice to meet you, brother Song. Your seats have been ready, please follow me. "


Song Ning did not feel angry even if the girl paid more attention to Song Ning.


The Mountain Viewing Hotel was especially popular and noisy. But when Song Ning showed up, everyone became quiet.


They all looked at Song Ning and his Taoist robe shiny in gold with fanaticism in their eyes.


"Song, Song Ning?"


"You find death? How dare you directly call the name of brother Song?"


"Song, I am Sun Mu. Do you remember me? The one who was beaten away by you."


At this moment, the first floor of the Mountain Viewing Hotel became boiled. Maybe due to Leng Yuexiao, the disciples in Tianhe City thought that it was difficult to meet the chief disciples. However today, Song Ning came to the Mountain Viewing Hotel. Did it mean that their taste was the same with him?


Nobody predicted that Song Ning's arrival could cause such big fluctuations. And then, he went to the second floor.


It was the same situation with the first floor when Song Ning arrived at the second floor. What different was that the second floor was a place of dating for many boys and girls. And some girl disciples' admiration to Song Ning in their eyes made the boys around them jealous.


It did not return to the normal until arriving at the third floor.


Zhu Lee introduced to Song Ning:"Brother Song, there are three floors in the Mountain Viewing Hotel and the expense of each floor was different. Now we are at the third floor, its lowest expense is ten time higher than the first floor, that is 500 spiritual stones."


Song Ning looked around and found that the decoration of the third floor was much better than the precious two floors with only these three single room. And today, it was empty in the third floor without anyone but them.


"Is it too much of 500 spiritual stones as the lowest expense?" Song Ning asked.


Zhu Lee waved his hands immediately and said:"No, no, only 500. Compared with the celebration on brother Song, 500 spiritual stones do not value.


Song Ning didn't say any words. He had no idea how rich was Zhu Lee. But as for him, 500 spiritual stones was far more than he could afford.


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