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"Leng, sister Leng, you, you......" The welcome girl suddenly stammered.


The whole hotel was waiting for the voice of Leng Yuexiao in silence.


Leng Yuexiao looked around coldly:"Is Song Ning here?"


"Song, brother Song is at the third floor." The girl suppressed the excitement in her heart. This was the first time she had talked with Leng Yuexiao.


Leng Yuexiao moved slightly and jumped high up like flying, directly to the third floor.


Zhu Lee and the other people had been long slightly drunk. Suddenly seeing Leng Yuexiao, they woke up immediately.


Song Ning was surprised as well. He did not expect that Leng Yuexiao would come.


The others were extremely excited. Among the whole Tianhe City, how many people would be lucky enough to have dinner with Leng Yuexiao? And tonight, Leng Yuexiao was standing in front of them. What did this mean?


At this moment, they extremely admired Song Ning and wondered the scene of dinner with Leng Yuexiao.


"Sister Leng, why you come?" Song Ning was thinking about the affairs of Taihe Mountain and now seeing Leng Yuexiao, he was so sad. It was because of Leng Yuexiao that the Taihe Mountain suffered heavy disaster.


It seemed that LengYuexiao found out Song Ning was in a bad mood. She said slowly and gently:"Leave us alone, please."


Zhu Lee and other people surprised a lot. Leave us alone? Leng Yuexiao came here for Song Ning in particular, to date?


Though in surprise, they immediately realized that they had to do something instead of continuing sitting here. Just in a blink, they all went out, leaving Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao in the third floor.


Leng Yuexiao sat down by another table, looking up at the moon in the sky, and said gently:"Song Ning, I saw hatred from your eyes."


Song Ning did not reply to her, but took the wine up and drank the wine in it out.


"You hate me?" Leng Yuexiao asked.


"If sister Leng lost all of your families because of me, will you hate me?" Song Ning asked.


Leng Yuexiao smiled in peace with regret:"If that, maybe I will do everything possible to kill you."


"Then why ask if I hate you?" Song Ning snorted and added another cup of wine for himself.


Watching Song Ning drank wine cup after cup, Leng Yuexiao felt more guilty. She did not know why she would be annoyed about the death of Song Ning's all families. Maybe it was because she had never experienced this before, or maybe other reasons. It seemed that she could feel Song Ning's sorrow at this moment.


In fact, it was because she absorbed the remained memory from Song Ning's inner body.


"Song Ning, I am sorry about the Magic Taoist Scripture." Leng Yuexiao said with sadness in her eyes.


"Never mind. I'm not stupid. Is it you that help me to gain the nominal position of the chief disciple?"


Leng Yuexiao was shocked:"Why you say that?"


"Earlier, I was beaten away by the Master with a single palm, and then I became a chief disciple. Everyone in Tianhe City knows that I become a chief disciple, but I do not obtain the cultivation resource. In addition to the master's attitude to me and the words you have told just now, I guess sister Leng fought it for me."


Leng Yuexiao laughed and her white teeth were exposed. She did not know what to laugh, but she did laugh.


"why?" Song Ning asked.


"Nothing. Is this Qingling Wine? How does it taste?" Leng Yuexiao asked suddenly.


"Just try it." Song Ning replied.


Leng Yuexiao took a cup of wine for herself, toasting Song Ning and then drank.


This wine tasted light and cool, but made people hot and burned in their body.

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