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"Nonsense!" Red Maple slapped the desk and it nearly smashed to small pieces.


Leng Yuexiao rose from her seat immediately and bowed, "Master, don't be angry. The problem about Song Ning may cause an adverse impact on my Taoist Heart. For a few days, I felt distracted. It was me who led him to suffer from a massacre. But even worse, he would be a disabled man or even die because of me. If I don't do anything good to him, I would feel guilty all my life."


Red Maple gasped for breath and thought for a while. She sighed lightly, "I did something improper on an impulse. As you like, Song Ning will be treated like you in Tianhe City in the following month. I will announce his promotion to secondary chief disciple by breaking conventions tomorrow."


Leng Yuexiao felt relieved, "Thank you for helping me take a load off my mind, master."


"Well, as long as you cultivate hard, what I do are trifles. His destination one month later was preordained. We just do something to make it up to him and accumulate merits." After Red Maple finished saying, she raised the blockade on Leng Yuexiao's room.


The next day.


While Qiu Yue was still absorbed in the sex with Fang Yu, she was summoned by the master. Getting dressed quickly, she came to the master.


The master casted a glance at her and realized what she had done just now, but she didn't care, "Go to the wood room and get Song Ning to come over, then announce Song Ning's promotion to secondary chief disciple of Tianhe City. "


Qiu Yue went limp and nearly fell to the ground.


"Uh?" The master frowned.


"I…I …will arrange for it." Qiu Yue turned her back in panic and left.


Out of the palace, Qiu Yue got cold feet and felt dizzy with her eyes suffused with tears. How did Song Ning become a chief disciple overnight? As a chief disciple, he would have superior status to Fang Yu. If he knew about the elixir of cold poison, he…


When she was at a loss what to do, Fang Yu came.


Fang Yu walked next to her, "What's up with the master? Why do you look so flurried? "


As soon as she saw Fang Yu, she couldn't hold back her tears, "We are finished, brother Fang, Song Ning is promoted to chief disciple!"


"Don't make me laugh, if he was a chief disciple, I would be a master." Fang Yu sneered.


"The master summoned me because of it. That's what she said." Qiu Yue was annoyed.


Fang Yu choked because she didn't seem to play a trick. He was taken aback, but then he spoke with a faint sneer hung on his lips, "Song Ning is promoted to chief disciple. What a happy event, I will celebrate his promotion later."


"Fang Yu, you…" Qiu Yue was a little muddled.


"Qiu Yue, you should be careful. What did you feed Song? Oh, no, brother Song." Fang Yu asked.


Qiu Yue's face turned deathly pale, "Fang Yu, what do you mean? Do you kick out me?"


"Sister, I don't understand what you're saying. Well, forget it. After all, your status is different from mine, and it's normal that we have trouble communicating. I'd better buy some Spiritual Wine and visit brother Song, I will not stay more." After speaking, he turned away.


Qiu Yue plumped down to the ground, but no one took pity on her. The man who manipulated her in bed last night walked away and took no responsibility for anything


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