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Afraid as Qiu Yue was, she had to deliver the message at that time.


However, when she came to the wood room, it was empty like her heart.


She got out hurriedly and met several disciples in purple. She bowed immediately and asked them whether they had seen Song Ning.


Brother Lee, as one of these disciples, said, "Qiu Yue, we seen Song Ning last night, but he went toward the sixth-ring area. After all, he is not qualified to be here."


"Thank you, brother." Qiu Yue bowed and left quickly.


At the moment, Song Ning was cultivating in his room. A sudden knock on the door sounded, and he waked up from Meditation.


"Song Ning, are you here?" Qiu Yue asked.


When Song Ning heard the voice, he knew it was Qiu Yue. In his heart, a chill flashed away. "Qiu Yue, what's up?"


Qiu Yue found that Song Ning was at proper fitness, she let out a long breath. "Song Ning, I have good news. You are promoted to secondary chief disciple by the master. In the school, you and sister Leng are only inferior to the master and the elder."


Song Ning didn't believe her, "Oh, good news."


He returned to sit on his hard bed, "If so, I should continue to cultivate. There is no need for you to tease me. Well, did you feed me something last night? Though I have a humble life, not all people can bully me. You fed me a piece of elixir without permission. Aren't you afraid that the master would know it?"


After hearing Song Ning's words, Qiu Yue knelt down with a flop. She didn't expect that she would kneel down. But she was so scared, and her legs were too weak because of excessive indulgence last night. After kneeling down, she took advantage of the opportunity and said, "Brother Song, Fang Yu was behind it. He is handsome and he boasts high cultivation. I have adored him for a long time. Last night, he said he planned to fix you and gave me a piece of elixir. I was wrong. I beg you to show mercy on me."


Song Ning originally wanted to complain. He didn't expect that Qiu Yue would kneel down and call him "Brother Song". Was she telling the truth? Did the master promote him to secondary chief disciple?


If not, Qiu Yue would not kneel down and tell about Fang Yu's trick.


Remembering what happened yesterday and today, Song Ning's mouth outlined the shadow of a smile.


He had smiled yesterday and he smiled today as well. However, his status changed.


He had smiled with bitterness and irony yesterday but he laughed with happiness today.


"He asked you to do it, so you did it?" Song Ning asked.


Qiu Yue bit her lip and closed the door with her chest heaved fast. She came to Song Ning on her knees with her head thrown back. A pretty face appeared in the line of Song Ning's sight. She pulled her neckline hard, after which her breast was exposed to Song Ning's eyes.


"Song Ning, I …I can hardly make it up to you. If you can, you own me in the future." She made a tough decision that she could not be evicted from Tianhe City and she could not die. Before that, she believed Fang Yu would love her if she made him happy. However, she was wrong. She was manipulated by Fang Yu and she even lost her virginity which was critical to a female cultivator. She understood her body was not valuable. If she can coax Song Ning into feeling good and assure her security, she would devote her body without hesitation.


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