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The wood room at which Song Ning had stayed before was in the third-ring area. He walked out from the third-ring area and found that the city was much more bustling at night.


This area was brightly lit with happy laughter and voices. Disciples in small groups were eating, talking or competing in techniques, some were even flirting or making love secretly in young forests or in their rooms.


That was….what a cultivation school was all about, but Song Ning had never lived such a life over the past years.


"Perhaps I cannot experience it any more. The master treated me so unfairly because I have half volume of the Magic Taoist Scripture in my body. If it is extracted one day, I will have no right to stay in Tianhe City." He smiled bitterly.


At that time, a disciple in purple saw the ragged Song Ning in white. He frowned, "Are you Song Ning?"


Song Ning bowed immediately as he heard someone calling him, "I am Song Ning."

"Are you qualified to be here? How did you come here?" The disciple in purple questioned.




Song Ning was about to answer, but the disciple waved his hands disgustedly, "You are not qualified to be here. Leave fast. If you are caught by the administrative elder, you would be suffer. Leave fast."


Song Ning's nose twitched but he had to hold back his tears. He said nothing and left quickly. As soon as he left, someone said, "He is so unappreciative, Lee was kind to remind him, but he didn't say a word."


Song Ning was expelled by the so called Lee just now. He pretended to be generous, "Alas, well. If he is appreciative enough, he would not be still a disciple in white. Everyone, ignore him, let's drink."


Hearing that, Song Ning couldn't help laughing.


He laughed with bitterness, helplessness and also irony.


He had lived for sixteen years and remembered things for thirteen years. Thinking of that, he seemed to live in vain. If he hadn't gone out of Taihe Mountain, he would never have known the outside world and people. Supposedly this was the real world and the real cultivation community.


He used to think that he should be very polite to others while others would respect him as well. Unexpectedly, as soon as he came here, he was inferior to others.


When Song Ning was laughed by others, Leng Yuexiao and Red Maple sat face to face in Leng Yuexiao's room in the second-ring area of Tianhe City.


Leng Yuexiao was reflecting on things about Song Ning. She invited her master through the Sound Transmitting Technique and wanted to talk about her plan with the master.


Red Maple looked at her kindly, "Xiao, you invited my here, do you think of something?"


"Master, I…have something to beg you." She rallied her courage.


"Don't say beg. Your father entrusted you to me, which means he trust me, so I will be responsible for you. Your family is far away from here, I am the closest person to you here." Red Maple said slowly.


Amongst people in the school, only Red Maple could hold Leng Yuexiao in the power. Meanwhile, she was only so kind to Leng Yuexiao.


Leng Yuexiao took a deep breath with firmness in her eyes, "Master, the Magic Taoist Scripture will be extracted from Song Ning's body in a month. He would be damaged or lose his life. However, it was caused by me. It is against my conscience. So I beg you to allow him to live a life of ease in this month.

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