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"Brother Fang! Fang! Wow…"


Song Ning was familiar with a few people in Tianhe City, so he recognized her voice at once. She was Qiu Yue while the so called brother Fang should be Fang Yu.


What were they doing?


He stood outside and looked into the room through a half-open window. Two naked people were having sex on the bed with moans and breathings.


After all, he was only a sixteen-year-old teenager. After seeing the scene, he got emotional inside unconsciously. They seemed to do that for a long time. After a while, Fang Yu let out a long breath and Qiu Yue lay in his arms feebly.


"Fang Yu, you let me feed the elixir to Song Ning today, what will happen to him?" She said very prettily.


"Take it easy, you won't be hurt. Song Ning just got cold poison after eating the elixir and the cold poison will be solved during the process of cultivation." As Fang Yu spoke, he rubbed Qiu Yue's body.


Qing Yue answered gently but felt a little guilty about it.


"What? Do you feel sorry for him?" He said coldly.


She was frightened and she felt a tingling in her body which was rubbed by him. She explained quickly, "No, Song Ning is unappreciative. He deserves it."


"Ah-ah, you are so cute." As Fang Yu spoke, he fucked her again.


Actually Fang Yu had a secret. Located in the far polar, Family Fang was committed to poison cultivation. They fed subjects poison. Fang Yu had an unaroused venomous pest which was of cold nature. It liked cold poison. Cultivator was the best carrier to nourish cold poison.


If Fang Yu hadn't seen Leng Yuexiao interceding for Song Ning, he would not have cogitated mischief against Song Ning. After some inquires, Fang Yu knew Song Yu had been adopted and he provoked Red Maple again and again. If Song Ning died, no one would dig into his death.


Fang Yu was making love with Qiu Yue on the bed while he was taking her as Leng Yuexiao. When Song Ning finished nourishing the cold poison, the venomous pest would drain his blood and then arouse. At that time, was Leng Yuexiao still unavailable to him?


Outside Fang Yu's room.


The situation made Song Ning's hair stand on end. He didn't know that he had offended Fang Yu. According to their conversation, obviously Fang Yu and Qiu Yue framed him jointly. He originally thought Qiu Yue was kind, but she, colluding with Fang Yu, fed him a piece of elixir which caused cold poison.


Song Ning was just an ordinary human. Though both Fang Yu and he won in matches, Fang Yu was awarded while he was slapped to coma.


He had nothing against Fang Yu, but the latter used cold poison to hurt him.


Hatred of the enemy, for old and new wrongs, welled up in Song Ning's heart. The idea of an eye for an eye was also a rule in the cultivation process.


He clenched his fists and returned to find his room.


Tianhe City was distributed into six circular areas. The master and the elder lived in the core area; Leng Yuexiao lived in the second-ring area; Fang Yu, the third-ring area; disciples in purple, the forth-ring area; disciples in red, the fifth-ring area; disciples in blue, the sixth-ring area. Disciples in white lived in the utmost parts of the city.

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