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A wood room in Tianhe City.


The elixir dissolved quickly in Song Ning's body. Affected by the elixir in a coma, Song Ning's body began to turn cool.


Just for a while, his body surface froze. He couldn't feel the pain in a coma, but he realized the icy cold was invading his body.


A wisp of rime fog was given off from his body. He was frozen with cold. In a quarter, his internal organs would suffer from permanent damage because of icy cold erosion.


At that time, a light voice sounded in the wood room.


A soul-shaped subject was flying around in the midair. She sensed a faint icy cold suddenly, then she flashed in front of the wood room with her body half-in.


"Oh? Is he the boy who would rather be punished than make an apology?" As the soul spoke to herself, her eyes were filled with surprise.


Icy cold gas! It was too hot, what I really needed was just your icy cold gas!


The soul swooshed into the wood room and floated above Song Ning. Faced with his mouth, she kissed it suddenly.


Though she was a soul, Song Ning felt her touch and warmth in icy cold darkness.


The soul drew a deep breath, thus the icy cold gas in Song Ning's boy was totally sucked by her. After drawing cold gas, her body became half-freezing and she looked like an ice-woman.


"Wow, how wonderful! Well done, young man! I should go to sleep, I will reward you after I wake up." As the ice-woman finished saying, she flashed away.


From beginning to end, Song Ning didn't wake up. When he opened his eyes, he even believed he made a dream.


"Where is…" He felt very weary. He pushed himself up and looked around, "Wood room? How did I come here?"


He recalled what happened in the palace hall.


In the wood room, the sixteen-year-old boy was burning with anger and hatred, "I did nothing wrong but I was punished; I won the match, but I was knocked out instead of awarded."


A stream of golden spiritual gas flowed inside his body, and he made a fast recovery. He got up and walked to the door, looking at the moon hanging in the sky and thinking.


Once upon a time, he felt the moon beside him. The days in Taihe Mountain became clear in his memory while the happy laughter and voices of his adoptive father, brothers and sisters lingered in his ears.


At present, he didn't enjoy the scenery, however, it reminded him of sad things.


Song Ning wanted to leave here for his room, but he got lost.


Compared with Taihe Mountain, Tianhe City was very large and it was unfamiliar to him, so it was normal that he got lost. However, at midnight, it would be helpful to relax if he wandered about a place in which spiritual gas was floating.


Song Ning kept walking. He suddenly saw a small unique two-storey house which was covered by silver moonlight.


Song Ning walked to the small house out of curiosity. As he drew near, some moans sounded from the house.


Song Ning had never heard such sex moan. He felt something stirring his heart, but he quickened his steps.


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