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Fang Yu raised his hand to flip Qiu Yue's hair as he spoke.


Her cheek burned with a crimson heat, "Brother Fang…"


"I'll go out and buy some cakes and spiritual wine later. How about talking with me in my room tonight?" Fang Yu whispered to her.


Qiu Yue felt her ears burning. Though she understood what other sisters usually did in Fang Yu's room, she was fascinated by him.


"Uh, I'll come…" She said in a low voice.


"So, feed it to Song Ning." Fang Yu gave a piece of elixir to her.


Qiu Yue took the elixir and puzzled, "Fang Yu, what's it?"


"Take it easy, it is non-toxic. I just want to teach him a lesson. He made the master so angry that all disciples suffer. Shouldn't he be fixed?"


Qing Yue nodded, "Yes, you are right. He is so unappreciative."


"Now it's over to you, remember to come to my room at night." Fang Yu pinched her cheek gently.


Qiu Yue was secretly pleased and she watched Fang Yu leave. Then she carried Song Ning to the wood room with the elixir in her hand.


Though she had no idea of why Fang Yu said that Song Ning had led to Leng Yuexiao's failure, she agreed that Song Ning had made the master angry indeed. He was just an ordinary disciple and the elixir was not poison. Fixing him could please Fang Yu, so why didn't she do that?


In the wood room, Song Ning lay on the woodpile vaguely.


Qiu Yue saw him lying unconscious. She finally made up her mind and fed him the elixir.


With everything done, she left the wood room quickly.



In late autumn the weather was a little cold. The moon hung in the midair, faintly adding some coldness to the late night.


Leng Yuexiao was placed in confinement. She opened the window and watched the layers of silver waves. She couldn't help sighing in her mind, "Why was the master so angry? She even confined me to the room…"


She had bright eyes, white teeth and tender lips. She raised her delicate hands to tuck her hair behind. Her black hair swept in the wind. A myriad of thoughts crowded into her minds.


"Without me, he would not have been in such a dangerous situation, he might live a life of ease, he would…" Leng Yuexiao found herself very sentimental unconsciously.


Suddenly, she heard a sound of footsteps. Immediately, Red Maple appeared in her room.


"Master." Leng Yuexiao bowed hurriedly.


Red Maple gave a flick of her sleeve and sat on a chair, "Do you know you did something wrong?"


"I…" Leng Yuexiao hesitated.


Red Maple let out a long breath, "Xiaoxiao, the cultivation process is truly filled with fights, during which even brothers and sisters, parents and teachers may become enemies with you. Your indecisive character doesn't work."


"Sorry, master." Leng Yuexiao nodded.


"Xiaoxiao, for the Magic Taoist Scripture, think it carefully. If you cannot find a way in one month, I would refine him forcibly," said Red Maple.


She nodded, "Yes, master."


"Reflect on yourself here. Don't get out." Red Maple swung her arms and left like a sweeping wind.


Leng Yuexiao sat in her room, looking at the moon and sighing. For Song Ning who could only live another month, she felt guilty about it, because it was caused by her.


"Does he wake up?" Leng Yuexiao murmured.


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