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Red Maple laughed in rage, "Well, well, Xiao. I spent a lot of resources acquiring the elixir, aiming to help you recover fast and win the match. I never thought you would give the elixir to a bastard."


Leng Yuexiao looked down and explained, "Master, when I cultivated several days before, I felt distraught, because I caused damage to Song's spiritual root. I didn't want to hurt him and I dreamed to undo my mental block, so I fed the Life Extending Elixir to him. Don't be angry, master, please."


"Hurt him? Mental block? Does his life have anything to do with you? What do you have to do with his cultivation?" Red Maple's voice boomed. If she didn't block the whole palace, her thunderous roar must be heard.


"Master, I…"


"Enough! I would have slapped him to death at once but for half volume of Magic Taoist Scripture inside his body."


Leng Yuexiao neither spoke any more nor did she dare to raise her head.


Red Maple turned to Song Ning. She raised one hand and gave him a heavy blow cross the air. He was slapped down the ground.


He spit out a mouth of blood and lay on his stomach dizzily. His seemed to be torn up and lost consciousness for a moment.


"If you cannot find a way to extract the Magic Taoist Scripture from his body in one month, I would seek another way. I must extract the Magic Taoist Scripture, even it needs me to refine him," Red Maple rebuked angrily.


Leng Yuexiao was unwilling to destroy a life for just half book. If he had to be refined, she might as well extract the Magic Taoist Scripture forcibly. In that case, he had chance to live.


Qiu Yue came from afar. She was ordered by the master, Red Maple, to take Song Ning back, but she met Leng Yuexiao unexpectedly.


"Sister Leng, I come to take Song Ning at the orders of the master." She bowed to Leng Yuexiao.


Leng Yuexiao nodded and then flied away.


Qiu Yue bowed until Leng Yuexiao disappeared, she helped Song Ning up, "Song, I'm so sorry for you. However, the poor person must be utterly detestable. If you had made an apology, you would not have come to a disgraceful end. Others get award, but you are punished. Well, the master said you have no cultivation resources in the future and you should live in the wood house alone."


Qiu Yue carrying him got ready to leave, a sliver figure flashed before her.


"Brother Fang?!" She was startled, because she was one of the admirers of Fang Yu. At this time, Fang Yu stood before her, how could she not feel excited?


Fang Yu didn't leave just now but waited outside. When he saw Leng Yuexiao looking at Song Ning, he sneered in his mind.


Leng Yuexiao wasn't here, thus Fang Yu said to Qiu Yue, "Song Ning did us great harm. Without him, senior sister Leng must have won. Qiu Yue, I think, can we treat him specially?"


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