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A killing urge flashed past Red Maple's eyes. At the same time, Leng Yuexiao was struck out of the match stage by two opponents jointly. While she was on the verge of flying out, she fought back, so another people was also hit out of the stage.


The result was beyond expectation. In Tianhe City disciples' mind, she must win, but the end was totally different.


Li Mu frowned but had to announce the result, "Cloud Mountain, Yang Shen wins."


Taoist Purity of Cloud Mountain laughed, "Well done, Yang Shen, you did a very good job."


Though all people realized that Yang Shen had an undeserved victory, no one refuted the result. No matter what method was applied to the match, Yang Shen won. Red Maple's face turned deathly pale.


"Did sister Leng not recover from previous injuries?" A disciple of Tianhe City doubted.


"Didn't you observe her not exerting all her strength? She must suffer from her old injuries. An injured person fought against two opponents. She is great." Another disciple responded.


For a while, the disciples of Tianhe City discussed it in private, even the elder Li Mu who presided over the match felt sorry for it.


Leng Yuexiao got up onto the high stage and bowed to Red Maple.


As a hint that Leng Yuexiao should leave, Red Maple waved her hands,


On the match stage, Li Mu announced, "This match is over and there will be a challenge match tomorrow. If you want to challenge the chief disciple winner or the lineal disciple winner, you can apply for it."


Though the result was less than satisfactory, the disciples of Tianhe City were content with their victories won by Song Ning and Fang Yu. Furthermore, Leng Yuexiao's failure was dignified.


That was what the disciples thought, not Red Maple.


The crowd spread out and Leng Yuexiao was about to leave, but Red Maple called her, "Xiao, come with me."


Leng Yuexiao nodded, "Yes, master."


"Fang Yu, follow me."


Fang Yu bowed, "Yes."


Red Maple shouted to the crowd, "Song Ning, come with me."


The disciples discussed it in a low voice. The master called Leng Yuexiao, Fang Yu and then Song Ning, was she about to reward them?


Actually the disciples of Tianhe City knew that Red Maple was sensitive about her reputation. She hit Song Ning before because he didn't follow her. It was over. She might let it go, after all, Song Ning redeemed the honor of Tianhe City, which added glory to her reputation as well. She may award him.


Song Ning bowed to Red Maple and staggered to her under the envious eyes of other disciples.


In the cultivation palace of Red Maple.


She sat on a cattail hassock. Leng Yuexiao, Fang Yu and Song Ning stood before her in order.


"Fang Yu, you did a good job this time. Based on your cultivation, you are rivalrous in the lineal disciples. The school will reward you accordingly," appraised Red Maple.


Fang Yu bowed his thanks, "I am flattered, master. Sister Leng is more excellent than me. She doesn't recover fully, or she must have won eaisly."


Speaking of this, Red Maple harden her eyes. She just summoned Fang Yu to throw dust into others' eyes, because she didn't want to make something public.


"Fang Yu, you leave us," said Red Maple.


Fang Yu bowed again, "I leave."


After Fang Yu left, three people remained in the palace. Red Maple's voice sounded suddenly, "Xiao, how is the Life Extending Elixir of forth rank?"


Leng Yuxiao kneeled down with a bump, "Master, I fed Song the Life Extending Elixir when he was in a coma."


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