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Chapter 997: Powerful Counterattack

Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness all year round and his body was tempered by lightning and dragon blood – it was no weaker than any divine weapon!

Even without using his bloodline, there were very few titular disciples who could defeat him physically!

This was the Dao Inheritance Ground.

If not for the suppression of the wills of many ancient Mighty Figures, Su Zimo would have been able to gain the upper hand instantly by releasing his blood qi and counterattacking with all his might!

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, even the God race leader was suppressed by Su Zimo – it was clear how terrifying his body was!

It was precisely because Di Yin knew all of this that he chose the venue of the challenge to be the Dao Inheritance Ground.

Both parties clashed head-on.

Su Zimo took half a step back and was disadvantaged.

As a titular disciple, Dao Being Glass naturally did not give Su Zimo any time to catch his breath. He strode forward and swung his fist down viciously!


His bloodline surged and his fist shone with a bedazzling rainbow luster.

He had already pushed his strength to its limits!

The two of them were extremely close to one another and it was already impossible for Su Zimo to draw his saber. Dao Being Glass was good at melee combat and would not give him the chance!

Su Zimo propped up both arms and welcomed Dao Being Glass’s punch.


Another loud bang shook the ground!

Both parties were merely clashing physically in melee combat, but the impact was even greater than the clash of Dharmic arts!

Not to mention the nearby cultivators, even the cultivators in the distance were starting to notice the commotion and sped over.

The rainbow colored glass light on Dao Being Glass’s fist shattered and spilled in all directions, illuminating the entire firmament in an unfathomable manner.

Su Zimo retreated once more!

This clash caused both his arms to feel numb and sore!

If he could use his blood qi, he merely had to circulate his bloodline and that feeling would vanish instantly without affecting him at all!

However, it was not possible in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Dao Being Glass’s eyes flashed with mockery.

“Su Zimo, I have to admit that you’re indeed strong and have unlimited potential!”

Dao Being Glass said slowly, “However, you’ve challenged the dignity of Glass Palace time and time again. Do you really think that Glass Palace can be bullied like that?”

“Look, it’s the titular disciple of Glass Palace!”

“Who’s the one on the other end?”

“The number one Perfected Lord, Su Zimo!”

“Heavens, Su Zimo was ambushed by a titular disciple so quickly! From the looks of it, he will be killed before he even gets to meet Di Yin!”

More and more cultivators gathered over and discussed loudly.

Dao Being Glass’s tone was aggressive and his actions did not stop.

With a loud shout, he lunged forward and hugged the air in front of his chest with both hands. His blood qi surged and he smashed down towards Su Zimo as though he was moving a gigantic mountain!

“Mountain Hugging Fist!”

A huge shadow shrouded over and the pressure was suffocating!

Unable to dodge, Su Zimo could only stretch out his arms once more to defend by propping up his arms.


This collision between flesh and bones was even more intense than a collision between metal!

How were those bodies of flesh – the two of them were humanoid weapons! Many cultivators widened their mouths in shock!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dao Being Glass relied on his surging blood qi and melee combat techniques to suppress Su Zimo constantly without giving him any chance to catch his breath!

Su Zimo retreated continuously with a grim expression.

A Void Reversion Dao Being lamented, “As expected of the number one monster incarnate in history. There’s a major realm difference between the two of them and he can’t use his bloodline. Yet, he managed to last so long against Dao Being Glass.”

“However, the outcome is the same.”

Another person shook his head. “If this continues, Su Zimo won’t be able to hold on for long.”

Among the surrounding cultivators, there was no lack of people with experience.

They were right. Su Zimo’s arms were not the only ones that suffered consecutive head-on collisions with Dao Being Glass – at that moment, even his organs were shaken!

If he continued fighting, he would definitely lose and might even die from the shock!

“As expected of a titular disciple, Dao Being Glass is able to attack in succession and maintain pressure in melee combat. No matter how many Dharmic arts Su Zimo has, he won’t be able to release them in time.”

“Su Zimo has lost the initiative. It’s even harder than ascending the heavens if he wants to salvage the situation against Dao Being Glass!”

Melee combat was extremely dangerous.

Speed was of essence to both parties. If Su Zimo wanted to release Dharmic arts, he had to execute Dharmic seals. However, that short period of time was enough for Dao Being Glass to kill him!

All of a sudden!

A flawless jade-green lotus platform suddenly flew out from Su Zimo’s glabella and smashed towards Dao Being Glass!

Destiny Dharmic weapon, Creation Green Lotus!

The Dharmic weapon was not in his storage bag and Su Zimo only needed a single thought to send it out of his consciousness to kill his opponent!

“Fufu, I’ve long expected this!”

Dao Being Glass was not surprised at all. A rainbow beam of light shot out from his glabella and crashed towards the incoming Creation Green Lotus!

“It’s the Rainbow Glass Pagoda!”

“Ah, the Rainbow Glass Pagoda is also one of the top-grade connate Dharmic weapons. I heard that it’s extremely mysterious and has many Dharmic arts that can be used for both offense and defense!”

A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

Grade 5 Creation Green Lotus.

Rainbow Glass Pagoda.

The two Dharmic weapons collided with a deafening bang!

With the two Dharmic weapons as the center, ripples of energy spread out one after another. Rainbow divine lights and green rays of light devoured one another and collided wildly!

The surrounding cultivators only saw a blinding flash of light in front of them and instinctively closed their eyes.

The two Dharmic weapons collided in midair and paused for a moment before separating, transforming into a rainbow divine light and a green beam that fell to both sides.

It was an even split!

“That’s all you have…”

Dao Being Glass smirked and was about to mock him when Su Zimo suddenly roared!



It was as though thunder boomed in Dao Being Glass’s ears!

He shuddered.

This was also because his physique was strong and he possessed tsunami blood. Despite being struck head-on by Thunderclap Kill, he was not injured and was merely stunned for a moment.

If it was any other cultivator, they would have been severely injured or even killed by Su Zimo’s roar at this distance!

Sound domain secret skill!

Su Zimo was suppressed by Dao Being Glass in melee combat and could not even use any Dharmic arts or secret skills.

However, sound domain secret skills were instantaneous!

Making use of the collision between the Creation Green Lotus and the Rainbow Glass Pagoda, Su Zimo released his sound domain secret skill and counterattacked forcefully!

Apart from the sound domain secret skill, he had another instantaneous secret skill!

Visual technique!

Although the Illumination Dragon Eye was unable to be activated in the Dao Inheritance Ground, Su Zimo could release the Illumination Sword Formation!

The 36 flying swords formed by the Illumination Stone were hidden in his right eye.

At the same time that the sound domain secret skill was released, the 36 flying swords shot out from Su Zimo’s right eye and stabbed towards Dao Being Glass’s face!

Dao Being Glass had already forced Su Zimo to use all his trump cards without holding anything back!

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