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Chapter 998: Savage

“Glass Eye!”

Dao Being Glass reacted and released his eye technique as well!

Instantly, his eyes shone with a mysterious luster, resembling two sparkling gems that were brighter than the stars in the night sky.

Two rainbow divine lights burst forth from his eyes and enveloped the 36 incoming flying swords!

The 36 flying swords traveled through the rainbow divine lights at a slower speed, as though they were stuck in a swamp and could not move an inch.

The might of the Glass Divine Light was shocking and even superior-grade Dharmic weapons would be turned into scrap metal instantly if they were enveloped by it!

Although the 36 flying swords were not Dharmic weapons, they were conjured by the Illumination Stone.

Even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords would not be able to corrode the Illumination Stone, let alone the Glass Divine Light conjured by a Void Reversion!

Su Zimo controlled his thoughts.

The 36 flying swords stopped in their tracks and suddenly retreated. Rushing through the air, the sword scars left behind formed a terrifying sword formation!

Clang! Clang!

The Illumination Sword Formation took shape and smashed forward viciously!


The rainbow divine light was broken by the Illumination Sword Formation and the sword qi was extremely sharp. Suddenly, it exploded and entered Dao Being Glass’s eyes!


Dao Being Glass shrieked in pain at the sudden change.

Fresh blood oozed from his eyes and he was blinded!

The crowd fell into an uproar.

Earlier on, Su Zimo was completely suppressed by Dao Being Glass – nobody expected him to turn the tides in the blink of an eye!

There was no way Su Zimo would let such an opportunity slip by as the Illumination Sword Formation continued crushing towards Dao Being Glass’s head!

“Let the body be like glass, transparent inside out and cleansed of impurities, turning indestructible!”

Although Dao Being Glass was blind, he calmed down immediately and chanted the mantra of the Glass Heart Sutra. Suddenly, a powerful force burst forth!

Suddenly, his body was shrouded by a mysterious glow that was like glass, flawless and indestructible!


The moment everything was completed, the Illumination Sword Formation slashed down with an ear-piercing sound of metal clashing!

Dao Being Glass’s head was still intact against the sharpness of the Illumination Sword Formation!

What was even more frightening was that the Illumination Sword Formation was instantly destroyed by the rebound and could no longer be condensed!

Even though he was blind, Dao Being Glass’s combat strength was still extremely terrifying.

However, after that exchange, Dao Being Glass’s advantage was gone and Su Zimo gained the upper hand!

“Glass, you’ve lost!”

Su Zimo hollered and strode forward with a torrential aura. Extending his palm, he slapped Dao Being Glass’s head.

“Thousand Ton Finger!”

Dao Being Glass extended a finger and Dharmic powers gushed out. His entire finger seemed to have turned into jade as it pierced towards Su Zimo’s chest with immense strength!

At the same time, his glabella shone and released a rainbow-colored spirit consciousness beam that pierced towards Su Zimo’s glabella!

It was an Essence Spirit secret skill!

Even though Dao Being Glass was blinded, he could still battle by relying on his spirit consciousness!

But now, even his Essence Spirit secret skill was released – it was clear that Dao Being Glass was in a frenzy and was willing to risk everything to kill Su Zimo!

“This is the true trump card of a Void Reversion!”

“This is the difference of a single move. If Dao Being Glass had released his Essence Spirit secret skill earlier, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.”

“Now that he has even released his Essence Spirit secret skill, the outcome of this battle is about to be decided.”

Just as the crowd was discussing, Su Zimo’s left wrist suddenly released a sacred Buddhist light that enveloped him!

Mingwang Prayer Beads!

The rainbow-colored glass beam struck the Buddha light!

After a brief pause, the Buddhist light shattered!

Of course, most of the power of the Essence Spirit secret skill was blocked by the Buddhist light as well.

The remnant spirit consciousness surged into Su Zimo’s consciousness and was sliced into pieces by the Creation Green Lotus seeds, turning into nothingness.

“It’s an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon!”

“What Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon can defend against a single Essence Spirit secret skill from a titular disciple?”

“Su Zimo indeed possesses treasures from head to toe!”

Many cultivators looked at Su Zimo’s left wrist with burning gazes.

At that moment, Su Zimo was even more shocked.

Back at the Thousand Crane Tea Party, even when the five Void Reversions joined forces and released their Essence Spirit secret skills, they could not injure him at all.

But now, a single Essence Spirit secret skill was enough to shatter the barrier formed by the Mingwang Prayer Beads!

If another Essence Spirit secret skill of the same power was used, it would be enough to threaten his Essence Spirit!

This was the power of a titular disciple’s spirit consciousness. If not for the Mingwang Prayer Beads and the Creation Green Lotus seeds, he would have been killed with a single move!

That was his greatest weakness right now.

Without cultivating to Void Reversion realm, one could not condense an Essence Spirit secret skill and could only defend passively.

Su Zimo was shocked.

At that moment, Dao Being Glass was astounded!

That Essence Spirit secret skill was a secret skill exclusive to Glass Palace and was extremely ferocious.

Even Void Reversions of the same realm could be killed by it with ease, let alone a Nascent Soul!

The reason why Dao Being Glass did not escape right away despite being blinded was because he waned to kill Su Zimo with this Essence Spirit secret skill!

Even if he could not kill Su Zimo on the spot, he wanted to injure the latter severely.

However, he had not expected that Su Zimo would receive his Essence Spirit secret skill and come out fine and dandy!

At this point of the battle, Dao Being Glass harbored thoughts of retreating.

However, Su Zimo would not give him the chance to escape!

Dao Being Glass’s Thousand Ton Finger had already closed in. Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he clenched his right fist and clashed against the Thousand Ton Finger!

At the same time, he extended his left hand and placed it on Dao Being Glass’s arm in a seemingly soft manner with a coil and a tremble!


First, their fist and finger collided with a dull sound of defeat!

Although Su Zimo’s right hand managed to defend against the Thousand Ton Finger, it was already mangled!

If not for the Divine Phoenix Bone, that palm might have been shattered by a single finger strike!

This was the terror of a titular disciple!

A centipede dies but never falls completely.

Even if Dao Being Glass was blinded, the power he released was enough to threaten Su Zimo’s life!

The slightest mistake would result in death!

After stabbing with the Thousand Ton Finger, Dao Being Glass wanted to turn around and retreat. Unexpectedly, Su Zimo’s left hand was already on his arm that he could not retract in time.

A tremendous amount of power burst forth!

His arm seemed to be twisted and torn by that power.


The flesh on his arm exploded into a blood mist!


Dao Being Glass could not help but let out another tragic cry!

He felt as though his bones were about to be crushed by that strange power!

Before he could react, Su Zimo grabbed his arm with both hands and lifted him up, swinging him in an arc in midair before smashing him into the ground!


The ground quaked.

Many cultivators felt their hearts skip a beat as their eyes twitched.


Before anyone could react, Su Zimo grabbed Dao Being Glass’s arm and pulled him out of the pit once more, smashing him to the other side!

The cultivators widened their eyes in shock.

To think that a titular disciple of Glass Palace would be reduced to such a state where he could not retaliate at all!

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