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Chapter 996: Dao Being Glass

The dust had settled.

Dugu Jian looked at Su Zimo and nodded without saying anything.

He was silent and introverted. The fact that he did an act as such was to express his gratitude to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo understood and smiled.

On the one hand, he attacked because of Dugu Jian. On the other hand, it was also because the seven perfected Void Reversion cultivators of Sword Sect were here for him to begin with!

By killing these sword cultivators now, he could prevent any unforeseen events from happening in the future and would not have to worry.

Dugu Jian ignored the storage bags dropped by the Sword Sect cultivators and walked towards the bottom of the gigantic sword. Raising his head, his initially empty eyes gradually turned fervent!

Gradually, a hint of life appeared in his lonely eyes.

Unlike the other cultivators, Dugu Jian did not establish any Dao heart and merely looked at the gigantic sword before him in a daze.

That gaze was pure.

In Dugu Jian’s eyes, there was nothing else apart from the Dao of the sword!

Without the need to shout, all the cultivators present could sense Dugu Jian’s Dao heart!

It was just a sword!


Suddenly, a terrifying storm appeared around the gigantic sword, connecting heaven and earth with a terrifying might!

The most shocking thing was that an extremely sharp sword qi burst forth from the storm and minced the surrounding void into pieces!

A legacy phenomenon had appeared!

The storm howled and swept Dugu Jian into it, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Su Zimo waited for Dugu Jian to disappear before collecting the storage bags that the Sword Sect cultivators dropped on the ground.

While there might not be top-grade treasures in those storage bags, there would definitely be quite a number of elixir consumables.

The surrounding cultivators did not disperse. They stood in the distance and looked at Su Zimo with complicated expressions – there was excitement, caution, hostility and fear.

The Dao Inheritance Ground was not a super big place.

Before long, the news of this battle would spread through the entire Dao Inheritance Ground and everyone would know that he had entered!

At that time, the test for him would truly begin!

Su Zimo did not want to fight Di Yin so quickly.

Even though he had entered the Dao Inheritance Ground, he knew his limits. His scarlet-haired Yin Spirit and bloodline were restricted and his chances of winning against Di Yin were extremely low!

Therefore, he intended to head to the Three Tribulations Domain first and it would be best if he managed to obtain the legacies he wanted.

Although he could not break through to the Void Reversion realm, his combat strength would increase as well!

In a flash, Su Zimo activated his Lightning Escape and turned into a bolt of purple lightning, speeding into the distance!

“Su Zimo’s gone!”

“Hurry up and follow him! There’s definitely going to be a show!”

Many cultivators set off in hot pursuit.

Although Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was low, the power of the black-haired Essence Spirit was no weaker than a Void Reversion.

Coupled with the Lightning Escape technique, there were few cultivators who could keep up with him.

Even so, there were some Void Reversions who specialized in tracking that managed to stay on his tail.

Su Zimo frowned slightly – he did not want to expose his tracks too early. Suddenly, a pair of gigantic wings made of Dharmic powers appeared on his back.

His wings flapped and his speed increased!


The purple lightning tore through the air and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

Throwing off the cultivators behind him, Su Zimo sprinted in the direction of the Three Tribulations Domain. He did not stop for any legacies he saw along the way and sped off.

A day later.

Su Zimo gradually slowed down and consumed elixirs to recover his stamina as he traveled.

Before long, a golden beam of light suddenly flew over from the skies behind him at an astonishing speed!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat. Even with his Lightning Escape technique coupled with Ethereal Wings, that was the fastest he could go!

This was the first top-tier expert he had seen since entering the Dao Inheritance Ground!

The golden light swept past his head and sped into the distance without stopping.

Not long after, the golden light stopped and revealed the figure of a cultivator. Wearing a long robe that shone golden, he was tall and had long hair that draped over his shoulders.

The golden-robed cultivator turned around and smiled at Su Zimo, asking, “Fellow Daoist, have you seen a bolt of purple lightning pass by here?”


Su Zimo swept his gaze across the man’s sleeves.

Glass Palace’s emblem!

Just as Extreme Fire and the others had expected, other than Chaos Essence Sect, Sword Sect, Heavenly Dipper Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace, there were indeed other super sects that sent experts in!

When the golden-robed cultivator saw Su Zimo’s appearance, he was slightly stunned as well.

After checking Su Zimo’s cultivation realm, the golden-robed cultivator retracted his smile slowly and narrowed his eyes with a cold glint!

Needless to say, he had already guessed Su Zimo’s identity!

The two of them were less than 30 feet apart and stood facing one another; they were expressionless and motionless.

Both of them were tense as they searched for the other party’s weakness.

Killing intent filled the air!

A great battle could break out at any moment!

“If I’m not wrong, you must be Su Zimo, right?”

In that tense atmosphere, the golden-robed cultivator was the first to speak and asked slowly, easing the killing intent between them.

Su Zimo asked, “Who are you?”

“My Dao title is…”

The golden-robed cultivator paused for a moment before saying softly, “Glass!”

His Dao name was Glass – he was a titular disciple!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

To think that the first titular disciple he encountered upon entering the place was from Glass Palace!


The split second Su Zimo was mentally distracted, Dao Being Glass’s eyes lit up and he suddenly attacked.

He grasped the timing with perfect precision!

A distance of 30 feet was instantly covered!

Glass Palace was one of the strongest body tempering sects in the cultivation world. It was extremely famous and was on par with Overlord Palace and Diamond Monastery!

Glass Palace cultivators were strong in melee combat and could even fight against demon beasts!

Dao Being Glass was even more terrifying in this aspect!


Su Zimo only felt a golden light spread before his eyes and his blood qi surged as the sound of tsunamis rang in his ears!

Dao Being Glass had already cultivated his bloodline to the tsunami blood realm!

Up till this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had not met more than five people who could cultivate their bloodline to this level!

Dao Being Glass’s punch surged with his bloodline and shone brightly like a blazing sun, releasing a scorching and violent aura!

A true expert!

Su Zimo was completely disadvantaged with a single move!

He had been slightly distracted and lost the initiative.

Now that Dao Being Glass was right in front of him, he did not even have the chance to touch his storage bag and summon Heaven Splitter!

Raising his right hand, Su Zimo clenched it into a fist and punched towards Dao Being Glass’s fist!

The two fists collided.


There was a deafening sound.

Both of them shuddered.

Su Zimo took half a step back and his expression changed slightly!

Although his right hand was fine with the Divine Phoenix Bone, his entire right arm was numb – it was clear how great the blow he received was!

He could not activate his bloodline. Even with the help of the Divine Phoenix Bone in his right hand, he could not defend against Dao Being Glass’s power!

Dao Being Glass’s pupils constricted as well.

He had already heard that Su Zimo’s demon bloodline would be suppressed upon entering the Dao Inheritance Ground and his combat strength would be greatly reduced!

Even so, he did not expect himself to not possess an absolute advantage despite him taking the initiative!

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