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Chapter 986: Di Yin’s Acceptance

“Have you given up?”

For the first time in a month, Yan Beichen spoke to Qin Pianran in a seemingly cold and heartless manner.

However, Su Zimo knew that Yan Beichen was saving her.

If Yan Beichen was truly cold-blooded and heartless, he need not do anything himself.

As long as he threw Qin Pianran aside and left her to fend for herself, she would definitely not be able to hold out for long!

There was no need for him to spend so much effort to dig out a cave abode here and wait for a month.

Qin Pianran had a blank expression and opened her mouth slightly, as though she wanted to say something. However, her throat was dry and she could only croak.

Her lips were dry and chaffed.

Even that slight movement caused her lips to split open and drip with blood.

Qin Pianran pursed her lips and drank her blood. As though her throat had recovered a little, she murmured softly, “It’s normal for him to not return since he doesn’t know where I am.”

Su Zimo did not believe that reason.

Even Qin Pianran herself might not believe it!

That was because when she said that, there was no fluctuation or glint in her eyes – there was only a dead silence.

If it was a month ago, Yan Beichen would have sneered and wanted to call her a stupid woman.

However, at that moment, Yan Beichen did not smile and merely looked at Qin Pianran calmly. “I went out once 20 days ago and released the news that you were in my hands.”

Qin Pianran’s heart ached.

Her last bit of hope was shattered mercilessly by Yan Beichen’s words!

A month passed and no one came.

Even after the Asura released news of her, no one came!

Right then, the sound of clothes fluttering could be heard from outside the cave abode as more than ten cultivators sped into the distance and passed by them.

Among the cultivators, two of them were Void Reversions – one was fat and the other skinny.

Among the remaining cultivators, there were Nascent Souls and Golden Cores.

The formation that Su Zimo set up at the entrance was rather mysterious and it was difficult for cultivators outside to discover the cave abode. However, the people inside could see everything on the outside clearly.

“Things have been really troublesome recently. One big event after another.”

The fat Dao Being in the lead lamented, “At the Thousand Crane Tea Party, that monster incarnate, Su Zimo, returned and massacred everyone. After that, the various Dao Lords rushed to Hundred Refinement Sect to demand for him. To think that Dao Lord Extreme Fire would come forth. That’s an expert from 5,000 years ago!”

“What happened after that?” A cultivator asked curiously.

The skinny Dao Being said, “All the Dao Lords were snubbed and had no choice but to retreat. In the end, they bumped into a titular disciple of Asura Sect, the Dao Lord Asura! Who is he? He’s a cold-blooded, merciless and bloodthirsty fiend! It was a truly tragic battle!”

“Why would the Asura look for Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others?”

“Who knows? The Asura is a lunatic and nobody knows what he’s thinking. He might have just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and wanted to find someone to test his saber.”

“I heard that the Asura has some relationship with Su Zimo. The reason why he hunted down Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others was because of Su Zimo!”

The cultivators discussed excitedly.

The skinny Dao Being pursed his lips and his gaze shifted. He paused and pointed to a spot not far away. “It’s said that the battle broke out there! How tragic! I heard that among Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the other eight Dao Lords, only two survived!”

“Which two?”

“Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Dao Lord Immortal Sword. Both of them are titular disciples.”

“That’s not right. Some time back, I heard that a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Sword Sect… a female cultivator named Qin Pianran if I’m not wrong, survived and was captured by the Asura.”

A cultivator said in confusion.

The skinny Dao Being shook his head. “How can she survive if she’s captured by the Asura?”

“Hehe! Why not?”

The fat Dao Being gave a strange laugh. “That female cultivator must be pretty. Otherwise, why would the Asura capture her instead of killing her?”

“I heard that the Asura wanted to force Dao Lord Immortal Sword to appear with that woman but Dao Lord Immortal Sword ignored it completely,” The skinny Dao Being said.

“Definitely. If it was me, I wouldn’t appear either.”

The fat Dao Being said, “Who’s willing to provoke that lunatic Asura because of a woman?”

“Furthermore, if that woman fell into the hands of Asura, she would have long been ravished deplorably. There’s even less reason for Dao Lord Immortal Sword to show himself for such a woman.”

Silence filled the cave abode when they heard the voices outside.

Qin Pianran’s body trembled slightly and her eyes were dark. Her sharp nails had already pierced through her palms and fresh blood flowed, but she was still oblivious to it!


She spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted, unable to hold on any longer.

To begin with, she was already severely injured and had not rested nor healed for the entire month – her body and mind were already at their limits.

Right now, she was merely hanging on by a thread, relying on a sliver of illusion.

However, when she heard the discussions outside the cave abode, Qin Pianran’s hopes were dashed and she fainted on the spot from the devastating blow.

Although Yan Beichen was expressionless, there was a cold glint in his eyes.

Suddenly, the temperature in the cave abode turned cold and sinister!

Su Zimo knew that the group of cultivators outside had already triggered Yan Beichen’s killing intent!

Yan Beichen stood up slowly and walked out of the cave abode.

Right then, the few cultivators outside changed the topic and discussed something else, causing Yan Beichen to stop in his tracks.

“Right, have you guys heard? Su Zimo declared war on Di Yin at the Thousand Crane Tea Party! A few days ago, Di Yin accepted the challenge!”

“I heard that the time is a month later and the venue of the challenge will be at the Dao Inheritance Ground! However, I haven’t heard Su Zimo’s reply for the past few days.”

At that point, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and his eyes lit up.

Di Yin accepted the challenge!

Initially, he was worried that if Di Yin was fearful and ignored his declaration of war, he would have to go through a lot of trouble to kill the latter.

Now that Di Yin had accepted the challenge, that was for the best!

However, what was the Dao Inheritance Ground that the cultivators outside were talking about? It seemed like it was rather famous?

Su Zimo had just arrived in the Middle Continent and did not know much about the various places in the Middle Continent, much less this Dao Inheritance Ground.

At the side, Yan Beichen frowned instinctively when he heard the words Dao Inheritance Ground.

“Not only is Di Yin a monster incarnate, he’s also a formidable character!”

“That’s right. That move of his is truly perfect. By placing the venue of the challenge at the Dao Inheritance Ground, Su Zimo’s advantage is gone!”

“Next, we’ll have to see how Su Zimo reacts.”

“What else can he do? He can only admit defeat!”

“That’s right. I heard that he has just cultivated the Nascent Soul realm and the difference between them is a major cultivation realm. If he enters the Dao Inheritance Ground, there’s no chance of him winning against Di Yin and he’ll definitely die!”

“Fufu, he was the one that declared war. If he ends up avoiding the battle out of fear, his reputation will definitely take a huge blow.”

“What else can he do? It’s much better than going to the Dao Inheritance Ground to send himself to death, right?”

The more Su Zimo listened, the more confused he became.

In the mouths of the cultivators outside, the Dao Inheritance Ground seemed like a lair of dragons and tigers – it was filled with danger!

However, it did not seem like Di Yin would be affected much.

The cultivators discussed and gradually left.

Yan Beichen glanced sideways and seemed to have seen through Su Zimo’s confusion. “I’ll be going out for a while. It’ll be quick. I’ll talk to you about this when I’m back.”

With that said, Yan Beichen left the cave abode in a flash.

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