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Chapter 987: Dao Inheritance Ground

Not far away, a few tragic cries sounded briefly and everything returned to normal.

Before long, Yan Beichen returned with a faint blood qi on him.

He went straight to the point and asked, “How much do you know about the Dao Inheritance Ground?”

“Nothing, I’ve never heard of it.”

Su Zimo shook his head.

Yan Beichen said, “That’s normal as well. Ethereal Peak’s strength hasn’t reached the level where they can come into contact with the Dao Inheritance Ground. As for you, I don’t think anyone has mentioned it to you when you first arrived in Middle Continent and entered Hundred Refinement Sect.”

“The Dao Inheritance Ground is not somewhere in the Middle Continent. It’s a space created by many ancient Mighty Figures.”

Su Zimo nodded.

“In the ancient era, the human race rose and countless paragons and monster incarnates appeared. However, there were not that many sects and factions. For some of the Mighty Figures who could not break through to the Mahayana realm or met with unforeseen circumstances, they would choose to pass down their Dharmic Dao inheritance and await for fated ones.”

Pausing for a moment, Yan Beichen asked, “Do you know why the titles of Void Reversions and Dharma Characteristics possess the word ‘Dao’?”

In the cultivation world, cultivators of every major cultivation realm had a title.

For example, Golden Core cultivators were called Perfected Beings.

Nascent Soul cultivators were known as Perfected Lords.

This was also a symbol of status. Most of the time, one might not be able to tell the other party’s cultivation realm due to their capabilities.

Or perhaps, it would be rude to check the other party’s cultivation out of the blue.

However, for example, if one found out that the title of a cultivator was Perfected Lord, they would know that the cultivator was at the Nascent Soul realm!

Void Reversions had the title of Dao Beings.

Dharma Characteristics had the title of Dao Lords.

Su Zimo truly did not know why there was the word ‘Dao’ in those two titles.

When he saw Su Zimo shake his head, Yan Beichen continued, “That’s because, generally speaking, one should have a clear Dao Heart when they cultivate to this realm!”

“Dao Heart?”

Su Zimo was slightly stunned as he pondered.

Yan Beichen’s voice sounded once more, “There are millions of cultivators and their Dao hearts are different as well. Some of them are here to save the masses, some of them are here to kill demons, some of them are here to lead a carefree life, some of them are here to live a long life, some of them are here to become stronger and some of them are here for revenge…”

“One has to maintain a clear Dao heart so that it isn’t swayed by external objects, melted by flames, drowned by water, crushed by the skies, buried by the earth and is immovable as a mountain. That is the only way one can attain the great Dao!”

Dao hearts were the goal of cultivation!

What was the purpose of cultivation?

Cultivation was a heaven-defying act and there would be countless difficulties and obstacles along the way. One could only reach the other side by guarding their Dao heart at all times.

Yan Beichen glared at Su Zimo with two sharp glints in his eyes and asked coldly, “Why are you cultivating?”

Su Zimo’s expression was dazed as he recalled the scene of him being bullied by Perfected Being Cang Lang in Ping Yang Town.

He recalled the scene of Zhui Feng turning into ashes to save him.

He recalled the scene of peach blossoms falling under the peach blossom tree where a woman in a blood-colored robe imparted cultivation techniques to him.

Everything felt like yesterday.

Su Zimo murmured softly, “I don’t have a spirit root. When I first cultivated, I merely wanted to fight against fate and change my own fate.”

The scene before him changed.

Su Zimo saw his older brother, Su Hong, who was gradually aging.

He saw the ruins and bones in the Land of Yan.

Under the flames of war and the trampling of cultivators and demon beasts, the mortals were helpless.

He saw the tear-stained faces and helpless eyes of everyone in the world.

Gradually, Su Zimo’s gaze turned resolute as he said slowly, “Right now, I’m not cultivating to change my fate. I want to change the fate for all living beings in the world! I want to establish a Dao!”

“A Great Dao that is different from immortals, Buddhas and fiends! A Great Dao that can be cultivated without a spirit root! This is my Dao heart!”

Yan Beichen looked at Su Zimo in silence for a long time.

Even with his temperament, he could not help but reveal a look of shock at that moment!

Initially, he was merely asking casually.

However, he had not expected that Su Zimo’s answer would shock him!

There was nothing much to say about establishing a Dao heart.

One could not judge a Dao heart that wanted to purify the masses as a good one or a Dao heart that yearned for freedom to be a bad one.

However, there was still a difference between Dao hearts at the end of the day.

For example, some cultivators would be less ambitious if their Dao hearts were for revenge.

After a cultivator took revenge, he would definitely encounter a bottleneck and feel lost.

The Dao hearts of most cultivators were longevity.

If they wanted to live forever, they had to cultivate and break through continuously!

There was no end to the path of immortality!

Compared to vengeance, the Dao heart for longevity would be more ambitious.

However, for Su Zimo, be it the level or ambition of his Dao heart, it was far superior compared to longevity or something like slaying demons and evil!

He wanted to alter the fate of all living beings in the world!

How magnanimous was that?

How heroic was that?

How bold was that?

“Well, well, well!”

Yan Beichen snapped out of his stupor and nodded. “Zimo, I’m inferior to you in this aspect!”

Su Zimo was probably the only person in the world who could make the Asura bow down.

Yan Beichen said, “The legacy passed down by the Mighty Figures can only be accessed by entering the inheritance ground. One can only obtain acknowledgment if they have established a Dao heart. That will depend on one’s individual opportunities.”

Su Zimo nodded – he now had a rough understanding of the Dao Inheritance Ground.

The Dao Inheritance Ground was not only a place with legacies left behind by many Mighty Figures, it was also a place where cultivators established their Dao hearts!

After establishing a Dao heart, every cultivator would be able to have their own Dao title.

“The Dao Inheritance Ground has existed since the ancient era and there are still legacies within?” Su Zimo was surprised.

“Of course.”

Yan Beichen explained, “How many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures have appeared since the ancient era? In the Dao Inheritance Ground, apart from the legacies left behind by ancient Mighty Figures, there would be Mighty Figures who would enter and leave their legacies in every generation.”

“Furthermore, the truly top-tier Dharmic legacies are extremely rare and the requirement for one’s Dao heart is highly stringent. Not everyone is qualified to inherit them.”

“Top-tier Dao legacies?” Su Zimo asked.

Yan Beichen said, “In the inheritance ground, there are all sorts of strange and odd legacies left behind by powerful beings. It could be a weapon, a gigantic rock or a statue.”

“However, it’s said that the strongest dozens of Mighty Figures of the ancient era left their legacies in a unique region.”

“This region is located at the center of the Dao Inheritance Ground. It’s called the Three Tribulations Domain.”

“As the name implies, there are three major tribulations in the Three Tribulations Domain! The first, wind tribulation. The second, fire tribulation. The third, lightning tribulation!”

“The only way to reach the center of the Three Tribulations Domain is to withstand the three major tribulations. That is where you will be able to see the legacies left behind by dozens of ancient Mighty Figures!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he asked, “Brother Yan, you must have entered the Dao Inheritance Ground back then and cleared the Three Tribulations Domain. Did you manage to reach the innermost area?”


Yan Beichen shook his head. “I only managed to survive the tribulations of wind and fire and almost died in the lightning tribulation!”

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