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Chapter 985: Amorous Asura


Qin Pianran laid on the ground with dust all over her body. Her face was pale and her eyes were blank. With an indifferent expression, she suddenly laughed.

Su Zimo and Yan Beichen looked over.

A look of mockery flashed through Qin Pianran’s eyes as she remarked mockingly, “A fiend demon that kills without batting an eye and a cold-blooded and merciless fiend. To think that you guys would be calling each other brothers here. What a perfect match.”

Su Zimo shook his head and chuckled. He could not be bothered.

Unexpectedly, Yan Beichen did not kill her with a single slash and merely said indifferently, “Brother Su, let’s go. This person is already dead and is nothing more than a walking corpse.”

Su Zimo understood what Yan Beichen meant.

Qin Pianran was a pitiful person as well. Although she was still alive, she was devastated after receiving such a blow.

She looked no different from a dead person.

Su Zimo and Yan Beichen had just turned around and were about to leave when Qin Pianran suddenly turned a little crazy. Supporting her body with both arms, she dragged herself through the mud and shouted at the top of her lungs, “You’re an Asura and you’re bloodthirsty. Why don’t you kill me?! Kill me!”

Yan Beichen did not even turn around as he smirked with a hint of mockery. “As the Asura, I kill everyone in the world that deserves to be killed! Some people are unscrupulous in order to survive and deserve to be killed! However, there are some people who want nothing more than to die and yet, I refuse to kill them!”

Su Zimo sighed softly.

It wasn’t just the Asura, he could feel it as well.

Right from Qin Pianran’s initial scoff, Su Zimo knew that she was seeking death.

She provoked them time and time again with disrespectful words. Even someone from the immortal sects would be well-substantiated to kill her.

However, the Asura refused to do so!

“I got it! You don’t dare to! Fufu, you’re nothing but a coward!”

Suddenly, Qin Pianran burst into laughter. Her voice was already hoarse as she said, “You must be afraid that Senior Brother Immortal Sword will seek revenge after you kill me, right?”

Yan Beichen turned around and looked at the pale-faced Qin Pianran who was covered in mud. He sneered, “Stupid woman, do you really think that Immortal Sword will come seeking revenge for you?”

“That must be the case! It’s definitely the case!”

Initially, Yan Beichen was mocking her. However, Qin Pianran seemed to have found an answer as her initially dead eyes lit up.

Su Zimo had a look of pity.

Although Qin Pianran was infatuated with Dao Lord Immortal Sword, her devotion was heartbreaking.

Time passed by quickly and one’s youth was quickly spent.

Be it the women of the mortal world or the female cultivators of the cultivation world, the greatest misfortunes in their lives were more often than not entrusting themselves to the wrong people.

Qin Pianran shouted, “I know! Senior Brother Immortal Sword did not abandon me. He went to look for help and will definitely return!”

“That’s right, that must be it!”

Seemingly to confirm that thought, Qin Pianran clenched her fists tightly and murmured repeatedly.

Yan Beichen looked at the woman who was on the brink of insanity before him and sneered internally before turning to leave.

However, just as he turned around, he seemed to have thought of something and stopped in his tracks.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll make you give up!”

Yan Beichen said coldly, “I’ll open up a cave abode nearby and stay here temporarily. I want to see if Immortal Sword dares to return! If he dares to, it’ll be able to kill him conveniently as well!”

With that, Yan Beichen turned to Su Zimo and asked, “If you don’t have anything on, come along. I’ve got some cultivation insights to share with you.”


Su Zimo nodded in agreement.

This place was not far from Hundred Refinement Sect. If anything were to happen, he would be able to rush to Hundred Refinement Sect to send a message.

Yan Beichen’s gaze shifted and landed on a mountain peak not far away.

Without a word, he waved his sleeves and swept up Qin Pianran who was on the ground, speeding towards the mountain peak.

Su Zimo sent a spirit messenger crane to Hundred Refinement Sect to inform Dao Lord Scarlet Star and the others that he was fine before chasing after Yan Beichen.

The three of them arrived before the mountain peak very quickly.

Yan Beichen waved his Asura Saber and casually sliced the mountain peak a few times. As though he was cutting tofu, gigantic rocks fell one after another.

Within moments, a simple cave abode was built.

The three of them entered.

The Asura casually tossed Qin Pianran to the side and sat down cross-legged to heal himself without even looking at her.

Su Zimo began setting up some simple formations at the entrance of the cave.

The location of the cave abode was extremely good. Standing here, one had a clear vantage point and could see everything outside.

If Dao Lord Immortal Sword were to return, they would definitely be able to notice him right away!

For the next period of time, Yan Beichen would spend most of the day cultivating and recuperating. He would explain some of his cultivation insights to Su Zimo without holding back.

Both of them were saber cultivators and Yan Beichen had even imparted the secret skill of the fiend sects to Su Zimo.

Back then, Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was not high enough and there were some things that he could not understand.

He did not manage to cultivate the Asura Saber Intent either.

At that moment, many of his doubts were resolved with Yan Beichen’s explanation and he felt enlightened!

As time passed by, Yan Beichen’s injuries recovered gradually.

However, his face was still slightly pale.

Every time Su Zimo asked, Yan Beichen would pass it off with a casual remark.

For the past few days, Qin Pianran had been guarding the entrance of the cave, leaning against the wall and gazing into the distance with anticipation, unable to sleep.

In fact, she did not even bother to heal herself.

She was afraid that she might miss Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s return while she was recuperating.

Day after day passed by and in the blink of an eye, 10 days were gone.

Over the past few days, many cultivators had passed by this place.

However, almost all of them were beneath the Dharma Characteristic realm. Even Void Reversions rarely appeared, let alone Dao Lord Immortal Sword.

10 days was enough for Dao Lord Immortal Sword to find help and make a comeback!

After 10 days of sleepless nights, Qin Pianran looked exhausted and her face was yellow.

However, she did not give up.

Only, with each passing day, the light in her eyes dimmed by a fraction.

A month later, her eyes had turned lifeless.

Su Zimo gazed at the woman before him and almost could not recognize her.

This initially ravishing and heroic cultivator of Sword Sect was now covered in dirt all over her body with a yellowed complexion and disheveled hair.

She could not even compare to the mortal female farmers in the fields, let alone cultivators with their otherworldly grace!

For the past few days, she had not even washed or groomed herself.

A woman would dress up for her lover.

She had given up on that person.

Therefore, she did not care about her appearance at all.

What would it matter whether or not she was pretty or ugly?

For the past month, Qin Pianran did not heal herself. Coupled with the fact that she did not sleep or rest, her injuries were aggravated and worsened.

The wounds on her body were already rotting and reeking with a nauseating stench!

However, she was oblivious to it and merely leaned against the entrance of the cave, gazing into the distance with lifeless eyes as the lifeforce in her body gradually dissipated.

There were no tears in her eyes.

There was no greater sorrow than despair.

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