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Chapter 972: Rising Storm

“The top of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago, Su Zimo, has returned!”

“During the Thousand Crane Tea Party, Su Zimo killed Ye Tiancheng and Perfected Lord Pang Lan and defeated many Nascent Soul paragons. Even Void Reversions were defeated by him and he was conferred as the number one Perfected Lord!”

“After not seeing him for a hundred years, this monster incarnate is even more terrifying than before. He even declared war on Di Yin at the tea party!”

“Of the two paragons of Chaos Essence Sect, only one remains.”

The news spread rapidly in the cultivation world of the Middle Continent and caused a huge stir!

At that moment, cultivators and factions from all over the Middle Continent were discussing this matter.

“This man has been dormant for a hundred years and yet, he has not changed his character after his return. He offended so many factions the moment he appeared. I don’t think he’s going to live much longer!”

“Not necessarily. I heard that Hundred Refinement Sect has clearly expressed their intention to protect this person.”

“Fufu, Hundred Refinement Sect is declining day by day and can no longer protect itself. Who else can it protect?”

“That’s right! If a few super sects were to exert pressure at the same time, Hundred Refinement Sect would have to submit as well! Otherwise, Hundred Refinement Sect might be annihilated!”

“Not necessarily. I’ve heard some news. I heard that a Dharma Characteristic expert who has been missing for thousands of years has returned and is reconstructing his body.”

“What’s the use of Dharma Characteristic experts for something as important as the survival of a sect?” Someone scoffed in disdain.

“This Dharma Characteristic expert is extraordinary. I heard he’s Dao Lord Extreme Fire from 5,000 years ago!”

“Who is Dao Lord Extreme Fire? I’ve never heard of him.”

“It’s him! The number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago! He’s still alive!”

News of what happened at the Thousand Crane Tea Party spread and it was not difficult to deduce the truth with some of the details.

After all, there were very few people who could invite two elders of Ancient Array Sect and Elixir Yang Sect who had been reclusive for thousands of years and a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of Thousand Crane Sect with just a single letter.

At the same time, in Sword Sect.

Immortal Sword Dao Residence.

After Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift’s clones were destroyed in Thousand Demon Valley, they stayed here for more than three months to exchange their Dao technique knowledge with Dao Lord Immortal Sword.

In the past few days, the two of them had intended to leave.

However, news arrived one after another at Sword Sect and their schedule was temporarily set aside.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said slowly with a cold expression, “If Dao Lord Extreme Fire isn’t dead, he should be the one who fought me in Thousand Demon Valley!”

“No wonder.”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain said, “Back when your Essence Spirits were fighting, that person released the Soaring Serpent Flame Deity Essence Spirit secret skill.”

“It’s not right,”

Fairy Snowdrift shook her head. “I heard that Dao Lord Extreme Fire is reconstructing his body. There’s no way he could be the person we met back then who possessed an intact flesh body! This doesn’t make sense.”

“If there was someone else present, that would explain everything,” Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s gaze flickered as he remarked faintly.

“What do you mean by that?”

Fairy Snowdrift and Dao Lord Cloud Rain looked over.

“Su Zimo!”

A name popped out from the gaps between Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s teeth.

Fairy Snowdrift and Dao Lord Cloud Rain frowned.

“The number one Perfected Lord with the greatest reputation recently?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain frowned. “The timing of his return and Extreme Fire’s return is indeed a coincidence. However, what has he got to do with this?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword narrowed his eyes and said sternly, “Previously, the news from our Sword Sect disciples stated that the monster incarnate, Su Zimo, has returned and mastered an extremely terrifying sword art!”

“Even our top paragons of Sword Sect such as Jian Wuzong and Hang Qiuyu were nearly killed by that sword art.”

When Dao Lord Immortal Sword saw that the two of them were still confused, he pondered for a moment before saying in a deep voice, “Since things have come to this, there are some things I won’t hide anymore.”

“Back then, I asked the both of you to help me fight for the treasure in Thousand Demon Valley. That was actually a sword art! It was one of the three ancient sword arts!”


Fairy Snowdrift and Dao Lord Cloud Rain exclaimed in shock.

The three ancient sword arts were way too famous.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said hatefully, “As I expected, this sword art should have fallen into Su Zimo’s hands!”

“I’ve got it,”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain was enlightened. “You’re saying that the one who fought us in Thousand Demon Valley was actually Su Zimo’s body and Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Essence Spirit!”

“That’s right,”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword nodded. “My Demon Sealing Diagram was not suppressed by that person’s Dharmic powers. Instead, it was suppressed by the aura of Su Zimo’s Divine Phoenix Bone and that was why it was taken away so easily.”

“This junior sure has guts!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression was cold and he did not conceal the killing intent in his eyes.

His clone was destroyed and he returned empty-handed. He even gave up many treasures just to invite Fairy Snowdrift and Dao Lord Cloud Rain. All the grievances that he had accumulated over the past few days were directed towards Su Zimo!

“Why? Are you prepared to settle scores with that lad?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain raised his brow and asked with a fake smile.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword harrumphed coldly. “I’ve said it before. If I find out who this person is, I’ll kill him no matter what!”

“Then you have to hurry and get moving.”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain smiled gently. “After the Thousand Crane Tea Party, that lad has truly caused a huge calamity! Ye Tiancheng, Perfected Lord Pang Lan and many Void Reversions are dead. Those immortal sects must have made a move.”

“Dao Lord Extreme Fire, Hundred Refinement Sect?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword sneered, “I’m going to pay a personal visit and see how Hundred Refinement Sect reacts! I don’t believe that they can withstand the pressure of so many super sects!”

“Brother Cloud Rain, why don’t you accompany me?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword turned and asked with a sincere expression.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain knew that Dao Lord Immortal Sword was only inviting him because the latter wanted to borrow his influence. However, he did not decline.

He was not interested in Su Zimo.

However, now that 5,000 years have passed, he wanted to see how Dao Lord Extreme Fire, who was the number one on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking and suppressed him back then, was doing.

“Snowdrift, why don’t you come with us if you’re free?” Dao Lord Immortal Sword invited Fairy Snowdrift as well.


Fairy Snowdrift nodded and said indifferently, “However, I’m not heading over because I want to help you. I’m just curious about Su Zimo and Dao Lord Extreme Fire.”

“There’s no time to lose, let’s move!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword leaped up and headed out of the cave abode.

The moment he arrived outside the cave abode, a sword beam sped over from afar and descended before Dao Lord Immortal Sword.

It was a woman with a fluttering white dress and a long sword on her back. She was extremely beautiful and had a heroic aura between her brows – it was the Dharma Characteristic expert of Sword Sect, Qin Pianran.

“Senior Brother, Dao Being Han Jian of the sect died at the Thousand Crane Tea Party. Master told me to head to Hundred Refinement Sect to get the culprit!”

Qin Pianran looked at Fairy Snowdrift with hostility as she spoke.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said indifferently, “We’re about to go together. You should come as well.”

Without saying anything, the four of them summoned their Dharmic weapons and sped into the distance. Before long, they disappeared above Sword Sect.

At the same time, Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords from Heavenly Dipper Sect, Chaos Essence Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace appeared with murderous auras and rushed towards Hundred Refinement Sect!

The other sects and factions were also acting strangely!

A storm was rising in the Middle Continent!

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