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Chapter 973: Arrival of Dao Lords

Hundred Refinement Sect.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was at the end of his forging process and was no longer in danger. The only thing he had to do was wait.

Su Zimo left silently.

Outside the hall, not only were Dao Lord Scarlet Star and the other Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators guarding, Elder Gu had even set up an array formation personally to prevent any unforeseen circumstances!

Su Zimo looked over and could not see anything.

However, he could vaguely sense that there were other powerful beings in the corners of the hall. In fact, there might even be Conjoint Body Mighty Figures guarding in secret!

Everyone was waiting for Dao Lord Extreme Fire to be reborn!

Actually, Su Zimo had already killed a few people at the Thousand Crane Tea Party and was prepared to leave. He did not want to implicate Hundred Refinement Sect.

It was the same reason why he did not return to Ethereal Peak in the past – he did not want to implicate them.

However, Dao Lord Extreme Fire retained him still.

“Sect master, Dao Lord Red Tiger of Tyrant Emperor Mountain is here to visit!”

Before long, a Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator sent a message.

“Let him rest in the front hall.”

Dao Lord White Flames was long prepared and passed down the order.

Tyrant Emperor Mountain was one of the 108 Upper Sects and its status in the cultivation world was beneath the four unorthodox groups. As the sect master of Hundred Refinement Sect, he naturally wouldn’t receive them personally.

“Fufu, looks like even some of the Upper Sects can’t sit still and want to take advantage of the situation!” Dao Lord Scarlet Star sneered.

A moment later, another Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator sped over and said in a deep voice, “Sect Master, Dao Lord Heaven Sea of Five Elements Sect is here to pay a visit!”

“Yes, arrange all of them to be in the front hall.”

Dao Lord White Flames nodded.

Not long after, another Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator came to send a message. “Sect Master, Dao Lord Fire Cloud of Zephyr Thunder Palace is here!”

Dao Lord White Flames, Dao Lord Scarlet Star, and the others felt their hearts skip a beat!

They were finally here!

The Dharma Characteristics of the nine immortal sects have arrived with hostile intentions!

“Sect master, Heavenly Dipper Sect’s Dao Lord Breaking Skies is here!”

“Sect Master, Dao Lord Cloud Sun of Chaos Essence Sect has arrived!”

“Formless Monastery’s Monk Kong Wen is here!”

“Monk Liao Ming of Wisdom Monastery is here!”

As the master of a sect, Dao Lord White Flames was able to maintain his composure even after hearing the arrival of super sects.

“Sect master, Dao Lord Immortal Sword, Fairy Snowdrift and Dao Lord Cloud Rain have arrived together!”

Another piece of news arrived.

Finally, Dao Lord White Flames’s expression changed.

Although the Dharma Characteristics at the front were famous as well, they could not be compared to these three!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain was second on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago!

Fairy Snowdrift was number one on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 2,000 years ago!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword, number one of the previous Dharma Characteristic Ranking!

Furthermore, the three of them were titular disciples of Cloud Rain Sect, Snowdrift Valley and Sword Sect!

“It’s easy to explain why Dao Lord Immortal Sword is here, but why are Fairy Snowdrift and Dao Lord Cloud Rain here?” Dao Lord Scarlet Star frowned.

Dao Lord White Flames turned to everyone and cupped his fists. “I’ve got to deal with it. Everyone, wait here.”

“Don’t show yourself first. Wait for the news of Granduncle-Master Extreme Fire’s return to be released,”

Before Dao Lord White Flames left, he reminded Su Zimo.

“I’ll go with you.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said as he sped to the front with Dao Lord White Flames.

In the front hall.

The hall was extremely spacious and was purely made of metal. It was filled with a metallic texture and looked indestructible!

Many cultivators were already seated in the hall.

Every single one of them had a powerful aura and a reckless might.

The disciples of Hundred Refinement Sect that served tea were all jittery, worried that they might offend these important figures.

Nangong Ling, Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan were in the hall.

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords that arrived were already seated.

The ones seated at the highest seats were Dao Lord Immortal Sword, Fairy Snowdrift and Dao Lord Cloud Rain.

Although Cloud Rain Sect was a fiend sect, none of the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present dared to provoke Dao Lord Cloud Rain.

In the cultivation world, strength reigned supreme!

Since there were many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords gathered here, there were naturally exchanges of greetings.

Of course, everyone knew why they were here. After exchanging pleasantries, they fell silent.

All of them had dark expressions of anger.

The atmosphere in the hall was a little tense.


Suddenly, the heavy palm of Dao Lord Red Tiger of Tyrant Emperor Mountain slammed onto the metal table with a loud bang!

Ru Xuan, who had just served the tea, was shocked. She could not hold the teacup properly and it fell to the ground with a loud crack, shattering into pieces.

“What is your Hundred Refinement Sect doing!”

Dao Lord Red Tiger had a muscular build and had tempered his body for many years. He looked extremely tall and muscular with eyes that resembled copper bells. He glared at Ru Xuan beside him and hollered with a ferocious aura.

“So many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords have come to visit and Hundred Refinement Sect sent you brats to deal with us? Is this how Hundred Refinement Sect treats its guests?!”

Dao Lord Red Tiger’s voice was like a bell, ringing in Ru Xuan’s ears and making her dizzy.

Nangong Ling and Liu Hanyan endured their emotions and hurried forward to pull Ru Xuan back.

“Aren’t you ashamed of bullying the juniors?”

A cold sneer sounded from outside as Dao Lord Scarlet Star walked in.

When he saw his disciple being bullied by a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, he was naturally enraged and his tone was blunt.

“Hehe, if that’s not the case, who knows how long you guys from Hundred Refinement Sect will have to hide for!” Dao Lord Red Tiger chuckled.

Dao Lord Heaven Sea of Five Elements Sect added in a strange tone, “That’s right. If Hundred Refinement Sect were to cower and hide, there’s nothing we can do.”

“Heaven Sea, Red Tiger, you’re on Hundred Refinement Sect’s grounds. Mind your words!”

Dao Lord White Flames said coldly.

“How impressive.”

A cold glint flickered in Dao Lord Fire Cloud’s eyes as he said slowly, “No wonder Hundred Refinement Sect dared to take in a fiend demon despite the universal condemnation!”

“Fellow Daoist Fire Cloud, what are you talking about?”

Dao Lord White Flames asked indifferently.

“Stop pretending!”

Heavenly Dipper Sect’s Dao Lord Breaking Skies rose slowly and said, “White Flames, hand over Su Zimo and Hundred Refinement Sect might be able to retain your status as one of the four unorthodox groups! Otherwise, Hundred Refinement Sect is about to be destroyed!”


Formless Monastery’s Kong Wen pressed his palms together and lowered his gaze, saying softly, “Patron White Flames, we Buddhists have always been unwilling to fight with others.”

“However, that Su Zimo is definitely not a good person. He massacred the paragons of the human race wantonly and even took the supreme treasure of the Buddhist sect, the Creation Green Lotus for himself. He deserves to die!”

Dao Lord White Flames sneered, “Monk Kong Wen, aren’t you being unreasonable? Su Zimo has obtained the recognition of Human Emperor and Fairy Ling Long in Myriad Phenomenon City. To be able to resolve the catastrophe of the paragons singlehandedly, he’s definitely a human!”

“Furthermore, the Creation Green Lotus is a treasure given to him by Enigma Palace. What has it got to do with the Buddhist sects?!”

“White Flames.”

Suddenly, Dao Lord Immortal Sword spoke.

Instantly, the hall fell silent.

Nobody dared to underestimate this number one Dao Lord of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

“Hand him over! Hundred Refinement Sect can’t protect him!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said slowly, “In other words, I’m going to barge into Hundred Refinement Sect right now to take him away. Who would dare to stop me? Who can stop me?!”

His words were extremely domineering but nobody dared to question him!

Given Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s combat strength, he could probably fight against Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

If Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift were to join forces with him, their combat strength would be terrifying. Even if Hundred Refinement Sect could withstand it, they would suffer immense losses!

Furthermore, Dao Lord Immortal Sword was a titular disciple of Sword Sect and the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking – Hundred Refinement Sect would not dare to kill him!

“If you dare to barge into Hundred Refinement Sect, I’ll kill you!”

Right then, a cold and powerful voice sounded from outside!

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