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Chapter 971: Body Reconstruction

The tea party ended and everyone dispersed.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said to Su Zimo, “Uncle-Master, grandmaster wants you to hurry back.”


Su Zimo nodded.

The reason why there was such a huge commotion was because Dao Lord Extreme Fire was worried about his safety.

Su Zimo said, “Let’s head back tonight then.”

Little Fatty, Leng Rou and the others were naturally reluctant to part with Su Zimo after not seeing him for a hundred years. After the tea party, they had nothing else to do so they followed Su Zimo to Hundred Refinement Sect.

Apart from them, there were also Shangguan Zi, Elder Gu and Old Man Ge!

Shangguan Zi summoned a white cloud and led everyone towards Hundred Refinement Sect at full speed.

When Dao Being Yu Ding led everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect to Thousand Crane Sect, they walked for almost half a day.

But now, a Conjoint Body led all the cultivators at full speed and arrived at Hundred Refinement Sect in less than ten minutes!

This speed was truly frightening!

Many of the Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators returned to the sect in high spirits, wishing for nothing more than to recount the events of the Thousand Crane Tea Party throughout the sect!

Su Zimo brought Leng Rou and the others back to his cave abode.

Everyone naturally had a lot to say after not seeing each other for a hundred years.

That was even more likely for Shangguan Zi, Elder Gu and Old Man Ge who had not seen each other for 5,000 years.

After Shangguan Zi and the others arrived at Hundred Refinement Sect, they headed straight for the Hundred Refinement Hall with excited expressions.

Su Zimo, Leng Rou, Little Fatty and the others spent the entire night talking about everything that had happened to them for the past hundred years. The laughter in the cave abode never stopped.

Little Fatty bounced around excitedly the entire night.

Everyone seemed to have returned to the past when they were in Ethereal Peak.


Su Zimo and the others did not sleep the entire night. However, they were still full of energy and were in high spirits.

Before long, Dao Lord Scarlet Star came to visit and asked Su Zimo to head to the Hundred Refinement Hall to meet Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

Without hesitation, Su Zimo followed Dao Lord Scarlet Star to the main hall.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star stood guard outside while Su Zimo entered alone.

Deep in the hall, it was stuffy.

After passing through a long corridor, he arrived at the innermost area and everything opened up before him. It was a secret chamber with a huge dome.

In the secret chamber, a ball of scorching flames spewed continuously from the ground on the left.

On the right, there was a gigantic spirit pool with countless spirit herbs and plants rising and falling; Immortal Spirit Flower, Azure Sun Branch, Dragon Phoenix Lotus, Xuan Yuan Grass, 10,000 Year Blood Ginseng…

It was filled with vitality and spirit qi that was dense and gave off a rich aura of life!

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

These spirit herbs and elixirs were rare even on ordinary days. Only a sect like Hundred Refinement Sect with an immense foundation and strength could gather so many of them!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Essence Spirit stood in midair not far away.

“I’ve heard about what happened at the tea party. As for what happens next, I’ll handle it. You don’t have to worry.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire consoled Su Zimo.

“I called you here today because I want you to witness the entire process of forging the bones and body.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “Back then, I merely explained it to you. I’m sure there are many things that you might not understand. Today, I’ll demonstrate it once more. You have to remember every single detail!”

Su Zimo nodded.

In truth, his current body could be said to be perfect and earthshaking. He cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and fused with the bloodline of the dragon race. His blood qi was terrifying!

Even the physique and bloodline of the Primordial Nine Races could not compare to him!

Su Zimo did not know how to exchange a body at all. Given his current physique, he felt that there was no need to either.

However, he had a feeling that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was implying something and focused his attention.

“This flame is the Earth Core Fire. It’s extremely hot and can melt many natural materials.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire explained to Su Zimo as he demonstrated.

“Let’s fuse the nine fire-elemental materials together first.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire placed the Weapon Tripod on the Earth Core Fire and placed the Scarlet Phoenix Blood Ore, Sun Stone, Lava Crystal, Thousand Demon Blood Stone, Nirvana Stone and other top-tier materials into the Weapon Tripod before slowly melting them.

Thereafter, he used the liquid inside to forge the bones he needed.

It was a long and complicated process.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was extremely patient as he explained while tempering and explaining every single detail.

Su Zimo memorized everything.

It took a full three days before a skeleton was created. Every single section of the skeleton had a natural fire-elemental pattern that emitted a scorching heat.

The skeleton could be said to be perfect and every single part of it was carved with exquisite jade bracelets. It was a godly work of art that was truly admirable.

With that skeleton, the power of fire-based Dharmic arts would definitely increase!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire consumed a lot of energy after completing the Bone Forging process.

He continued explaining things to Su Zimo while resting.

“Next is the process of body tempering.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire pointed to the spirit pool not far away. “This spirit pool contains all spirit herbs and elixirs that can provide life essence.”

“By using this skeleton to nourish one’s bloodline, one can nurture their organs and other organs in this spirit pool.”

“This process is rather long, even longer than Bone Forging!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire took a deep breath and pointed to a brand new storage bag beside him. “Keep this storage bag.”

Picking up the storage bag, Su Zimo took a look and his heart skipped a beat.

The storage bag contained a large amount of spirit herbs and elixirs that were identical to the ones in the spirit pool!

Not only that, there were also some top-grade bone tempering ores in his storage bag.


Su Zimo looked at Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

This gift was way too precious!

Even if he sold all the treasures of Ethereal Peak, they would not be as valuable as this small storage bag.

“I specially instructed Hundred Refinement Sect to collect two sets of spirit herbs and elixirs when they were gathering the materials.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said meaningfully, “Take it. You might need it in the future.”

Su Zimo nodded and put away the storage bag.

“Alright, Body Tempering comes after Bone Forging.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Essence Spirit flickered and arrived at the glabella of the skeleton’s head. He controlled the skeleton to enter the spirit pool and sit down cross-legged.


An endless stream of life essence surged into the scarlet skeleton.

At the same time, Dao Lord Extreme Fire controlled his Dharmic powers with his Essence Spirit and vibrated his bones continuously.


The sound of bone marrow flowing could be heard from his bones.

Marrow Cleansing!

Su Zimo was extremely familiar with that scene.

There was the Marrow Cleansing section in the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

Using the sound of tigers and leopards, one can purify the marrow and create a new bloodline to achieve the goal of Blood Purification!

Gradually, pink flesh that was as thin as a cicada’s wings appeared on the scarlet skeleton.

As time passed by, the flesh on his bones gradually filled up.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s outline gradually became clearer.

The secret chamber was silent.

At that moment, the cultivation world of the Middle Continent was in an uproar as news after news spread one after another, creating huge waves!

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