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Chapter 935: I’m Not Willing!

“So, it’s you two.”

Ye Tiancheng had already returned to his throne and said with a sinister smile, “Good, very good. Let’s see how long you two can hide in Thousand Crane Sect!”

“Pretty Sister Sect Master, look!”

Little Fatty complained immediately, “How dare he raise his voice in front of you? He’s really looking down on you!”

When he heard that, Ye Tiancheng was so angry that he wanted to rush into the crowd and tear Little Fatty into pieces!

“That’s enough!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue waved it off and ignored Little Fatty, declaring loudly, “Everyone, welcome to Thousand Crane Sect as guests for this tea party.”

“The tea party is mainly divided into two parts. I’m sure everyone already knows about it, so I won’t elaborate any further. First, it will be a formation battle.”

“Second, the competition for elixir refinement. Third, the competition for talismans.”

“Fourth, the most important thing for this tea session is the weapon refinement fight between Hundred Refinement Sect and Hellfire Palace!”

It was as everyone had expected.

Thousand Crane Sect had arranged for the highly anticipated weapon refinement battle to be held at the end.

Su Zimo glanced at Ming Han of Hellfire Hall and Liu Hanyan before shaking his head slightly.

They were clearly in different mental states.

Ming Han and Ye Tiancheng chatted merrily with relaxed expressions.

Liu Hanyan, on the other hand, lowered her head slightly and clenched her fists in silence.

Su Zimo could tell that Liu Hanyan was under immense pressure and was starting to get nervous.

However, there was nothing he could do about it.

He was a Weapon Refinement Master and could refine spirit weapons.

But right now, both parties were competing on the refinement of Dharmic weapons!

The difference between spirit and Dharmic weapons was just a single word, but the difference between them was worlds apart!

Although Dao Lord Extreme Fire had already imparted many techniques and secret skills of weapon refinement to Su Zimo, he had never tried them.

There was no such thing as an epiphany for weapon refinement – it required countless attempts and tempering.

He had to put in a lot of effort in that regard!

It had only been three months since Dao Lord Extreme Fire imparted these things to him and he had no time to practice them.

The tea party had already begun.

The first match was a battle of formations.

The rules were simple.

Ancient Array Sect would send out a cultivator.

As for the other sects and factions, including the immortal and Buddhist sects, Upper Sects, aristocratic families and even itinerant cultivators, as long as there was an Formation Master who could defeat this cultivator from the ancient array sect, it would be considered as a victory.

If no one could defeat the Ancient Array Sect cultivator, it would be Ancient Array Sect’s victory!

Although the rules were simple, it revealed the sect’s confidence and foundation as one of the four unorthodox groups!

Disciples of the ancient formation sect would be able to take on all challenges pertaining to formations!

The final victor would be personally conferred the title of Great Master by Dao Lord Lan Yue!

For example, the final victor of the formation battle would become a Great Formation Master.

The final victor of the Elixir Refinement competition would become a Great Elixir Refinement Master.

A total of four Great Masters would be decided for the four battles!

All of them would be eligible for a cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea!

Array formations were deduced from a gigantic sand table and could be set up once a cultivator’s spirit consciousness entered.

Su Zimo had studied formations before as well.

In fact, he had not abandoned it all these years.

That was because for every deeper level of the Illumination Sword Formation, not only would the number of flying swords required increase, he would also have to comprehend the profoundness of the formation.

Only, Su Zimo’s Illumination Sword Formation was stuck at Level 3 and could no longer advance.

However, he had long comprehended the Level 4 formation.

It was just that he did not have any Dharmic swords compatible for it.

Level 4 Illumination Sword Formation required 36 Dharmic swords.

Furthermore, if he wanted to set up the formation successfully, the weight, length and shape of the 36 Dharmic swords had to be similar!

Su Zimo did not know how to refine Dharmic weapons.

It was absolutely impossible for him to gather 36 similar Dharmic swords!

Therefore, his Illumination Sword Formation was already set aside after he entered Nascent Soul realm.

The further the sword formation progressed, the more flying swords were required.

At Level 9, a total of 81 flying swords were required!

Although the might of the Illumination Sword Formation was shocking, it had not been passed down. Even among Ancient Array Sect cultivators, not many would be able to recognize it.

That was one of the reasons!

Since he had nothing to do, Su Zimo went to the sand table to watch the formation battle.

About four hours later.

The result was out.

In the end, Perfected Lord Yan Bai of Ancient Array Sect won!

Perfected Lord Yan Bai laid down a massive formation and trapped more than a hundred Formation Masters in succession. None of them managed to escape – it was a dazzling achievement!

“Grant the tea!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue smiled and waved her hand gently. A tender green tea leaf at the top of the Mystic Tea Tree floated down and landed in the teacup.

The elder beside her retrieved fresh spring water and boiled it with Dharmic powers, turning it into a ball of water that rolled into the teacup.


The fragrance of tea spread rapidly, making one feel relaxed.

Given that effect just by smelling the fragrance of the tea from afar, one could tell how precious the supreme-grade Mystic Tea was!

The Thousand Crane Sect elder brewed the tea personally and sent it over.

Perfected Lord Yan Bai was overwhelmed by the favor and received the supreme-grade Mystic Tea. He looked at the jade green tea and gulped it down with complete disregard of its heat!

The moment the tea entered his stomach, Perfected Lord Yan Bai shuddered and sat down cross-legged. Closing his eyes, he started cultivating and meditating instantly.

Ancient Array Sect cultivators hurried over and huddled around to protect him from being disturbed.

After that was the competition for elixir refinement.

All the Elixir Refinement Masters in the Middle Continent could take part in the challenge.

An Elixir Yang Sect cultivator would be the one to welcome the challenges.

The Elixir Refinement Master that Elixir Yang Sect sent out was none other than Tang Yu who liked to dress up as a man and had crossed paths with Su Zimo’s group in the ancient battlefield!

It was thanks to Tang Yu’s recommendation that Xiaoning and Ji Chengtian were able to join Elixir Yang Sect back then.

After so many years, Tang Yu was still the same as before. Dressed as a pale-faced scholar, she looked like a handsome young master from afar.

Su Zimo could not help but think of Xiaoning.

“If Xiaoning was still around, she would have a chance to fight for the title of a Great Elixir Refinement Master given her attainments in elixir refinement.”

Su Zimo told himself quietly

The duration of the Elixir Refinement Competition was shorter and the outcome was determined within two hours.

As expected, Tang Yu had obtained the title of Great Elixir Refinement Master!

“Grant the tea!”

Without hesitation, Dao Lord Lan Yue plucked another leaf from the tip of the Illumination Tea Tree.

The Thousand Crane Sect elder brewed the supreme-grade Mystic Tea and sent it over.

In the blink of an eye, the third round, the talisman battle, was about to begin!

This time round, Thousand Crane Sect was the host and naturally could not afford to lose – the cultivator they sent was Leng Rou!

“Go on. Given your strength and talent, it should be easy for you to win the title of a Great Talisman Master.”

Dao Lord Lan Yue looked at Leng Rou and nodded with a smile, pleased with her disciple.

Clenching her fists slightly, Leng Rou swept her gaze across Ji Chengtian, Little Fatty and Shi Jian. When she saw their encouraging gazes, she finally made up her mind.


Leng Rou arrived before Dao Lord Lan Yue and knelt down.

Dao Lord Lan Yue frowned slightly. “What’s wrong? Get up and speak.”

“Master, if I can obtain the title of a Great Talisman Master, I don’t need anything. I only have one request and I hope you can agree to it!”

Still kneeling on the ground, Leng Rou said slowly with a resolute gaze.

Perfected Lord Lan Yue seemed to have realized something and her expression darkened. After hesitating for a long time, she said, “Tell me.”

“I’m not willing to become Dao companions with Ye Tiancheng!”

Leng Rou said that statement word by word with a resounding conviction!

The moment she said that, the crowd fell into an uproar!

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