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Chapter 936: Greeting Gift

I’m not willing!

No one could imagine how much pressure Leng Rou had to endure or how difficult it was for her to say those words in front of countless paragons of various sects and factions!

That short statement was even more powerful than a hysterical shout!

She was fighting against authority!

She was defying her master’s orders!

Dao Lord Lan Yue’s expression turned terrible as she glared at Leng Rou silently with suppressed rage!

That silence was even scarier than a stern rebuke!

Nobody knew what would happen next!

By going against a sect master during such an important event, Leng Rou was not only going against Thousand Crane Sect, but also Dao Lord Lan Yue’s personal dignity!

It was also possible for Dao Lord Lan Yue to cripple Leng Rou and disavow her as a disciple in a fit of anger!

On the other side, Ye Tiancheng narrowed his eyes and glared at Leng Rou’s back view with a dark expression.

Now that Leng Rou rejected the marriage proposal right in front of him, he was thoroughly embarrassed!

At that moment, countless cultivators were gloating internally in secret and wanted to make a joke out of him!

Silence filled the Mystic Courtyard.

Even the sound of wind vanished.

The air seemed to have frozen!

Right in front of Dao Lord Lan Yue’s gaze, Leng Rou knelt on the ground and gritted her teeth. Enduring the immense pressure, she raised her head and looked into Dao Lord Lan Yue’s eyes.

Under that pressure, even her petite body trembled slightly.

After a long time, Dao Lord Lan Yue spoke slowly and expressionlessly, “Take back what you said earlier on. I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear it.”

The immense pressure almost destroyed Leng Rou!

Ji Chengtian stood out.

Little Fatty and Shi Jian stood out as well.

The three of them arrived beside Leng Rou silently and stood shoulder to shoulder with her!

As though she had received immense encouragement, Leng Rou took a deep breath and looked at Dao Lord Lan Yue, saying word by word, “I’m not willing!”

She refused to back down!

“Bloody hell!”

Enraged, Dao Lord Lan Yue slammed the table and stood up!

The thunderous wrath of the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord was not only felt by Leng Rou, who was kneeling on the ground, but bystanders as well!

Su Zimo remained silent and watched coldly from the sidelines.

This was Thousand Crane Sect and there were three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present. He did not dare to attack directly and start a massacre.

Otherwise, not only would he die here, he would also implicate Leng Rou and the others.

“Please don’t be angry, Sect Master. Rou’er might have been confused for a moment.”

An elder standing beside Dao Lord Lan Yue said softly. She looked at Leng Rou and shook her head, indicating for the latter to not go against the sect master.

Dao Lord Lan Yue looked at Leng Rou and recalled the interactions she had with her disciple over the years. Gradually, her gaze softened.

No matter what, Leng Rou was her proudest disciple!

Dao Lord Lan Yue took a deep breath and said earnestly, “Leng Rou, I know that you’re unwilling, but you have to know that I’m doing this for your own good.”

When he heard that, Little Fatty did not have much of an expression on his face. However, he sneered internally, ‘For her own good? Fufu, at the end of the day, it’s only for yourself and the sect!’

“I’ve lived for thousands of years and I’ve been in the same situation before. What don’t I know?”

Dao Lord Lan Yue continued, “Although you don’t have much feelings towards Ye Tiancheng now, as long as you two become Dao companions and stay together by one another for a long time, feelings will definitely blossom.”

“The path of cultivation is long and arduous. It’s not easy to find a Dao companion that you can spend the rest of your life with. You must cherish the opportunity before you.”

Little Fatty coughed gently. “Pretty Sister Sect Master, that’s not right. If they don’t have feelings for each other, how are they going to stay together by one another?”

He continued with a chuckle, “Pretty Sister Sect Master, I’m going to say something that I hope you don’t blame me for. Will you be willing to stay by my side right now?”

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

Shi Jian finally blurted out after holding it in for a long time.


Many cultivators in the crowd could not help but burst into laughter.

Ru Xuan could not stop giggling as well. “Those two are so interesting.”


Dao Lord Lan Yue glared at Little Fatty and did not bother with him. She then said to Leng Rou, “I know that you might have heard some rumors about a marriage alliance with Ye Tiancheng or a scheme to lure someone out.”

“However, let me tell you, those are rumors and malicious slander!”

“Not necessarily,”

Little Fatty muttered, “There’s no smoke without fire. Ye Tiancheng is ruthless and can do anything.”

Dao Lord Lan Yue’s gaze shifted and her expression darkened. She glared at the three of them and said coldly, “I warned you guys not to cause trouble!”

“If you dare to say anything more, don’t blame me for being merciless and kicking you guys out of Thousand Crane Sect!”

Killing intent flashed through Ye Tiancheng’s eyes.

With Dao Lord Lan Yue around, it wasn’t appropriate for him to kill the three of them.

However, he would have no qualms the moment the three of them were tossed out of Thousand Crane Sect!

At that thought, Ye Tiancheng stood up and declared, “Senior Lan Yue, the three of them clearly have ill intentions and want to cause trouble. I’m sure no one has any objections to kicking them out of the Thousand Crane Tea Party.”

Ye Tiancheng could no longer suppress the killing intent in his heart!

His reputation had been damaged repeatedly after coming to the Thousand Crane Tea Party and he was already fuming.

As long as Little Fatty and the other two left Thousand Crane Sect, he would find an excuse to leave the Mystic Courtyard momentarily and hunt them down personally!

“Pretty Sister Sect Master, look! Ye Tiancheng can’t wait to make a move on us. I can guarantee that Ye Tiancheng will definitely chase after us the moment we leave this place!”

Little Fatty was smart enough to read Ye Tiancheng’s mind.

Dao Lord Lan Yue frowned slightly.

She also understood that chasing the three of them out of Thousand Crane Sect was no different from killing them.

However, the three of them gave her a headache.

At that moment, Ye Tiancheng’s gaze was dark as he glared at Leng Rou’s back view with resentment!

Leng Rou’s rejection of the marriage proposal was a huge slap to his face.

Ye Tiancheng had never suffered such humiliation!

Initially, he only intended to marry Leng Rou and make her his maidservant.

But now, Ye Tiancheng has changed his mind!

He wanted to marry Leng Rou and torture her ruthlessly, making her suffer so much that she wanted to die and be a slave for life!

At that thought, Ye Tiancheng suddenly laughed and declared, “Junior Sister Leng Rou, don’t listen to the rumors. My sincerity towards you can be verified by Heaven and Earth!”

Upon hearing that, Dao Lord Lan Yue was extremely pleased and nodded with a smile.

Ye Tiancheng continued, “I have some ties with Ming Han of Hellfire Hall and he has already promised me that if he manages to refine a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon in this weapon refinement battle, he will give it to me.”

“As for this connate Dharmic weapon, I’ll give it to you in hopes of expressing my sincerity. Of course, this is just a small greeting gift.”

The crowd was in an uproar!

A gift of a connate Dharmic weapon was a shocking extravagance!

Most of the female cultivators present revealed looks of envy.

Ye Tiancheng was an unprecedented paragon who was handsome and elegant with unlimited potential in the future to begin with. Now that he was gifting a connate Dharmic weapon as a greeting gift, who could reject him?

Dao Lord Lan Yue looked at Ye Tiancheng and nodded in satisfaction before turning to Leng Rou to persuade her.

“You heard it as well. Ye Tiancheng is a decent child and he’s truly sincere towards you. He’s even giving away a connate Dharmic weapon just like that!”


Right then, another sneer sounded from the crowd, filled with mockery!

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