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Chapter 934: Reunion of Five

The crowd was shocked!

Earlier on, someone was killed on the spot by Ye Tiancheng’s maidservant just because he laughed.

Even Thousand Crane Sect did not step in and acknowledged the act in silence.

To think that someone would dare to speak at this moment!

Furthermore, this time round, he was openly mocking Ye Tiancheng and challenging the latter’s authority!

Many cultivators realized that someone was about to die.

When he heard that voice, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he could not help but smile.

To think that he would be here as well!

Ji Chengtian looked around in shock and joy.

Initially, Leng Rou had a cold expression. However, when she heard that voice, her expression changed slightly and her cold eyes flashed with warmth.


Ye Tiancheng narrowed his eyes and surveyed his surroundings.

Initially, the nine maidservants beside him frowned and scanned the crowd. However, they were hesitant and did not move for a long time.

When that voice sounded earlier on, it was erratic and difficult to determine its direction – none of them could be certain where it came from!

“Fufu, what are you squinting at? Look at that silly look of yours!”

The mocking voice sounded once again.

This time round, the provocation was even stronger and it was a personal attack.

Even an ordinary person would not be able to take such a provocation, not to mention Ye Tiancheng who was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking and lauded as the number one Perfected Lord!


Ye Tiancheng stood up with a murderous aura. His glabella shone and he released his massive spirit consciousness, enveloping the entire courtyard!

A moment later.

He did not move still and had a grim expression.

He did not discover anything!

After his spirit consciousness descended, the voice seemed to have vanished into thin air and was hidden as well.

Even the Void Reversions present could not find the person who spoke, let alone Ye Tiancheng!

Ye Tiancheng took a deep breath and retracted his spirit consciousness slowly with a dark gaze before returning to his seat.

“Aiyah, that scared me!”

Ye Tiancheng had just retracted his spirit consciousness and his butt had yet to even touch his seat when the mocking voice sounded once more.

“It’s not that I want to say this, but Chaos Essence Sect is really arrogant. You can’t take it when someone laughs. Now that you can’t find me, are you going to explode from anger?”

Su Zimo snickered internally.

To think that Little Fatty would be even more mischievous after a hundred years.

Furthermore, it had to be said that Little Fatty’s concealment technique was extremely brilliant. Even Su Zimo could only vaguely determine Little Fatty’s location with his six powerful senses.

Little Fatty kept moving through the crowd.

However, his body seemed to be covered with a treasure that concealed his aura that no one could discover.

Furthermore, he moved very slowly and carefully.

“Who is this coward that is hiding in the darkness?!”

Ye Tiancheng’s expression darkened as he said slowly, “Show yourself if you dare!”

“No, I don’t dare to, I’m timid.”

Little Fatty replied, “You kill people at the drop of a hat and Thousand Crane Sect doesn’t care. Who wouldn’t be afraid?”

Not only was he mocking Ye Tiancheng for killing the innocent, he was also mocking Thousand Crane Sect.

Many Void Reversions of Thousand Crane Sect turned scarlet.

Ye Tiancheng closed his eyes and suddenly shut his mouth, as though he had given up on searching.

After a while, Little Fatty asked again, “What are you doing there? Are you asleep?”

All of a sudden!

Ye Tiancheng opened his eyes and killing intent burst forth. In a flash, he leaped into the crowd and hollered coldly, “Get the hell out!”

The cultivators dispersed in shock.

There was only a black-robed figure standing on the spot, seemingly scared out of his wits.


Ye Tiancheng’s fist landed heavily on that person’s chest.

The person’s clothes were torn and he was sent flying. His chest was pierced but strangely, no blood flowed out.


The person fell to the ground and rolled a few times before stopping.

Everyone focused their attention.

It was not a person at all, but a puppet made from superior-grade black iron!

The puppet was sprawled on the ground with its back facing everyone. There were a few words written on its back – The one who hit me is an idiot!


This time round, the cultivators could no longer hold it in and burst into laughter.

Su Zimo laughed as well.

It turned out that Little Fatty was not the only one.

There was also the foolish Shi Jian who joined Puppet Sect!

They were all here!

When she saw that, Leng Rou pursed her lips emotionally.

When her old friends heard about her marriage with Ye Tiancheng, they knew that it might be a trap but they still rushed over without hesitation!

It was the case for Ji Chengtian.

It was the same for Little Fatty and Shi Jian!

Leng Rou was not a sentimental person to begin with. However, at that moment, she felt her nose sting and her eyes reddened.

Ye Tiancheng’s expression turned extremely grim.

In fact, he even had a thought to kill all the cultivators laughing at that instant!

However, he knew that it was unrealistic.

Even though he was the top of the Phenomenon Ranking and number one Perfected Lord, even he could not do that.

“Stop fooling around!”

Right then, a soft shout sounded from afar.

Three graceful figures appeared in the air with powerful auras and an unrestrained might.

Three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

Although the three female cultivators looked like they were in their middle ages, they were still beautiful and exuded a mature aura that no young girl could possess.

The female cultivator in the lead was the sect master of Thousand Crane Sect, Dao Lord Lan Yue.

The two beside her were elders of Thousand Crane Sect.

Dao Lord Lan Yue swept her gaze across the crowd and said indifferently, “If the two of you are here for the Thousand Crane Tea Party, Thousand Crane Sect will naturally welcome you. However, if you are here to cause trouble, don’t blame me for chasing you out!”

No matter how brilliant Little Fatty and Shi Jian were, they could not hide from the spirit consciousness detection of a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord.

Little Fatty and Shi Jian sneaked over to the side of Thousand Crane Sect before revealing themselves.

The two of them made faces at Ye Tiancheng.

At that moment, Thousand Crane Sect’s sect master was present.

No matter how strong Ye Tiancheng was, he would not dare to start a massacre right in front of Thousand Crane Sect’s sect master!

“Pretty Pretty Sister Sect Master, please don’t chase us out!”

Little Fatty greeted Dao Lord Lan Yue with a grin.

Although Dao Lord Lan Yue was expressionless, she was delighted when he addressed her as Pretty Pretty Sister Sect Master.

Although she looked like she was only middle-aged, she had already lived for thousands of years. How could she not be happy when she heard a hundred-year-old child call her a pretty sister?

Little Fatty said, “Pretty Sister Sect Master, Ye Tiancheng even dared to kill someone in your territory. If you chase us out, he’ll definitely kill us.”

A smiling person will not be the target of attacks; furthermore, Little Fatty had a sweet tongue.

Moreover, Little Fatty and Shi Jian were also the successors of Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect – Perfected Lord Lan Yue naturally had her reservations.

She said, “It’s good that you guys know the situation. Given your reputations, you’re qualified to drink a cup of mystical tea.”

Pausing for a moment, Perfected Lord Lan Yue looked at the two of them warningly and said word by word, “Remember, don’t cause trouble for me!”

Shi Jian was still in a foolish daze and stood squarely in silence.

Little Fatty chuckled and let it pass.

With a smile, Leng Rou beckoned to the two of them. “Come over here.”

“Call Brother Ji!”

“Haha, that’s what I was waiting for.”

Ji Chengtian burst into laughter and walked out of the crowd.

A hundred years later, the four of them finally reunited!

To be precise, it was the five of them!

Su Zimo sat on the side of Hundred Refinement Sect and did not make a move, nor did he remind Leng Rou and the others.

Spirit consciousness transmissions would cause spirit consciousness fluctuations.

At that moment, if he were to send a voice transmission, it would definitely attract the attention of others and there was no need for that.

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