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Chapter 933: Ruthless

“Brother Ming Han, how have you been?”

Ye Tiancheng stood on his throne without getting up.

Or rather, none of the cultivators in the Mystic Courtyard were worthy of him standing up to welcome them!

Ye Tiancheng waved his hand gently and the nine wyrms in front of him understood. They opened up a path and allowed Ming Han to enter.

Ye Tiancheng sat on his throne high and mighty.

Ming Han stood below.

Even so, that was enough to make many cultivators envious.

To be able to have a friendly relationship with Ye Tiancheng and converse with him at such a close distance was already a great honor for many cultivators.

The atmosphere on the side of Hundred Refinement Sect was a little depressing.

The closer Ming Han and Ye Tiancheng were, the worse the situation for Hundred Refinement Sect was!

A moment later, Dao Being Yu Ding turned around and consoled Liu Hanyan, “Junior Sister Liu, you don’t have to worry. As long as you win the weapon refinement competition and salvage the reputation of the sect with pride, it wouldn’t matter even if Ming Han is acquainted with Ye Tiancheng.”


Liu Hanyan nodded and pursed her lips in silence.

Su Zimo sighed internally.

Although Dao Being Yu Ding’s intention was to console her, his words clearly gave Liu Hanyan even more pressure!

Right then, the doors to the inner courtyard of Mystic Courtyard opened and a group of beautiful female cultivators walked out. Their figures and appearances varied but they were all unique in their own rights.

The woman at the front wore a white dress that fluttered in the wind. She was extremely beautiful and had an indifferent expression. There was no human aura around her and she looked like a fairy that had descended onto the mortal realm.

However, her gaze was cold and she resembled an iceberg, causing many cultivators to shrink back.


“Fairy Leng Rou has appeared!”

“Truly peerless and devastatingly beautiful!”

The crowd gasped.

Although her entrance was not grand, the commotion caused by Leng Rou’s appearance was no less than Ye Tiancheng!

Raising his head, Su Zimo looked at the woman who was walking over slowly with a warm gaze and a sincere smile.

After not seeing her for a hundred years, Leng Rou had grown increasingly cold and aloof.

Su Zimo was delighted to see that his old friend was fine.

Although Leng Rou was in a predicament right now, he was already here and naturally wouldn’t let his old friend suffer any grievances!

Su Zimo looked at Leng Rou, lost in his thoughts.

At the side, Ru Xuan was displeased.


Pouting her lips, Ru Xuan glared at Su Zimo and snapped, “I thought that you would be able to keep your cool. But you’re the same when you see a beauty! Hey, be careful. Your saliva will flow out soon!”

Liu Hanyan frowned slightly, feeling surprised.

In her impression, Su Zimo was not that sort of a playboy.

She was a beauty herself.

Back when they first met, Su Zimo had never revealed such a gaze or smile.

Furthermore, if even Ye Tiancheng could not move Su Zimo, how could this Fairy Leng Rou possess such charm?

Liu Hanyan did not understand.

Furthermore, she noticed that Su Zimo was not looking at Fairy Leng Rou with infatuated or lustful eyes.

Su Zimo looked at Fairy Leng Rou with a clear and gentle gaze.

Liu Hanyan glanced sideways at Ye Tiancheng who was not far away.

At that moment, Ye Tiancheng was also looking at Leng Rou.

However, Ye Tiancheng’s gaze was condescending and filled with dominance, causing Liu Hanyan to feel uncomfortable.

“Leng Rou, I’m here.”

Ye Tiancheng stood up slowly and looked at Leng Rou with a smile.

He had a haughty expression as though he was waiting for Leng Rou to make a reply.

Unfortunately, Leng Rou did not even look at him.

The situation was awkward.

The clamor of the crowd around them died down as well.

A cold glint flashed through Ye Tiancheng’s eyes before he chuckled with a carefree expression. Seemingly unconcerned, he sat back down.


Out of nowhere, a cultivator could not help but laugh.

Ye Tiancheng’s expression turned cold.

A Nascent Soul maidservant who was initially standing beside him leaped into the crowd. Her sleeves fluttered and she thrust forward with a dagger that possessed a cold glint!

The cultivator was flustered and caught off guard.

He had not expected anybody to dare attack someone else in front of so many Void Reversions of Thousand Crane Sect!

Furthermore, although the Nascent Soul realm woman looked weak, her attack was extremely decisive and ruthless – she did not hold back at all when she stabbed the man’s glabella!

Cultivators who could attend the tea party were no ordinary people.


Slapping his storage bag, the man drew out a long saber and slashed viciously at the incoming dagger!


The saber and dagger collided!

The man shuddered.

Although the Nascent Soul realm woman was skinny, the power she released was extremely shocking – he could not hold his saber properly!

All of a sudden!

A cold glint flashed through the Nascent Soul realm woman’s eyes as she changed her moves extremely quickly!

With a twist of her wrist, the dagger’s edge slid down along the saber and sliced off four of the cultivator’s fingers!


With a tragic cry, the person staggered in retreat with a bloodied palm.

Unexpectedly, the Nascent Soul realm woman did not hold back at all. With a cold expression, she closed in and threw her dagger.

The dagger circled around the person’s neck nimbly before returning to her hand.


A gigantic head fell!

In his shock, the Nascent Soul’s Essence Spirit left his body.

However, the Essence Spirit did not manage to escape far before it convulsed in the cold wind. Its light dimmed rapidly and dissipated in the void, dying on the spot!

The Essence Spirits of Nascent Souls were way too weak and would die before long without their bodies!

The huge Mystic Courtyard was so silent that one could hear a pin drop!

Nobody expected the Nascent Soul to be killed on the spot because of a single laugh!

Furthermore, Ye Tiancheng was not the one who attacked personally.

Instead, his maidservant sliced off the person’s head with two slashes!

Normally, cultivators were forbidden from fighting to the death within Thousand Crane Sect.

Even if it was a fight between the paragons of the tea party, they would only stop when things were right and no killing was allowed.

Who would have thought that Ye Tiancheng would be so domineering?

Before the Thousand Crane Tea Party even began, it was already stained with blood.

The courtyard was filled with a murderous aura and all the cultivators were silent.

Ye Tiancheng finally opened his mouth and said lazily, “Ye Qi merely wanted to teach him a lesson and had already held back. He was the one who courted death and chose to release his Essence Spirit. She can’t be blamed for that.”

Ye Qi was the name of that Nascent Soul maidservant.

To be precise, the nine maidservants had no names but numbers, from Ye Yi to Ye Jiu[1].

When the Void Reversions of Thousand Crane Sect heard that explanation, they frowned but did not say anything, acknowledging his reason in silence.

The hearts of the cultivators turned cold.

Ye Tiancheng’s words were completely unreasonable!

By beheading a Nascent Soul’s head, Ye Qi destroyed the Nascent Soul’s physical body!

Once his head was severed, his blood qi would dry up before long.

Even if that person’s Essence Spirit did not leave his body and resided within his withered head, it would not be able to hold out for long and would still die!

Ye Qi’s attack was no different from killing that person!

Everyone understood that logic.

However, the Void Reversions of Thousand Crane Sect acknowledged it!

This incident was also proof of Thousand Crane Sect’s attitude towards Ye Tiancheng.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. The number one of the Phenomenon Ranking sure is impressive!”

Right then, another mocking laughter sounded from the courtyard.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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