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Chapter 932: Ye Tiancheng

Dao Being Yu Ding said, “There’s only a cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea left. That’s the second part, the fight between paragons!”

“The final cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea is extremely precious and only the number one Perfected Lord of the Middle Continent will be qualified to drink it!”

Nangong Ling lamented, “I wonder if it’s Ye Tiancheng or Perfected Lord Pang Lan. I feel that only those two top two of the Phenomenon Ranking are qualified to compete for the fifth cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”

“I’ll bet on Ye Tiancheng!”

Ru Xuan said before turning to ask, “Little Granduncle-Master, what do you think?”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “I’m betting that neither of them will get to drink it.”

“Ah, why?” Ru Xuan asked curiously.

Su Zimo smiled and said in a seemingly casual manner, “Because I won’t allow it.”

“Little Granduncle-Master, you’re bragging again!”

When she heard that, Ru Xuan giggled as well and did not take it to heart.

Right then, everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect entered the courtyard with the Thousand Crane Sect cultivators.

The moment they stepped into the Mystic Courtyard, everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect felt a momentary silence in the initially noisy courtyard.

Most of the sects and factions in the courtyard were already in their seats.

The gathering of Nascent Soul paragons was a spectacular sight.

This was a rare cultivation event after the Phenomenon Ranking!

At that moment, when Hundred Refinement Sect entered the Mystic Courtyard, everyone glared at them with burning gazes.

“Hundred Refinement Sect is here!”

“I heard that a ruthless character from Hundred Refinement Sect defeated a few paragons consecutively and has already angered many factions.”

“What’s the use of being ruthless? Which of the paragons here isn’t ruthless?”

“Fufu, Hundred Refinement Sect is already nearing its end and is about to be removed from the four unorthodox groups!”

Hundred Refinement Sect was already in a precarious situation – they were already at the cusp of the storm the moment they appeared!

The Thousand Crane Tea Party was held once every thousand years.

Most of the Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators had never experienced such a situation before. Coupled with the fact that their sect was in a precarious situation, many of them felt uneasy.

Even Nangong Ling and the other two became nervous.

Right now, the only person who could remain calm was Su Zimo.

In that short period of time, he could already feel many sharp gazes lingering on him with cold killing intent.

Su Zimo was indifferent and could not be bothered.

“Fellow Daoists of Hundred Refinement Sect, this way please.”

A Thousand Crane Sect cultivator pointed to an area not far away and said in a deep voice.

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect looked over and their expressions darkened.

That was where the four unorthodox groups were located. However, apart from Ancient Array Sect, Elixir Yang Sect and Thousand Crane Sect, there was another group of cultivators standing there!

The robes of those cultivators were dark and there was a ball of Hellfire tattooed on their sleeves.

Hellfire Hall!

The tea party had yet to truly begin and the seats occupied by Hundred Refinement Sect and Hellfire Hall were already at odds with one another – it was extremely intense!

This was originally a region where the four unorthodox groups were stationed. Now that five sects had appeared, their intentions were self-evident!

The loser of this weapon refinement battle would lose their rights to stay in this region!

Dao Being Yu Ding had a grim expression and did not say anything.

Since Hellfire Hall was standing here, it was clear that they had obtained Thousand Crane Sect’s approval.

Even if they protested, nothing would happen.

Hellfire Hall’s foundation was already established!

“Their Void Reversion leader is Dao Lord Qian Feng. Behind him is Ming Han, the person who’s fighting Senior Sister Liu!” Ru Xuan whispered.

Su Zimo swept his gaze and noticed Ming Han immediately.

The cultivator was very young and exuded a cold aura. Raising his chin slightly, he looked extremely arrogant.

Before long, everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect assumed their seats.

“That should be Perfected Lord Pang Lan.”

Nangong Ling looked in the direction of Heavenly Dipper Sect and saw a Nascent Soul standing at the front. His long hair fluttered and his eyes were long and narrow. At that moment, he was looking at Su Zimo with a faint smile.

“That’s Hang Qiuyu.”

Nangong Ling looked to the other side.

Su Zimo looked over. He had not seen Hang Qiuyu for a hundred years and the latter had changed quite a bit – he was now at peak late-stage Nascent Soul realm. Although he was sharp, his aura was restrained!

It was clear that he was in an advanced realm of the Sword Dao compared to Jian Wuzong.

Zephyr Thunder Palace, Snowdrift Valley…

Nangong Ling and Ru Xuan introduced the paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo was distracted and merely nodded occasionally as a response.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the crowd and many cultivators shouted with shining eyes.

Not far away in the skies, roughly a thousand Chaos Essence Sect cultivators sped over in a mighty manner.

The most eye-catching thing was the nine wyrms at the front!

The nine wyrms rode side by side, soaring through the clouds with rumbling auras. Together, they dragged a gigantic throne over slowly!

The wyrm was a pure-blooded ferocious beast.

It was already a great opportunity for ordinary cultivators if they could obtain one.

But now, the nine wyrms were controlled by a single person!


“Ye Tiancheng is here!”

“How spectacular! As expected of the number one Perfected Lord!”

Seated on the throne was an extremely handsome cultivator. He was young and his eyes were closed, as though he was taking a nap. He exuded an invincible aura that swept through everything!

Surrounding the throne were nine extremely beautiful women. Some of them were playing flutes, some were tossing flower petals and while others fanned gently with feather fans.

The most frightening thing was that the nine women followers were also at Nascent Soul realm!

In fact, there was even a woman at perfected Nascent Soul realm!

Even at his cultivation realm, she was still willing to be the servant of the cultivator on the throne – that was proof of how terrifying he was!

Chaos Essence Sect and the top of the Phenomenon Ranking, Ye Tiancheng!

His appearance attracted countless gazes!

Indeed, no one could match such a grand display!

Nangong Ling could not help but sigh emotionally and said in admiration, “As expected of the number one Perfected Lord. No one can match up to his grandeur!”

When Ye Tiancheng appeared, all the cultivators present, including Void Reversions, were shocked.

Even Perfected Lord Pang Lan, who was at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking 400 years ago and was said to be halfway to Void Reversion realm, had a grim expression.

Su Zimo was the only one who did not blink the entire time.

Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan were even more surprised when they saw that.

It was truly hard for them to imagine that there were still cultivators who could remain calm in the face of Ye Tiancheng’s aura.

“As expected of one of the great two paragons of Chaos Essence Sect. Their sect’s rise is inevitable.”

“No wonder Thousand Crane Sect’s sect master worked so hard to facilitate this marriage alliance. Ye Tiancheng’s potential is limitless and he has a high chance of becoming an emperor in the future!”

In the blink of an eye, everyone from Chaos Essence Sect arrived in the courtyard.

With a ferocious gaze, the nine wyrms surveyed their surroundings and let out a series of growls. Many cultivators retreated with fearful expressions.

“Be quiet,”

Ye Tiancheng opened his eyes and said slowly.

When the nine wyrms heard that, they quietened down instantly and sprawled on the ground obediently like nine little snakes.

“It’s only been a few days since we last met. Brother Ye, you look way more amazing than before!”

Right then, a Hellfire Hall cultivator walked towards Ye Tiancheng and cupped his fists with a smile.


Nangong Ling frowned. “It’s Ming Han! How does he know Ye Tiancheng?”

“Furthermore, it seems like their relationship isn’t bad,” Ru Xuan murmured with a worried expression.

If Ming Han was on good terms with Ye Tiancheng…

Did that mean that Chaos Essence Sect would stand on the side of Hellfire Hall for this Thousand Crane Tea Party?

Furthermore, they would intercede for Hellfire Hall!

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