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Chapter 931: The Tea Party Begins

In a short 20 years, Di Yin had advanced from early-stage to perfected Nascent Soul realm – this sort of cultivation speed was absolutely unimaginable.

Nobody knew what sort of opportunities he had obtained!

Even Su Zimo had not expected that Di Yin would be able to rise against the tides and advance to such an extent after being suppressed by him once!

Suddenly, Su Zimo thought of something and frowned. “If Di Yin was already at perfected Nascent Soul realm 80 years ago, what’s his cultivation now?”

“Void Reversion realm!”

Ji Chengtian replied, “I heard that he broke through to the Void Reversion realm 50 years ago. I’m not sure what stage he’s at now.”

“Good, you have not disappointed me indeed!”

When Su Zimo heard that Di Yin was so strong, he did not feel any fear at all. Instead, his battle intent surged and his eyes shone with a torrential aura!

He had killed Void Reversion experts before!

Gazing at his old friend, Ji Chengtian was filled with emotions.

A hundred years had passed.

That strongest monster incarnate in history who was invincible among his peers and suppressed the foreign races had not changed!

He was equally aggressive.

He was equally domineering.

He possessed the same arrogance!

Only Su Zimo would dare to say something like that!

“However, I reckon that Di Yin won’t be appearing at this Thousand Crane Tea Party.”

Ji Chengtian analyzed, “Firstly, the Thousand Crane Tea Party is a gathering of Nascent Soul paragons. He’s already a Void Reversion and won’t be interested.”

“Secondly, Chaos Essence Sect will be able to settle everything for this tea party with Ye Tiancheng’s presence alone. He’s a monster incarnate not weaker than Di Yin!”

“Thirdly, Di Yin doesn’t know about your return either.”

Su Zimo’s gaze was deep as he said faintly, “It’s alright, he’ll definitely appear!”

Ji Chengtian’s heart skipped a beat. Sensing the killing intent in Su Zimo’s tone, he asked softly, “You’re not going to hide your identity anymore?”

“We’ll let nature take its course.”

Su Zimo said, “Many major factions will be gathered at this Thousand Crane Tea Party that is hosted by a Dharma Characteristic. There’s a high chance I won’t be able to hide my identity even if I want to.”

After sending Dao Lord Extreme Fire safely back to Hundred Refinement Sect, it was no longer important whether Su Zimo hid his identity or not.

Furthermore, he was already prepared for the worst…

That his identity would be exposed!

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo asked again, “Have you heard about the rumors of Leng Rou’s marriage with Ye Tiancheng?”

Ji Chengtian nodded. “Initially, I wasn’t sure if Leng Rou was forced into this marriage. However, I’m almost certain now that Leng Rou has no choice!”

Earlier on, when he went to meet her, the two cultivators guarding the place did not even enter to report about it – it was clear that they had received some instructions.

Otherwise, given his relationship with Leng Rou, she wouldn’t have refused to meet him even once!

Ji Chengtian thought for a moment and continued, “Zimo, you don’t have to worry too much. There’s still a competition of talismans at the Thousand Crane Tea Party. Leng Rou will definitely appear then.”

“Since Di Yin thought of such a despicable method to force me to appear, I’ll do as he wishes!”

A shuddering killing intent emanated from Su Zimo as he said slowly, “It’s been a hundred years. I want to see how much the paragons of Tianhuang Mainland have grown!”

A moment later, Su Zimo retracted his killing intent and asked, “By the way, where’s Xiaoning? Has she been well all these years? Is she here for the Thousand Crane Tea Party?”

Ji Chengtian had a strange expression at the mention of Xiaoning.

He shook his head. “Ever since Xiaoning and Night Spirit headed to the North Region a hundred years ago, they haven’t returned to the sect.”

“However, every once in a while, Xiaoning would send a message to the sect saying that she’s safe.”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He missed Xiaoning the most after a hundred years.

To think that Xiaoning had not returned for a hundred years.

Thankfully, with Night Spirit by her side, she should not be in any danger.

However, he did not know when they would meet again if he missed this opportunity.

The two of them chatted for a long time after not seeing each other for a hundred years.

It was only until daybreak that Su Zimo reverted to his rough appearance and returned to his residence in Hundred Refinement Sect.

For the next three days, Su Zimo did not leave his residence.

Almost all the major sects, factions, Upper Sects and aristocratic families of the Middle Continent have arrived!

The six immortal sects of the Middle Continent – Heavenly Dipper Sect, Snowdrift Valley, Chaos Essence Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace, Sword Sect and Soaring Feather Sect – were all present!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan and Hang Qiuyu caused quite a stir when they arrived.

Many cultivators headed over to take a look at their glorious presence.

When Chaos Essence Sect’s Ye Tiancheng arrived, an even greater commotion was caused. It was not only Thousand Crane Sect – almost all the cultivators of the major sects rushed over.

It was said in the cultivation world that although Ye Tiancheng had just entered the Nascent Soul realm and was only at early-stage Nascent Soul, his combat strength was so strong that he could be conferred the title of number one Perfected Lord!

That was a great title!

It would be unprecedented for him to be conferred as the number one Perfected Lord at early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Of course, when this title was first spread, there were naturally many Nascent Soul paragons who were indignant and challenged Ye Tiancheng, but they were all killed one after another!

Since then, the voices of opposition gradually disappeared.

When Ye Tiancheng arrived, even Nangong Ling and the other two could not help but run out to take a look.

Only Su Zimo remained in his residence with his eyes closed, seemingly uninterested in the so-called paragons.

Among the Buddhist monasteries, the three major monasteries of Hollow, Formless and Wisdom Monasteries had already arrived at Thousand Crane Sect.

Ming Zhen’s Dapamkara Temple was located in the Southern Region and it was far away, so they did not partake in this.

There were dozens of Upper Sects in the Middle Continent and they were all present.

Peach Blossom Peak, Tyrant Emperor Mountain, Five Elements Sect, Heavenly Sea God Sect, Sun Moon Residence, Flying Star Sect, Heavenly Net Dock, Refuge Pavilion, Black Frost Sect, Unparalleled Sword Sect, Great Change Academy, Traceless Temple, Black Yang Temple, Azure Cloud Monastery, Seven Luminaries Hall…

On this day, the Thousand Crane Tea Party officially began!

Many sects and cultivators set off one after another. Under the lead of the Thousand Crane Sect cultivators, they headed towards the Mystic Courtyard where the Mystic Tea Tree was located.

On the way, Dao Being Yu Ding explained, “I heard that there are a total of 527 cups of Mystic Tea and only five cups of supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”

If one was close enough, they would be able to clearly see that at the top of the Mystic Tea Tree, there were five sparkling green tea leaves.

Each tea leaf could only be brewed into a cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea.

“The Thousand Crane Tea Party is split into two parts.”

Dao Being Yu Ding continued, “The first part is the fight between the four unorthodox groups. They are the battle of formations, talismans, elixir and weapon refinement!”

The hearts of the Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators skipped a beat.

The glory of the sect hinged on the weapon refinement competition in the first part!

Dao Being Yu Ding said, “If nothing goes wrong, this weapon refinement competition should be ranked at the back of the four. Junior Sister Liu, try your best to relax and perform well.”

“I’ll do my best!”

Liu Hanyan nodded.

Dao Being Yu Ding continued, “The first part can be considered as an advantage to take care of our four unorthodox groups where the final victors of each segment will be able to drink a cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”

“This is great for us!”

Ru Xuan clapped her hands. “Sister Hanyan, if you win, you can even have a cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea!”

Liu Hanyan merely smiled without saying anything.

She knew very well that the chances of her winning this weapon refinement battle were less than 30%!

The best case scenario would be a tie!

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