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Chapter 930: Terrifying Di Yin

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Lifting the cultivator of Five Elements Sect, Su Zimo slapped him repeatedly.

He did not stop until the person’s face was completely swollen.

Ji Chengtian watched from the side and felt cathartic.

Earlier on, he could only endure the ridicule from the cultivators around him.

To think that this random passerby would help him vent his anger!

Su Zimo tossed his arm casually.

The person laid limply on the ground with his mouth filled with blood. All his teeth were shattered and he could not say a single word, merely grunting deeply.

A Five Elements Sect cultivator said deeply with eyes that spewed fire, “Fellow Daoist, leave your name if you have the guts! Five Elements Sect will remember today’s humiliation and repay you in the future!”

Su Zimo had an indifferent expression. Before he could say anything, a cultivator in the crowd exclaimed.

“It’s him! I’ve seen him before!”

“Who is he?”

“A month ago, he was the Nascent Soul who crippled Cheng Peng in Wind Cloud City, defeated Jian Wuzong and took away the Startling Dharmic Sword. There’s no way I’m wrong!”


The crowd fell into an uproar.

The battle a month ago had long spread through Thousand Crane Sect and was the focus of discussions among many cultivators.

Everyone knew that the paragons of Heavenly Dipper Sect and Sword Sect would definitely regain their dignity at the Thousand Crane Tea Party and there would definitely be a huge battle!

“I heard that not only did he defeat Jian Wuzong, the latter did not even have a chance to withdraw his sword against this man’s suppression!”

“Who is that? Why haven’t I heard of him before?”

“I think he’s called Mo Ling.”

Su Zimo did not hide the name Mo Ling.

It was not difficult to obtain this information within a month.

Most cultivators were at a loss when they heard that name.

Only Ji Chengtian’s heart skipped a beat.

Back in Ethereal Peak, his junior brother and close friend, Su Zimo, assumed the name Mo Ling and stayed in the capital of Great Zhou as a Weapon Refinement Master – everyone had to address him as Mr. Mo.

Later on, at the sect competition, Mo Ling shocked everyone and became famous throughout the entire Great Zhou Dynasty!

Of course, there were countless cultivators called Mo Ling in the world.

Furthermore, apart from his green robes, there was no resemblance between this Mo Ling and Su Zimo.

Ji Chengtian did not manage to associate Mo Ling with Su Zimo.

Only, now that he heard the name Mo Ling, he recalled some memories.

“Let’s go! He won’t be smug for long!”

“That’s right. Once Hang Qiuyu of Sword Sect and Perfected Lord Pang Lan of Heavenly Dipper Sect arrive, he’ll be in for it!”

Everyone from Five Elements Sect said a few more vicious words before turning to leave.

When the surrounding cultivators saw that there was no commotion, they dispersed as well.

Arriving before Su Zimo, Ji Chengtian bowed slightly and smiled. “I’m Ji Chengtian of Elixir Yang Sect. Thank you for your help, fellow Daoist.”

“I’m Mo Ling.”

Su Zimo cupped his fists as well and looked at Ji Chengtian with a fake smile.

For some reason, Ji Chengtian felt that the way Mo Ling looked at him was a little strange and did not seem distant.

“Hello, my name is Ru Xuan.”

Ru Xuan closed in as well and waved at Ji Chengtian. “This is my Little Granduncle-Master. Impressive, right?”


Ji Chengtian nodded sincerely. “Fellow Daoist, I’m impressed by your strength.”

Pausing for a moment, Ji Chengtian continued, “However, I heard that the combat strength of Hang Qiuyu and Perfected Lord Pang Lan is not to be underestimated as well. Fellow Daoist, you have to be careful and not look down on them.”

Nangong Ling and the other two revealed worried expressions when they heard the names of the two experts.

“The three of you can head back first.”

Turning around, Su Zimo instructed Nangong Ling and the other two, “Go settle down at your residence and don’t run around. There are many people watching Hundred Refinement Sect right now and it’s not safe here.”

“Little Granduncle-Master, what about you?”

Ru Xuan asked.

“I have something else to do. You guys can head back first.”

Su Zimo’s tone was calm but unquestionable.

Nangong Ling and the other two exchanged glances before bowing and leaving, speeding towards their residence.

“Since you have something important to attend to, I won’t disturb you any further.”

Ji Chengtian cupped his fists. “Fellow Daoist, if you need any help in the future, feel free to look for me at Elixir Yang Sect. I’ll definitely do my best.”

Su Zimo smiled. “What a coincidence. I have something for you right now.”


Ji Chengtian replied hurriedly, “Please speak, fellow Daoist.”

Su Zimo looked around.

Sweeping his gaze, Ji Chengtian saw that there were still many cultivators lingering around, watching them. He understood immediately and said, “Fellow Daoist, if you don’t mind, please come to my residence for a chat.”


Su Zimo agreed without hesitation.

Elixir Yang Sect’s residence was not too far away and the two of them arrived in no time.

Ji Chengtian poured a cup of hot tea for Su Zimo before saying, “Fellow Daoist, there’s no one else here. Please speak.”

“Brother Ji, how have you been?”

The muscles on Su Zimo’s face twitched and his bones transformed. In the blink of an eye, he reverted to his refined, handsome appearance and smiled at Ji Chengtian.

Ji Chengtian’s eyes widened. At first, his eyes were filled with shock and then ecstasy!


He exclaimed and took a step forward, grabbing Su Zimo’s wrist excitedly.

Su Zimo shook his head gently and made a shushing sound.

Ji Chengtian took a deep breath hurriedly to compose himself and whispered, “Zimo, it’s you!”

“It’s great seeing that you are fine!”

Even though Ji Chengtian’s voice was suppressed, he could not conceal his joy and his voice trembled slightly in his agitation.

Su Zimo patted Ji Chengtian on the shoulder. “I’m fine. Sorry for worrying everyone.”

“Although we know that you shouldn’t be in any danger given your capabilities, we were still worried because you went missing for a hundred years.”

Ji Chengtian thumped Su Zimo on the chest and smiled. “Now that I see that you’re fine, I can finally let go of this burden.”

“I heard about everything that happened to you guys,”

Killing intent flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes. “Don’t worry, Brother Ji. I’ll definitely take Di Yin’s life!”

When he heard Su Zimo mention that, Ji Chengtian seemed to recall the hunt with lingering fear. His face turned pale as he shook his head. “80 years ago, when Di Yin reappeared and came looking for us, he was already at the perfected Nascent Soul realm!”

“Di Yin is way too strong! Nobody can imagine how strong he is without fighting him personally!”

“I was completely helpless against him.”

“At that time, I was saved by Elixir Yang Sect’s experts who were thankfully nearby. I only recovered after recuperating for more than ten years.”

After pondering for a moment, Ji Chengtian continued, “Don’t worry, Little Fatty is fine as well. He was severely injured by Di Yin and entered a tomb by mistake which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo frowned and murmured, “Di Yin was at the perfected Nascent Soul realm when he reappeared 80 years ago. This means that he merely took 20 years to advance to the Nascent Soul realm before reaching the perfected state?”

Ji Chengtian nodded with a bitter smile.

“That man has terrifying fortune and shocking talent. Coupled with the inheritance of the Human Emperor, he’s like a tiger with wings. He’s truly a monster incarnate that hasn’t appeared in ten thousand years!”

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