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Chapter 929: Nasty Tongue!

To be fair, Nangong Ling and the other two did not dare to attack in this situation.

Against a Nascent Soul like Yu Wei who has been famous for a long time, they were even more wary.

However, who was Su Zimo?

He was once the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking; a monster incarnate who caused many paragons and super sects to tremble in fear!

A few decades ago, Di Yin hunted down his best friends.

And now, Di Yin’s junior brother of the same sect had come to Thousand Crane Sect to force a marriage.

Everything had truly incurred Su Zimo’s wrath!

Although he did not join Hundred Refinement Sect, as Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s disciple, there was no way he was going to watch someone trample on Hundred Refinement Sect!

When Yu Wei saw Su Zimo walk over and the two of them were getting closer, his eyes could not help but reveal a hint of cruelty.

As an Upper Sect of the Middle Continent, Tyrant Emperor Mountain specialized in body tempering!

The legacy cultivation technique of Tyrant Emperor Mountain, Heaven and Earth Tyrant Emperor Manual, was the establishment foundation of the sect.

Although it could not compare to Glass Palace’s Glass Heart Sutra and Diamond Monastery’s Diamond Body, it was also one of the top cultivation techniques in Tianhuang Mainland that produced a shocking physique!

To Yu Wei, Su Zimo was courting death by walking towards him and closing the distance!

Yu Wei laughed sinisterly and said coldly, “We’re not allowed to fight to the death at this Thousand Crane Tea Party. However, I can cripple you!”

The moment he said that, Yu Wei’s eyes widened and his blood qi burst forth. His glabella shone and Dharmic powers surged.

“Tyrant Emperor Finger!”

Yu Wei shouted and raised his arm, extending his index finger.

As blood qi surged and Dharmic powers gathered, right in front of countless gazes, the finger turned incomparably thick like a steel rod!


The finger tore through the air and stabbed towards Su Zimo’s face with a terrifying aura!

“Tyrant Emperor Finger, a top-tier Dharmic art of the Heaven and Earth Tyrant Emperor Manual. Its power is shocking!”

“Yu Wei is even scarier than he was 50 years ago!”

“He is truly a ruthless person. The moment he attacked, he had no intention of testing the waters. With his blood qi and Dharmic powers released at the same time, the power of that Dharmic art has already reached its limits!”

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged and he did not even stop in his tracks.

He only raised his palm when the finger was right in front of him.

Without releasing his blood qi or Dharmic powers, he grabbed the finger casually!

Yu Wei’s expression changed.

His Tyrant Emperor Finger could not continue pushing!

Not only could he not push down, it was already too late for Yu Wei to retract his Tyrant Emperor Finger as well!


With a cold expression, Su Zimo hollered and exerted strength in his palm, bending it down!


The piercing sound of bones breaking could be heard!

In front of everyone, Yu Wei’s finger was snapped by Su Zimo!

The broken bone was exposed and stuck to the flesh in a frightening manner!


Yu Wei’s eyes widened and he paused for a moment before letting out a hysterical scream.

The blood drained from his face and in the blink of an eye, he broke out in cold sweat!

The Heaven Earth Tyrant Emperor Manual and Tyrant Emperor Finger were nothing in front of Su Zimo!

Stepping forward, Su Zimo pressed his palm gently against Yu Wei’s chest.


Yu Wei’s chest caved in instantly and his clothes were torn. A gigantic palm print appeared on his chest and his flesh exploded!


Yu Wei spat out a mouthful of blood and his eyes dimmed. He fell backwards and landed heavily on the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Even though he was on the ground, his body was still convulsing and the sound of bones cracking could be heard!

The crowd was shocked!

To think that a Nascent Soul expert like Yu Wei would be crippled after a single exchange!

His Essence Spirit was not destroyed and he managed to survive.

However, even after his body was recuperated, he would suffer from injuries and would not be able to achieve a full recovery.

Su Zimo’s palm merely pushed against Yu Wei’s chest.

However, that palm contained a high level of powerful Tidal Might that surged through Yu Wei’s body layer after layer, shattering most of his bones!

As Yu Wei had said, fighting to the death was not allowed in Thousand Crane Sect. However, Su Zimo crippled Yu Wei the moment he attacked!

Everyone was speechless.

They had just lamented that Yu Wei was ruthless and did not expect to meet someone even more ruthless!

Initially, some cultivators who wanted to take advantage of the fact that Hundred Refinement Sect was not as famous as before became hesitant.

The remaining cultivators of Tyrannical Emperor Mountain looked at Su Zimo with fear in their eyes, cowering and not daring to advance.

“J-Just you wait!”

Finally, a Nascent Soul of Tyrant Emperor Mountain stood out and said weakly, “The road ahead is long! Just you wait and see!”

With that said, everyone from Tyrant Emperor Mountain supported Yu Wei who was screaming in pain and fled.

“Who else wants to step on the head of Hundred Refinement Sect?”

Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings with a piercing gaze!

The cultivators present exchanged glances and felt their courage weaken. Instinctively, they lowered their heads and avoided Su Zimo’s eyes!

There were at least hundreds of Nascent Souls present but none of them dared to step forward!

The mockery from earlier on had vanished as well.

Ru Xuan stood at the side with a look of admiration and stars in her eyes. She looked intoxicated and almost lunged forward.


Liu Hanyan could not stand it any longer and nudged Ru Xuan gently, sending a voice transmission, “Be careful, you’re drooling!”

Ru Xuan blushed and sent a voice transmission with her spirit consciousness, “It’s a pity that Little Granduncle-Master looks ordinary and boorish. He’d be absolutely perfect if he was a little more handsome!”

“Lass, how can you say something like that without any shame!”

Liu Hanyan spat softly.

Ru Xuan looked nervous and said hurriedly, “Senior Sister, you already have Senior Brother Nangong. Don’t fight with me for him!”

“Alright, alright, alright. I won’t fight with you. He’s all yours,” Liu Hanyan said exasperatedly.

Ru Xuan’s thoughts were flying as she fantasized alone. She murmured, “Senior Sister, after Little Granduncle-Master and I become Dao companions, the hierarchy of our seniority will be messed up, right? Won’t Master have to bow to me?”

“Wow, the thought of that sure is exciting!”

Ru Xuan laughed as she thought.

This child has gone mad.

Liu Hanyan shook her head.

On the other hand, the group of people from Five Elements Sect who mocked Ji Chengtian earlier on felt embarrassed.

Finally, someone sneered, “Fufu, your Hundred Refinement Sect won’t be able to survive for long! At that time, we won’t even have to do anything and someone will naturally deal with you guys!”

Su Zimo turned slightly and glared at the person who spoke.

The Five Elements Sect cultivator felt his hair stand on end when Su Zimo glared at him.

The person had the intention to retreat and mustered his courage to say, “You don’t have to look at me. When the Thousand Crane Tea Party starts, we’ll see how Hundred Refinement Sect is trampled into the ground! Let’s go!”

With that said, he turned to leave.


A breeze blew.

Su Zimo had already vanished on the spot!

In the blink of an eye, he appeared before the Five Elements Sect cultivator!

“Who gave you permission to leave?”

Su Zimo said indifferently. Without waiting for the person to react, he reached out and grabbed the person’s throat with a flick of his wrist!


All his bones were dislocated!

Suddenly, Su Zimo reached out and slapped the person’s cheek.


There was a crisp sound.

Instantly, the person’s cheeks turned red and swollen.


Another sound.

For the cultivator, it was a great humiliation to be slapped while lifted in the air right in front of everybody.

“You deserve that beating for your nasty tongue!”

Ru Xuan spat at that person and cursed fiercely.

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