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Chapter 928: Reunion

Ru Xuan was truly enraged when she heard that and could not help but shout, “Hey! What nonsense are you guys spouting! Our Hundred Refinement Sect is still one of the four unorthodox groups. Since when have we been removed?!”

The cultivators that were discussing came from an Upper Sect of the Middle Continent, Tyrant Emperor Mountain.

A Nascent Soul of Tyrant Emperor Mountain said in a strange tone, “Aiyo, Hundred Refinement Sect sure is impressive. We can’t even remark anything about them anymore. Even the nine immortal sects are not so overbearing, right?”


Ru Xuan clenched her fists in anger and gritted her teeth. “You were the one who started the rumors first!”

Dao Being Yu Ding who was at the front leaped up and arrived between the two major sects. With a calm expression, he looked at the group of cultivators from Tyrant Emperor Mountain and said slowly, “Right now, Hundred Refinement Sect is still one of the four unorthodox groups and no one is allowed to slander it!”

“Furthermore, even if our Hundred Refinement Sect is removed from the four unorthodox groups, our foundation is still greater than Tyrant Emperor Mountain!”

The cultivator leading the group of Tyrant Emperor Mountain was also a Void Reversion.

Seemingly wary of Dao Being Yu Ding, the man turned around and shook his head, indicating for his sect’s cultivators to stop discussing.

Dao Being Yu Ding turned and left.

A Nascent Soul of Tyrant Emperor Mountain sneered and muttered softly, “Let’s see how long more Hundred Refinement Sect can continue to be cocky for!”

Right then, Su Zimo’s gaze shifted to a courtyard not far away.

There were many people gathered around and two female cultivators of Thousand Crane Sect stood in front of the door, seemingly guarding the courtyard.

At the entrance, a white-robed man was bowing with a sincere expression, telling two female cultivators of Thousand Crane Sect something.

When he saw the white-robed man, the coldness in Su Zimo’s eyes dissipated and turned gentle, revealing a smile that he had not shown for a long time.

“I’ll go take a look over there. You guys can follow everyone else first.”

Su Zimo pointed to the courtyard and said to Nangong Ling and the other two.

“I’ll go too!”

Seeing that there was entertainment, Ru Xuan decided to take a look and relieve her frustrated mood at the same time.

Dao Being Yu Ding turned around. When he saw that Su Zimo was the one who suggested it, he did not stop them and merely nodded. “Be careful.”

Nodding with a smile, Su Zimo leaped off the spirit vessel and sped towards the courtyard.

The few Nascent Souls of Tyrant Emperor Mountain exchanged glances and left their group as well, following in secret.

The white-robed man was none other than Ji Chengtian who had joined Elixir Yang Sect and was originally a disciple of Ethereal Peak!

“Fellow Daoists, may I trouble you to go in and inform her about my arrival? I’ll be extremely grateful.”

Before he arrived, Su Zimo heard Ji Chengtian’s voice.

A Thousand Crane Sect female cultivator guarding the courtyard shook her head. “Leave. Senior Sister Leng Rou won’t see you.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat. In that case, Leng Rou lived in this courtyard!

Ji Chengtian refused to give up and bowed once more, saying sincerely, “Fellow Daoists, just say that Ji Chengtian of Elixir Yang Sect requests a meeting and Fairy Leng Rou will definitely agree to it.”

The other Thousand Crane Sect female cultivator said indifferently, “I’d advise you to give up. Senior Sister Leng Rou won’t meet anyone before the Thousand Crane Tea Party!”

“Fairy Leng Rou is beautiful and peerless. She’s not someone you can see just because you want to!”

“Fufu, countless paragons come to seek an audience with Fairy Leng Rou everyday. Who are you, Ji Chengtian? How refreshing!”

“Even when Perfected Lord Feng Xing of Zephyr Thunder Palace who was number seven on the Phenomenon Ranking did not manage to get to meet Fairy Leng Rou when he came yesterday. Who do you think you are, Ji Chengtian?”

Many cultivators who were watching from the sidelines crossed their arms and sneered in an extremely nasty manner.

Ji Chengtian’s expression was terrible as he glared at those cultivators and said in a deep voice, “I, Ji Chengtian, am not some famous paragon. However, I am extremely close friends with Leng Rou and nobody can compare to me!”

“My, someone is even getting cocky now.”

A Five Elements Sect cultivator mocked, “What’s there to be cocky about, you’re someone who is about to die! Do you think you’ll get to return alive after coming to attend the Thousand Crane Tea Party?”

The Five Elements Sect was also one of the Upper Sects of the Middle Continent!

Another person said, “I advise you to scram back to Elixir Yang Sect right now. You might still be able to make it in time. After that, hide like a coward for the rest of your life and don’t come out. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep that head of yours!”


Many cultivators burst into laughter.

Ji Chengtian grit his teeth and clenched his fists tightly without saying anything, trembling slightly.

A few decades ago, he was severely injured by Di Yin and almost died. Thereafter, he stayed in the sect and did not come out.

He had nothing to say now that he was being mocked about this matter.

However, when he heard about the marriage alliance between Leng Rou and Ye Tiancheng, he knew he could not sit idly by the sidelines!

He wanted to ask Leng Rou about her intentions.

If Leng Rou was a willing participant, he would naturally wish the best for her from the bottom of his heart.

However, if Leng Rou was forced, he would stand out no matter what!

Even if it meant risking his life!

“It’s just a bunch of mad dogs barking. There’s no need to bother, fellow Daoist.”

Not far away, a green-robed man walked over with a man and two women behind him.

The green-robed man had a rough expression but his eyes were clear as he looked at Ji Chengtian with cupped fists and a smile.

For some reason, Ji Chengtian felt that this person’s gaze and smile was heartwarming.

Ji Chengtian returned the greeting with cupped fists and forced a smile. “Thank you for your consolation, fellow Daoist.”

“Who are you? Who are you calling mad dogs?!”

“Oh, they are cultivators of Hundred Refinement Sect.”

A Nascent Soul of Five Elements Sect sneered, “Hundred Refinement Sect is about to be removed from the four unorthodox groups and you still have the mood to be nosy?”

Before Su Zimo could reply, Ru Xuan could not help but retort, “We’re only scolding mad dogs here. If the shoe fits, wear it.”

“Fufu, little girl, you were sure cocky earlier on, weren’t you?”

Right then, a mocking laughter sounded behind Su Zimo’s group of four.

A few Nascent Souls of Tyrant Emperor Mountain walked over. Their leader was burly and had cultivated to perfected Nascent Soul. He glared at Su Zimo’s group with a ferocious expression!

“Yu Wei, we’re in Thousand Crane Sect’s territory! What are you trying to do?!”

Nangong Ling’s figure flashed and stood in front of Ru Xuan, guarding with a focused expression.

Yu Wei of Tyrant Emperor Mountain was also a Nascent Soul paragon who was ranked on the Phenomenon Ranking 200 years ago.

Although his ranking was not high, he had cultivated for a long time and his cultivation realm was higher than Nangong Ling’s – his combat strength was not to be underestimated!

Yu Wei clenched his fists and twisted his neck, letting out crackling sounds as he laughed sinisterly. “I was wary of Dao Being Yu Ding of Hundred Refinement Sect earlier on and let you guys off!”

“Now, since you came out on your own, don’t blame me for teaching you a lesson!”

The two of them were at loggerheads and were on the brink of fighting!

The Thousand Crane Sect female cultivators in front of the courtyard had no intention of stopping them either.

Abrupt clashes were inevitable when paragons gathered.

As long as both parties did not cause too much trouble that might result in deaths, they would basically watch idly by the sidelines.

Su Zimo was expressionless. “Now that Hundred Refinement Sect has reached this stage, all the little clowns and scoundrels want to join in and add fuel to the fire?”


Yu Wei grinned widely and said, “It’s good that you know! Your Hundred Refinement Sect is finished and I’m going to bully you!”

“Very good.”

Su Zimo nodded and turned towards Yu Wei, saying indifferently, “Since that’s the case, don’t blame me.”

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