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Chapter 925: Thousand Crane Sect

Hundred Refinement Sect.

The cultivators of the sects that were attending the Thousand Crane Tea Party were already gathered in front of the Hundred Refinement Grand Hall. There were more than a thousand of them and almost all of them were Nascent Souls.

Su Zimo was among them.

That was the foundation of a super sect!

Hundred Refinement Sect was merely a weapon refinement sect and there were already more than a thousand Nascent Souls just like that!

Furthermore, that was not all!

It was easy to imagine the strength of the ancient super sects such as the nine immortal sects and seven fiend sects that focused on combat cultivation.

There were less than a hundred Nascent Souls in Ethereal Peak.

Surveying his surroundings, Su Zimo looked at Nangong Ling and the other two beside him and asked softly, “It seems like there’s only going to be one Void Reversion accompanying us to Thousand Crane Sect?”

Following Su Zimo’s gaze, there was a Void Reversion standing in front of Dao Lord White Flames and Dao Lord Scarlet Star, bowing slightly with a respectful greeting.

The person listened to the advice of the two Dao Lords and nodded from time to time with a respectful expression.

When Ru Xuan heard that, she volunteered to explain everything to Su Zimo.

The Thousand Crane Tea Party was a grand cultivation event held by Thousand Crane Sect once every thousand years. It was a rare opportunity.

As the name suggested, the theme of the Thousand Crane Tea Party was tea drinking.

This tea was not an ordinary tea from the mortal world. It was Mystic Tea that was extremely beneficial to the Essence Spirits of Nascent Souls who consumed it.

Therefore, most of the people attending the Thousand Crane Tea Party were Nascent Souls.

Of course, the major sects and factions might send one or two Void Reversions to accompany them to the tea party.

But no matter what, the paragons of the Nascent Soul realm were definitely the main characters of this tea party!

Ru Xuan said, “That’s why it’s useless for so many Void Reversions to go. I heard that the Thousand Crane Sect’s master hosts the tea partys personally. He’s a Dharma Characteristic so nothing will go wrong.”

Su Zimo nodded – he finally understood.

Ru Xuan then pointed to the Void Reversion not far away. “That’s Dao Being Yu Ding, the sect master’s eldest disciple. He’s at the perfected Void Reversion realm and is quite good at weapon refinement and combat strength.”

Nangong Ling added, “Senior Brother Yu Ding is calm and composed in handling matters. Seems like he should be the one leading the group this time round.”

As he said that, the two Dao Lords, White Flames and Scarlet Star, seemed to have finished their instructions.

Dao Being Yu Ding turned around and walked towards Su Zimo’s group of four.

Dao Being Yu Ding was more than 3,000 years old and was in his prime. He arrived before Su Zimo with a calm demeanor and bowed slightly. “Greetings, Granduncle-Master.”

“I’m young, there’s no need to be so polite, Dao brother.”

Su Zimo helped Dao Being Yu Ding up gently and nodded with a smile.

Although Dao Being Yu Ding was stern and reserved, he was extremely well-mannered and sent a voice transmission. “In name, I’ll be leading the expedition. However, both master and the Lineage Leader have just instructed me to follow your decisions should anything happen.”

“I’m not from the Middle Continent nor have I been to Thousand Crane Sect. I don’t know much about everything. It’s fine for you to lead the expedition alone, Dao brother.”

It was not that Su Zimo was being polite – he truly did not know anything about the Thousand Crane Tea Party.

Despite Su Zimo’s words, Dao Being Yu Ding did not have any hint of disdain. He bowed politely once more before turning to the group of cultivators.

Dao Being Yu Ding pressed his palms against the air without saying anything and the noisy Nascent Souls below quickly quietened down.

“On this trip to Thousand Crane Sect, I hope that all of you fellow sect mates will take care of one another and abide by the rules. Don’t embarrass the sect.”

“Furthermore, we have a weapon refinement fight with Hellfire Hall. At that time, all of you must cheer for Junior Sister Liu!”


Everyone agreed readily.

“Let’s go!”

With a wave of his hand, Dao Being Yu Ding summoned a gigantic spirit vessel from his storage bag. It floated in front of the grand hall and he was the first to leap in.

Many Nascent Souls followed closely behind.

Su Zimo’s group of four followed suit.

The spirit vessel tore through the air and soon disappeared above Hundred Refinement Sect, turning into a black dot that gradually journeyed into the distance.

Dao Lord White Flames and Dao Lord Scarlet Star stood with their hands behind their backs, looking at the spirit vessel that was gradually disappearing into the distance with deep worry on their faces.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star murmured, “I have a feeling that something big is going to happen at Thousand Crane Tea Party this time round. I hope Hanyan can win this round.”

“Sigh, I’ve been feeling uneasy recently as well.”

Dao Lord White Flames shook his head slightly.

“This tea party will be watched by everyone. If Hanyan loses, our Hundred Refinement Sect’s reputation will definitely suffer.”

Dao Lord White Flames said worriedly, “I’m just worried that someone will add fuel to the fire and remove us from the four unorthodox groups at this tea party!”

“By that time, even if Grandmaster Extreme Fire were to reconstruct his body and reappear, it would be too late.”

Right then, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s calm voice sounded from the hall.

“Come in, both of you.”

The two Dao Lords hurriedly entered the hall.

“There are a few letters here. Deliver them to them personally without any mistake.”

The two of them received the letters and scanned through them. When they saw the Dao titles written, they were shocked!

“Go on.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said indifferently, “It’s time to tell some old friends that I’m back!”

It was already close to half a day after they set off at dawn.

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect rode on their spirit vessels and entered Thousand Crane Sect’s territory.

Before they even arrived at Thousand Crane Sect, they could already see cranes circling in midair and chirping softly, welcoming the guests in a warm manner.

When he saw those cranes, Su Zimo could not help but be reminded of the old immortal crane and Qing Qing of Ethereal Peak.

Liu Hanyan noticed that and said with a smile, “Granduncle-Master, these cranes aren’t real demon beasts.”


Su Zimo was surprised.

Liu Hanyan beckoned gently and a crane chirped softly. It landed beside her slowly and extended its beak, rubbing Liu Hanyan’s arm gently in an extremely obedient manner.

Liu Hanyan patted the crane’s head gently.

The crane disappeared and turned into a talisman that floated down slowly.

Thereafter, Liu Hanyan tossed the talisman into the air and it transformed into a crane once more and flew away.

The transformation of the talisman was truly miraculous.

Su Zimo could not help but exclaim, “As expected of Thousand Crane Sect.”

After a while more, everyone could already see the entrance of Thousand Crane Sect.

“Who’s up ahead? Please show me your sect badge.”

Two Thousand Crane Sect disciples leaped forward and bowed slightly, blocking the spirit vessel of Hundred Refinement Sect.

Dao Being Yu Ding was naturally the person to liaise for such matters.

Hundred Refinement Sect and Thousand Crane Sect were both from the four unorthodox groups and were extremely familiar with one another. This was merely a simple formality.

Su Zimo noticed that the two Thousand Crane Sect disciples who were welcoming the guests were both women. They were extraordinary and charming.

Ru Xuan chuckled. “Granduncle-Master, most of the cultivators of Thousand Crane Sect are beauties. You have to make good use of this opportunity.”

“I heard that Fairy Leng Rou of Thousand Crane Sect is a peerless beauty. She’s cold as ice and doesn’t have the slightest bit of mortal aura. She’s like a fairy banished from the moon palace.”

Nangong Ling said, “I wonder if we’re lucky to be able to catch a glimpse of her during this trip.”

Although Liu Hanyan had a calm personality and was aloof from worldly affairs, she could not help but snort when she heard that.

Nangong Ling shuddered in fear.

Su Zimo was in a great mood at the thought of meeting an old friend. He patted the latter on the shoulder and said half-jokingly, “Good luck.”

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