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Chapter 924: Dao Fire of the Immortal Sects

Hellfire Hall!

In the cold and sinister hall, a dark and sinister face was illuminated by the flickering candlelight.

Before long, a cultivator of Hellfire Hall strode into the hall and knelt on one knee with cupped fists. “Master, Uncle Yu and the seven Void Reversion senior brothers have been found. They…”

“They’re all dead, right?”

The Hellfire Hall Master said faintly, seemingly unsurprised.

Right now, it was already noon. The fact that Uncle Yu and the others had not returned at this time meant that the interception had failed!

However, he was puzzled.

According to the news from their spies in Hundred Refinement Sect, Nangong Ling’s group of four did not have any Dharma Characteristic experts following them to Wind Cloud City.

How could Uncle Yu have failed in his attack?

A name appeared in the mind of the Hellfire Hall Master – Mo Ling.

He frowned.

That was impossible!

According to reliable sources, Mo Ling was only at Nascent Soul realm and could not threaten Uncle Yu and the others!

“Bring the corpses up.”

The Hellfire Hall Master composed himself and said.

Several Hellfire Hall cultivators carried eight corpses into the hall and placed them carefully on the ground before retreating.

The Hellfire Hall Master walked down the platform and arrived beside the eight corpses with a slightly focused gaze.

“Lifespan exhaustion?”

The Hellfire Hall Master frowned.

What happened that caused Uncle Yu to die from an exhaustion of his lifespan?

The way he died was way too strange!

It was impossible for Uncle Yu to have released methods that would have exhausted his own lifespan on his own accord.

The Hellfire Hall Master swept his gaze across the other seven corpses and his pupils constricted.

The wounds on the seven corpses were simple!

Their glabellas were either pierced or their heads were smashed – there were no additional wounds on their bodies!

They died extremely cleanly!


The Hellfire Hall sniffed and his expression changed slightly, as though he had discovered something.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

The cultivator standing at the front was the number one Weapon Refinement Genius of Hellfire Hall, Ming Han, who was about to compete with Hundred Refinement Sect!

“There’s demonic qi left behind.”

The Hellfire Hall Master pondered deeply and said, “What a domineering demonic qi!”

Ming Han frowned and asked, “Did Uncle Yu and the others encounter an accident and were attacked by high-level fiend demons?”

“It’s possible.”

However, the Hellfire Hall Master shook his head quickly. “That’s not right! If they were attacked by high-level fiend demons, those four juniors wouldn’t have survived either. Why are their corpses missing?”

Right then, a disciple of Hellfire Hall sped over and knelt on the ground, greeting respectfully, “Hall Master, the spies of Hundred Refinement Sect have sent news that Nangong Ling and the other three have returned to Hundred Refinement Sect safe and sound!”

The face of the Hellfire Hall Master darkened and two balls of dark flames burned in his eyes with killing intent.

The disciple of Hellfire Hall lowered his head and trembled, not daring to speak.

After a long time, the flames in the eyes of the Hellfire Hall Master gradually dissipated as he waved his hand. “You may leave!”

The disciple of Hellfire Hall felt as though he was pardoned and retreated swiftly.

“Master, don’t worry.”

Ming Han said proudly, “The Thousand Crane Tea Party is in a month’s time. At that time, I will definitely defeat Liu Hanyan and clear up the name of Hellfire Hall!”


The Hellfire Hall Master nodded. “As long as you win this weapon refinement battle, a super sect will step in for you!”

“At that time, many factions will add fuel to the fire and Hundred Refinement Sect’s reputation will be tarnished in front of everyone. They will definitely be removed from the four unorthodox groups!”

“Don’t worry, master.”

Ming Han said confidently, “Liu Hanyan won’t win!”

The Hellfire Hall Master smiled sinisterly and narrowed his eyes, saying coldly, “Hundred Refinement Sect, let’s see how you’re going to win this round!”

After this experience, Nangong Ling and the other two no longer created any fusses.

The Thousand Crane Tea Party would begin in another month.

Under Dao Lord Scarlet Star’s urging, the three of them entered seclusion.

Su Zimo had a peaceful life as well. Apart from comprehending the Heaven Slaying Sword Art daily, he spent his days trying to condense the immortal Dao fire to practice the fire Dharmic arts that Dao Lord Extreme Fire imparted to him.

Right now, he had already cultivated a Buddhist Dao fire.

Although the Dao fire of the Buddhist monasteries condensed from the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra was extraordinary, it was still no match for top-tier Dharmic arts.

If he could condense another Dao fire…

Even if there were only two of the Samadhi Dao Flames formed, its power would increase tremendously!

Now that he was back in the cultivation world, it was inconvenient for him to reveal his demonic cultivation capabilities.

That was the reason why it was extremely important for him to raise his combat strength by mastering some fire element Dharmic arts!

A month passed by swiftly.

This day, Su Zimo sat cross-legged in his cave abode with his eyes closed. A golden flame floated around him and revolved slowly.

His hands were placed naturally on his knees, palms facing the skies as he conjured hand seals repeatedly.



Another failure.

Re-conjure again!

He failed countless times.

All of a sudden!

A finger snap sounded.

A scarlet wisp of flame appeared on Su Zimo’s fingertip.

Initially, it was flickering as though a gust of wind could extinguish it!

Before long, the wisp of flame stabilized.

“Immortal Dao Fire, success!”

Su Zimo was delighted as he looked at the wisp of scarlet flame. He smiled and flicked his finger.

The scarlet flame floated and arrived before him, revolving around his body one after another with the golden flame.

This move was also a fire-elemental Dharmic art known as the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern.

With the two flames surrounding him, he could attack and defend. Any enemy that tried to approach him would be burned by the flames!

“Little Granduncle-Master, Little Granduncle-Master, open the door!”

Suddenly, there was the sound of knocking.

With a single thought from Su Zimo, the two balls of flames dissipated into the void. Thereafter, the door of the cave abode opened slowly as though it was being pulled by a pair of invisible hands.

Ru Xuan skipped in.

Nangong Ling and Liu Hanyan followed closely behind.

The three of them did not change much after a month.

However, Liu Hanyan looked even more composed, as though she was prepared.

“Little Granduncle-Master, let’s go. You’re the only one who can stand staying within your cave abode obediently. Every other cultivator can’t wait!”

Ru Xuan said, “The Thousand Crane Tea Party is about to be held. Hundred Refinement Sect is setting off today!”

At that point, Su Zimo’s heart stirred as well.

This day had finally arrived.

After a hundred years, he could finally see those old friends again.

If nothing went wrong, he should be able to see Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou at the Thousand Crane Tea Party.

The three of them had joined Ethereal Peak together and experienced many things.

There was also Xiaoning and Night Spirit.

He wondered how they were now after a hundred years.

Of course, there was another person!

A cold glint flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes before vanishing.

Di Yin!

All the Nascent Soul paragons of the Middle Continent would gather at the Thousand Crane Tea Party – Su Zimo believed that Di Yin would not give this grand occasion a miss!

If he encountered Di Yin at the Thousand Crane Tea Party, he would definitely find an opportunity to kill Di Yin on the spot!

Of course, a hundred years had passed.

He had grown rapidly and his combat strength had increased significantly as well.

Di Yin would not remain stagnant either!

Su Zimo was filled with anticipation as he chanted silently, “Di Yin, I believe you won’t disappoint me!”

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