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Chapter 926: Fierce Battle

Upon entering Thousand Crane Sect with Dao Being Yu Ding, one could see towering mountains with lucent green waters and lush vegetation.

A few thousand feet tall waterfalls fell and water splashed everywhere, creating a faint mist that rose densely, resembling a paradise!

Hundred Refinement Sect gave off an ancient metallic feeling.

As for Thousand Crane Sect, it was more like an ethereal immortal palace; a paradise on earth.

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted and he saw an ancient tree uprooting from the ground in a spacious courtyard far away. It was upright and had luxuriant leaves. The crown of the tree was lush and gave off a clear fragrance.

Even from a thousand feet away, he could still smell a faint fragrance.

The fragrance jolted everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect and it was as though their Essence Spirits had condensed a little in an instant!

If he was not wrong, this should be the legendary Mystic Tea Tree from the primordial era!

“Its reputation precedes its presence. Indeed, it’s mystical.”

Su Zimo nodded slightly.

If these were the effects upon a faint whiff of the Mystic Tea Tree’s fragrance, upon consumption of a cup of Mystic Tea, the benefits would be even more obvious!

After absorbing the massive life essence of the Thousand Year Blood Sea, Su Zimo’s cultivation realm had already reached the peak of late-stage Nascent Soul.

After a few more battles and three months of consolidation cultivation, he was only missing an opportunity to break through to perfected Nascent Soul.

If he could drink a cup of Mystic Tea, there was a high chance that he could break through!

Right then, Ru Xuan said, “There are only so many tea leaves. There’s a limit to the number of Mystic Tea. Not every Nascent Soul realm paragon will get the chance to drink a cup.”

“Furthermore, Little Granduncle-Master, take a look.”

Su Zimo followed Ru Xuan’s finger and focused his gaze.

Ru Xuan said, “The quality of the tea leaves on the Mystic Tea Tree is different. The tea leaves at the tip of the tree are the most tender and the effect of refining one’s Essence Spirit is shocking. It’s also known as a supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”

True enough!

There were five leaves on the top of the Mystic Tea Tree. They were emerald green and crystalline like the most beautiful treasures in the world!

Ru Xuan continued, “However, there are only a few cups of supreme-grade Mystic Tea. Nascent Souls who are qualified to drink this tea are all geniuses among geniuses!”

This was not only a great opportunity, it was also a supreme honor!

To be able to drink a cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea was not inferior to being ranked top ten on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Liu Hanyan smiled. “It’s already a great opportunity if we can get to drink a cup of Mystic Tea. We can only dream about the supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”

At the side, Nangong Ling said softly, “Little Granduncle-Master, don’t worry. Given your strength, you’ll definitely have a chance to get a cup of MysticTea for this Thousand Crane Tea Party.”

“If not, I’ll give you mine.”


Su Zimo was slightly surprised.

Nangong Ling explained, “This is a tacit rule of the tea party. Cultivators of the previous Phenomenon Ranking are all eligible for a cup of Mystic Tea.”

Ever since the battle at Wind Cloud City, Nangong Ling’s attitude towards Su Zimo had changed drastically.

Now, he even offered the Mystic Tea.

Su Zimo burst into laughter and waved it off, teasing, “That’s not necessary. You can give it to your Junior Sister Hanyan.”


Upon hearing that, Nangong Ling blushed and rubbed his hands in embarrassment, as though Su Zimo had read his mind.


Liu Hanyan blushed as well and spat softly.

“Look, Snowdrift Valley is here!”

Suddenly, a cultivator beside him exclaimed.

“Tsk tsk, they’re all beauties! What a feast for the eyes!”

Some cultivators were lecherous and almost drooled at the sight.

“I heard that Perfected Lord Ling Bai of Snowdrift Valley is here. He seems to be number 20 on the Phenomenon Ranking and one of the few male cultivators in Snowdrift Valley!”

“That’s the one. What a blessing to be surrounded by a group of Snowdrift Valley women.”

“What’s there to see about men? I heard that Fairy Luo Xue is the leader of Snowdrift Valley’s expedition this time round. She’s a famous beauty in the Middle Continent!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat at the mention of Fairy Luo Xue.

In the ancient battlefield a hundred years ago, the Nascent Soul that led Snowdrift Valley was none other than Fairy Luo Xue!

She was one of the few Nascent Souls that survived among the 13 that were present back then.

Su Zimo looked over.

Snowdrift Valley was driving a gigantic frost spirit vessel over slowly with a chilling aura.

The person in the lead was dressed in fluttering white robes with black hair. Standing at the bow of the ship, she was pure and elegant – it was none other than Fairy Luo Xue from a hundred years ago!

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, Fairy Luo Xue had helped Su Zimo.

Furthermore, she did not choose to escape against the massacre of the Rakshasa and God race. Instead, she chose to stay and fight against the two races!

Although Su Zimo was not too familiar with Fairy Luo Xue, he had a good impression of her.

After a hundred years, Fairy Luo Xue had already cultivated to the Void Reversion realm.

Although she was severely injured during the battle in Myriad Phenomenon City, she took the opportunity to break through to Void Reversion realm and became the youngest Void Reversion in the sect!

Many cultivators in the surroundings exclaimed when they saw Fairy Luo Xue’s face.

Many gazes gathered over. Su Zimo was unassuming among the Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators and naturally would not attract Fairy Luo Xue’s attention.

Apart from Snowdrift Valley and Hundred Refinement Sect…

In that short period of time, many sects and factions arrived at Thousand Crane Sect.

Su Zimo had already seen quite a number of Upper Sects of the cultivation world.

There were a total of 108 Upper Sects in Tianhuang Mainland. There were 10 in the North Region alone and there were dozens in the most majestic and flourishing Middle Continent!

Without surprise, all these Upper Sects would send their Perfected Lords for the Thousand Crane Tea Party.

“Have you heard? The Thousand Crane Tea Party this time round is watched keenly by everybody. It’s lauded as the grandest cultivation occasion in the past thousand years and many major events are happening!”

“Isn’t the biggest event about the weapon refinement fight between Hundred Refinement Sect and Hellfire Hall? What else is there?”

“Hehe, you’re way too clueless.”

A cultivator said mysteriously, “I heard that a month ago, a few major battles broke out in Wind Cloud City. Cheng Peng of Heavenly Dipper Sect was crippled and Jian Wuzong was beaten so badly that he could not even manage to withdraw his Startling Dharmic Sword. Not only did he lose his sword, he was utterly humiliated!”

“Furthermore, both of those paragons were defeated by a single person!”

“Ah! Which paragon is so strong? Could it be Ye Tiancheng?”

“It’s a Nascent Soul of Hundred Refinement Sect!”

“Is that true? That’s impossible, right? Since when did Hundred Refinement Sect produce such a ferocious person? Why haven’t I heard of him before?”

Many cultivators were discussing this matter as well and looked towards Hundred Refinement Sect.

Su Zimo had a calm expression and looked straight ahead.

“I heard that Heavenly Dipper Sect and Sword Sect were enraged when they heard about this! They’ve sent their Nascent Soul paragons to retrieve their dignity! There’s going to be a fierce battle at this tea party!”

“If Jian Wuzong was defeated, which other Nascent Soul cultivator is there in Sword Sect?”

“Man, you don’t know about that at all. Have you heard of the Phenomenon Ranking from a hundred years ago?”

“I’ve heard a little about it. It’s said that a catastrophe happened during the Phenomenon Ranking and more than half of the paragons on the Phenomenon Ranking were killed!”

“Yes, a successor of Sword Sect who was ranked in the top 10 of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago has appeared! His name is Hang Qiuyu and his cultivation has advanced after that catastrophe. It’s said that he’s even stronger than Jian Wuzong!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that name.

Another old friend!

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