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Chapter 888: Grudge

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “Although their clones look exactly the same as their original bodies and can release Dharmic arts, secret skills and make use of Dharmic weapons, in reality, there is only a stream of purely condensed spirit consciousness within their clones. Without a true Essence Spirit, they are unable to release their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics.”

Su Zimo was shocked and needed some time to absorb the information.

“Even without their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics, they are able to fight against so many demons and even suppress the six Overlords with just their clones. These three Dao Lords truly live up to their reputation.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire seemed indifferent towards Su Zimo’s praises and said, “Don’t forget, before the three of them came, the six Overlords were already in a massive battle and had less than half their stamina remaining as well as diminished combat strength.”

“Furthermore, the three of them returned fruitless after this venture into the Thousand Demon Valley with their clones destroyed. It’s a great blow to their strength,”

“Do you think that it’s simple to cultivate a corporeal clone?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “To begin with, cloning techniques are extremely rare. Even if a cloning technique, a clone can’t be created without anything less than a thousand years of dedicated cultivation!”

“In that case, the three Dao Lords have suffered immense losses,” Su Zimo murmured softly.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire nodded. “Dao Lord Immortal Sword was the one who suffered the greatest losses. He lost out on everything completely. Not only did he lose his Demon Sealing Diagram and clone, he even promised great benefits to Cloud Rain and Snowdrift,”

“This is a deep grudge sowed! However, you don’t have to worry either. First, he doesn’t know who took away the Heaven Slaying Sword Art. Second, it doesn’t matter even if he knows who you are. An ancient secret skill of this level has no master and is open to everyone!”

At the same time.

Middle Continent, Sword Sect, Immortal Sword’s Dao residence

“Damn it!”

A maddened roar sounded from the Dao residence and caused many Sword Sect cultivators in the vicinity to pause in their tracks and look over.

“What happened to Senior Brother Immortal Sword?”

“I’ve got no idea. A couple of days ago, he entered seclusion in his Dao residence with two other titular disciples and they have never appeared since.”

“Senior Brother Immortal Sword’s friends must also be paragons and monster incarnates of Tianhuang Mainland. How amazing is that?”

“Strange, Senior Brother Immortal Sword has always been mature and composed. Why did he suddenly look his cool?”

As everyone discussed, a sword light that resembled limpid autumn waters rippled over from the distance.

The expressions of everyone changed.

“Senior Sister Qin.”

“Greetings, Senior Sister Qin.”

All the sword cultivators bowed hurriedly with shimmering gazes, as though they were fearful of the newcomer.

The newcomer wore a white dress that fluttered as her long hair fell across her face. With a sword behind her back, she was dainty like a fairy that descended upon the mortal realm.

This Senior Sister Qin did not look old and was graceful. Her complexion was smooth, her eyes were bright and watery and her long brows were slightly raised with a hint of elegance.

She swept her gaze across and furrowed her brows slightly. With a hint of anger, she chided in a stern manner, “Why are you guys gossiping here instead of cultivating and sparring? Is Senior Brother Immortal Sword someone that you guys can gossip about?!”

“Y-Yes, you are right in disciplining us, Senior Sister Qin.”

“We know our mistakes now. We’ll go and cultivate diligently right away.”

Nobody dared to raise their heads and acknowledged their mistakes right away as they bowed and left.

When they were far away, everyone looked around and gossiped once again when they were sure that the coast was clear.

“What’s the relationship between Senior Sister Qin and Senior Brother Immortal Sword? Why is she so defensive towards him?”

“I heard that the two of them joined the sect at the same time and cultivated together. They can be considered as childhood sweethearts. Furthermore, Senior Brother Immortal Sword is so outstanding. Even any other girl in our sect or the fairies of other sects in Tianhuang Mainland would be charmed by his talents, let alone Senior Sister Qin.”

“That’s right. I heard that Fairy Snowdrift is even accompanying Senior Brother Immortal Sword in his seclusion this time round.”

On the other side, Senior Sister Qin had already arrived before the Dao residence. She had a hesitant expression and wanted to knock on the door, but did not know if she should.

A moment later, she made up her mind and knocked gently, asking in a soft voice, “Senior Brother Chen, are you alright?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s surname was initially Chen. However, he was already the titular disciple of Sword Sect for more than a thousand years now. Apart from those that joined the sect earlier on, nobody else knew about it.

It was silent within the cave abode.

Senior Sister Qin waited for a moment and a look of disappointment filled her face. Right as she was about to leave, a voice sounded from within.

“Pianran? I’ve caused you worry. I’m fine,”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s voice sounded; it was calm, as though he had already regained his cool.

However, Qin Pianran could hear a hint of indifference in his tone.

She hesitated for a long time before asking, “Senior Brother Chen, I heard that Fairy Snowdrift is in your residence. Is it true…”

“Pianran, there’s nothing much. You can head back first,”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s voice sounded and interrupted Qin Pianran outright – it was clearly cold now.

Qin Pianran bit her cherry lips gently and her eyes reddened. She stomped her feet and turned to leave.

Within the cave abode, the lights were dim and three figures were illuminated faintly.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain curled his lips and brushed his gaze across Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Fairy Snowdrift. He said idly with a hint of playfulness,

“To think that you’re such a Casanova, Brother Immortal Sword,”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword had a calm expression and replied indifferently, “Pianran is merely my junior sister, there’s nothing between us. You don’t have to think too much about it, Snowdrift.”

Fairy Snowdrift remained silent.

A moment later, she changed the topic and asked, “Did you guys manage to discover the identity of the person that stole the treasure?”

“I don’t know.”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain pouted his lips. “That person did not make use of any symbolic methods or Dharmic arts. I can’t tell his background at all.”

Fairy Snowdrift nodded in agreement.

She did not even know whether this was a demon or human, let alone uncover his background.

“However… ”

Suddenly, Dao Lord Cloud Rain spoke and paused, as though he recalled something.

“Could you have any reservations, Brother Cloud Rain?” Dao Lord Immortal Sword frowned gently.

“Not really,”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain chuckled. “Actually, that Essence Spirit secret skill reminded me of an old friend. However, that old friend was a Dao Lord from 5,000 years ago and have already fallen.”

“Who is it?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword pressed further.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain said nonchalantly, “His Dao title is Extreme Fire.”

“Dao Lord Extreme Fire does sound familiar. I seem to have seen him somewhere before,” Fairy Snowdrift frowned in deep thoughts.

Slowly, Dao Lord Cloud Rain said, “I was number two on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago. Dao Lord Extreme Fire was number one!”

“It’s him!”

The hearts of Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Fairy Snowdrift skipped a beat.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was renowned in the cultivation world back then. From Hundred Refinement Sect, he was not only the top Weapon Refinement Grandmaster, his combat strength surpassed his peers as well and he was the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking! Lauded as the number one fire tamer in 10,000 years, his reputation shook the entire world!”

Fairy Snowdrift shook her head. It can’t be him. He has been missing for 5,000 years and should have fallen a long time ago,”

“Furthermore, even if it was him, why would he need to take so long to deal with our clones given his strength?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain shrugged. “I know it can’t be him either, that’s why it was just a casual remark.”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword rose with a murderous look on his face as he said icily with a cold gaze, “I don’t care who he is, if I find out who he is, I’m going to hunt him to the depths of the world and kill him!”

“I’m going to let him regret everything he did in Thousand Demon Valley!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain narrowed his eyes and asked, “Immortal Sword, even at this moment, you’re not going to tell us what was within the ball of light?”

“This matter is a secret pertaining to my sect, sorry,” Dao Lord Immortal Sword rejected the question with a casual statement.

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