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Chapter 887: Shocking Truth

Su Zimo had not expected the three Grand Demons to catch up so quickly.

However, in hindsight, the tear of the Minor Transference Talisman was bound to leave behind traces of aura.

Given the capabilities of Grand Demons, it was only logical that they could track down the remnant aura to this area.

Previously, when he escaped from Dragon Bone Valley with Lin Xuanji, they were hunted down by a divine dragon.

Thankfully, a mysterious elderly man from Enigma Palace stood out. Otherwise, he would have been dead.

It was also understandable why the spirit consciousness of a Grand Demon could catch up so quickly.

For Nascent Souls, the range of their spirit consciousness was between five to 50 kilometers.

The range of a Void Reversion’s spirit consciousness was at least 50 kilometers.

The range of a Dharma Characteristic’s spirit consciousness was at least 500 kilometers.

As for Grand Demons that were the same as Conjoint Bodies, the range of their spirit consciousnesses could extend to 5,000 kilometers!

In other words, although Su Zimo crushed the Minor Transference Talisman and was teleported 5,000 kilometers away, Grand Demons could arrive instantly with their spirit consciousnesses!

Su Zimo was long prepared for this and traveled through the forest casually with a calm expression.

When he sensed the descent of a Grand Demon’s spirit consciousness, he pretended to be horrified as well and paused in his tracks. He kept mum out of fear, as though he was crippled by fear.

The fear in his eyes was not completely faked either.

Su Zimo was clear that if any of the three Grand Demons discovered that he was the one who took the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, he would definitely be killed!

Three spirit consciousnesses scanned back and forth the forest for a long time.

Within the forest, the atmosphere was extremely repressed; there was silence and a hint of spookiness.

Even the sound of crickets had vanished entirely.

Su Zimo did not even dare to take deep breaths.

If Dao Lord Extreme Fire had not warned him earlier on, he would have been exposed right away!

At that moment, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was silent as well – he had not said anything after the spirit consciousness of a Grand Demon descended.

His Essence Spirit was hidden in the depths of the Mingwang Prayer Beads and his aura was removed completely.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire understood the capabilities of a Grand Demon.

They could catch him if even a trickle of his aura seeped out, let alone if he sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness!

The three spirit consciousnesses descended upon Su Zimo and scanned but to no avail as well.

Right now, Su Zimo’s hair was completely scarlet and he wore green robes. He had refined features that were in no way similar to how he looked when he snatched the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

The only similarity was that they were both in human form.

However, there were many fiend demons in human form within this forest and Su Zimo did not stand out.

A long time later, the three terrifying spirit consciousnesses continued in their advance and vanished.

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief and continued forward at a normal speed.

Although he had many questions in his mind, he did not call out to Dao Lord Extreme Fire proactively.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire did not speak either.

Su Zimo had an odd expression.

On the surface, the three Grand Demons seemed like they had already departed. However, Su Zimo still had a tingly sense in his spirit perception!

Not far away, a figure soared into the air and sped into the distance in a seemingly hurried manner.

The moment that figure moved, it exploded into a mist of blood by a stream of power and his physical and Essence Spirit was destroyed completely!

The storage bag of that mid-level fiend demon spilled open, revealing many treasures on the ground.

The three frightening spirit consciousnesses returned instantaneously after their departure!

True enough!

The three Grand Demons only pretended to leave but they were still lingering, watching slyly from the depths!

The mid-level fiend demon that had just fallen died a rather wrongful death.

If Su Zimo had interacted with Dao Lord Extreme Fire earlier on, he would have been discovered by the three Grand Demons instantly and would have died as well!

Although the period of the three dozen breaths seemed short, they were filled with extreme danger.

Su Zimo and Dao Lord Extreme Fire were in a psychological warfare with the three Grand Demons!

The spirit consciousnesses of the three Grand Demons scanned through the forest once more but to no avail. Eventually, they retreated reluctantly.

The tingly feeling vanished as well.

“It’s fine now,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire heaved a deep breath of relief and sent a spirit consciousness voice transmission.

“Are the three of them going to come back again?” Su Zimo was still worried.


Dao Lord Extreme Fire replied, “Actually, even the three Grand Demons can’t verify that you’re here in this area.”

“After all, they deduced that you used a Transference Talisman. However, they can’t tell whether you used a Major or Minor Transference Talisman.”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

The Major and Minor Transference Talismans were different and their teleportation venues were worlds apart.

Su Zimo looked back in the direction of where they came from and said, “With the arrival of Grand Demons, the three Dao Lords that ventured deep into the Thousand Demon Valley to snatch the treasure must have already fallen,”

“The three Dao Lords are so frightening in combat and all of them are titular disciples with dignified statuses as well. To think that they would end up buried in a demon region with a single mistake,”

Su Zimo lamented with a hint of sadness.

To be honest, he still had some doubts in his mind.

However, he could not pinpoint the exact issue; he just felt that something was amiss.


Right then, as though he read Su Zimo’s mind, Dao Lord Extreme Fire gave a strange chuckle.

He asked, “Are you thinking that it’s too easy for the three Dao Lords who are so famous to die just like that?”

Su Zimo pondered for a moment and nodded. “Indeed, that’s the feeling I have. Logically, the three of them are the most important disciples of their respective sects. Since they chose to venture deep into somewhere as dangerous as the Thousand Demon Valley, how could there be no Mighty Figure of their sects protecting them from the shadows?”

“Furthermore, the three Dao Lords…” Su Zimo hesitated but did not continue.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire laughed and continued, “Furthermore, their capabilities and treasures seemed lackluster?”

“Yes, that’s how it felt like,” Su Zimo nodded.

“That’s because the three Dao Lords you’re seeing are merely external clones they cultivated,”

Although it was a simple statement from Dao Lord Extreme Fire, it was earthshaking!

Su Zimo froze on the spot, dumbfounded.

His eyes were filled with disbelief and there was only a single thought in his mind.

The three Dao Lords with torrential combat strength that fought against the six Overlords and all the demons were merely clones!

If their clones were already this frightening, how strong were the three Dao Lords themselves?!

It was no wonder why although Dao Lord Cloud Rain was a titular disciple and was the number two of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago, he only used a single perfect Dao Lord Dharmic weapon.

At the same time, Fairy Snowdrift did not bring out any Dharmic weapons for the entire battle.

At that thought, the fact that Dao Lords Immortal Sword and Cloud Rain could be equipped with treasures such as a Dao Lord Dharmic weapon and the Demon Sealing Diagram was a sign of how extravagant their fortunes were!

“Senior, how could you tell?” Su Zimo could not help but ask.

Without replying him, Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked instead, “Do you know why our cultivation realm is referred to as the Dharma Characteristic realm?”

Su Zimo blurted a reply, “It’s because at that realm, cultivators are able to conjure supreme Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics. Considered as the strongest method available to Dharma Characteristic cultivators, they can go against the innate divine powers of high-level fiend demons…”

Suddenly, Su Zimo stopped speaking.

In hindsight, the three Dao Lords had not released any Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics the entire time!

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