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Chapter 889: Brothers

A month later.

The storm at the Thousand Demon Meet had gradually subsided.

During this period of time, the most discussed matter by all demons was not the Blood Sea cultivation trip, but the earthshaking battle caused by the stars in daylight phenomenon.

The fiend demons lucky enough to witness that battle were all extremely excited as they returned to their respective communities with pride on their faces.

After all, it was a battle between top-tier Dharma Characteristic demons and human cultivators.

In the end, even the Grand Demons appeared!

This was not something that everybody could get a chance to experience.

For most fiend demons in Thousand Demon Valley, they might never even get to see a Grand Demon once in their lifetime.

It was even more impossible for them to witness a Grand Demon in action!

For the demons, an experience as such was an irreplaceable wealth.

Naturally, some fiend demons were able to make use of their comprehensions from this encounter and advance further in their cultivations.

Howling Moon Mountain.

After the Thousand Demon Meet, a piece of news was spread.

One of Howling Moon Mountain’s five Territorial Lords was of the same race as Ape Chatter Ridge’s Overlord and was placed in high regard.

The status of Howling Moon Mountain was naturally elevated as well.

Initially, there were some demon regions in the vicinity that harbored designs on Howling Moon Mountain. However, they gave up on their plans later on.

Naturally, there was a lively celebration by the demons for the return of monkey and the others and everyone enjoyed themselves.


The spirit tiger hugged monkey by the shoulder and rambled nonsense in a drunken state.

He talked about how he was going to stay in this mountain with Qing Qing in the future and give birth to many children together.

Qing Qing glared at the spirit tiger. However, she did not get angered when she saw how intoxicated he was.

Monkey and Solitary Cloud drank heartily with large bowls; both of them were untamed by nature and did not hold back at all.

Little Fox propped up a wine glass with both hands and sipped occasionally with a hint of melancholy in her eyes.

“You’re still worried about First?”

Qing Qing was sensitive and could naturally tell that Little Fox was distracted. She consoled the latter, “Don’t worry, Foxy. First is capable with many tricks up his sleeves. Hasn’t he already escaped? He will definitely be fine.”


Little Fox nodded but sighed again. “However, those are Grand Demons! Is young master able to escape from the detection of Grand Demons?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in the minds of the five people.

“All of you, come to my cave abode. Don’t make a fuss,”

Little Fox spun around and her sorrow turned into joy immediately. She could not help but smile.

“It’s First!”

The spirit tiger shuddered and sobered up as well; the drunkenness in his eyes was already gone.

Without hesitation, monkey and the others rose and headed towards Su Zimo’s cave abode at the top of the mountain.

Before they could knock, the door of the cave abode already opened up.

None of them were surprised as they swarmed in.

Although the cave abode was dimly lit, the five of them were unaffected.

At the front was a green figure with shoulder-length scarlet hair and refined features. He was none other than Su Zimo who was looking at everyone with a smile.

Unknowingly, Su Zimo had already infiltrated this place stealthily without anyone knowing!

“Young Master!”

Little Fox called softly and she could not help herself but lunge forward into Su Zimo’s embrace.

“I’m fine, I’ve caused everyone to worry,”

Su Zimo smiled as he patted Little Fox on the shoulder.

Monkey and the others exchanged glances and burst into laughter when they saw this.

Qing Qing teased, “We haven’t been worried, but there was indeed a little fox who could not eat or sleep everyday with her thoughts wandering everywhere…”

Little Fox felt her cheeks blush and her ears turning red at those words.

She whimpered and reverted into her true form before darting into Su Zimo’s embrace.

She tugged at his robes with her tiny paws and only exposed a pair of gigantic black eyes, looking and blinking at everyone.

Everyone laughed even more wildly.

Their laughter and smiles came from the bottom of their hearts and were pure and innocent. Apart from the joy of teasing Little Fox, they were also delighted at the sight of Su Zimo safe and sound.

Initially, Su Zimo wanted to say something to everyone. However, he could not bring himself to do it when he saw their smiles.

“How have you guys been for the past month?”

A moment later, Su Zimo asked, “Has there been anyone who came in search of me?”


The spirit tiger waved it off casually and said in a nonchalant manner, “Too many things happened at the Thousand Demon Meet. Nobody is even bothered about you anymore, First.”

“First, do you know that the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak who hunted you down was killed?!”

The spirit tiger said in a mysterious manner with a gloating expression.

Solitary Cloud nodded as well. “Levitating Goat Peak is in chaos with everyone fighting for the status of the Overlord. There are also many fiend demons creating a fuss saying that they want to head to the cultivation world and seek revenge for their fallen Overlord.”

“Revenge in the cultivation world?” Su Zimo raised his brows perplexedly.

“That’s right.”

The spirit tiger replied, “The demons claim that the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak was killed by the three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.”


Su Zimo could not help but laugh.

His amusement was understandable – the arrival of the three Dao Lords was way too coincidental and they took the blame for him.

After all, even if anybody racked their minds, none of them would have expected an Overlord to die in the hands of a low-leveled fiend demon.

Coincidentally, the three Dao Lords appeared in Thousand Demon Valley to vie for the treasure and even fought against all the demons – it was clear who the killers were.

Even if Su Zimo were to come clean right now, nobody would believe him. Everyone would merely think that he was trying to brag with nonsensical claims.

The six of them conversed for a long time but there was a strange feeling in the air.

There was a hint of departure sorrow amidst their joyful chatter.

Gradually, everyone went silent.

Finally, monkey was the first to break the silence and asked, “You’re going to leave?”


Su Zimo did not hide the fact and nodded. “I’ve got kin and old friends back in the cultivation world. I’ve stayed here for a hundred years and I’ve missed them, so I want to visit them,”

“Furthermore, there’s something that I have to do,”

The thing that Su Zimo was referring to was escorting Dao Lord Extreme Fire back to Hundred Refinement Sect safely.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire saved Su Zimo’s life twice and imparted immense knowledge to the latter.

To Su Zimo, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was like a teacher and a friend – this was something that he had to do no matter what!

Monkey and the others did not object – they knew that Su Zimo would not change his mind once he decided on something.

The spirit tiger patted his chest. “First, we’re brothers and we shall stick together. We’ll follow you everywhere! At the most, you can tell everyone that we’re your spirit beast pets!”

Monkey nodded as well. “Life is only enjoyable when we are together. Otherwise, it’s meaningless even if we rule over this mountain.”

Qing Qing and Little Fox nodded in agreement as well.

Su Zimo felt his nose turn stuffy when he looked at everyone; in fact, his eyes reddened also.

Fiend demons were faced with immense danger within the cultivation world.

The spirit tiger knew that fact as well. However, he did not hesitate and was even willing to lower his status to be referred to as a spirit beast pet.

Monkey’s dream had always been to become the king of a mountain and rule over it completely.

Right now, he had accomplished it.

However, for the sake of their brotherhood, he was willing to give that up!

Although Su Zimo had many thoughts on his mind, he could not bring himself to say them.

A sigh sounded within the Mingwang Prayer Beads.

Even Dao Lord Extreme Fire could not help but acknowledge that although they were of different races, these demons were true and sincere. These were truly relationships worth keeping and fighting to the death for!

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